What’s Better? SEO or PPC

Traffic is what keeps your website alive in the UAE marketplace! Dubai is completely digitalized with huge number of visitors reaching your site. But, only a small number of potential customers purchase your products or services. Hence, achieving huge traffic will lead to the success of your business. Being a recognized SEO and PPC agency in Dubai, most of our clients ask this question – what’s better SEO or PPC?

This question doesn’t have a straightforward answer; SEO agencies consider a variety of factors like company objectives, current situation, industry, and the entire digital marketing strategy. The debate between SEO and PPC has been going on for years.

Most of the clients have this confusion – whether to reach on the top of search engines through a simple PPC campaign or cultivate organic traffic through SEO?

SEO Vs PPC, What is the difference?

  • What is SEO?

SEO services include natural or organic lead generation utilizing various strategies. Generally, SEO optimize your web pages to enhance the position in search engine results. Organic SEO makes sure that search engine spiders are capable enough to understand your web pages and indeed rank your site higher than competitors.

The SEO strategies may change according to the industry trends in Dubai or wherever in the world. Even with changes, SEO is beneficial if the web page could explain your business and utilize search friendly content codes that appeal to human readers and search engine crawlers.

  • What is PPC?

PPC agencies use this campaign to achieve quick results. It’s a type of search marketing where advertisers pay a fee when the user clicks on their ad and therefore, it’s placed on the top of SERPs. For instance- PPC is simply buying of user visits.

PPC advertising is different from SEO. The clients can decide when and where to place the sponsored Ads. When lots of people go through the search engines in UAE, PPC campaigns buy visitors or clicks to your website. PPC allows quick search engine traffic by paying or bidding for relevant keywords in your business.

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When to use SEO Services or PPC in your business?

SEO services and PPC campaigns are part of the SEM strategy or search engine marketing. You may find different answers for the question SEO or PPC, but both the terms ultimately benefit your business.

For example- if you’re new to business, PPC is the quickest way to reach audience but, building a strong online presence with SEO is important for the future.

When to use SEO Services?

  • Cost – SEO is a cost-effective process. Therefore, it can enhance your brand awareness and drives in relevant traffic compared to other digital marketing tactics.
  • Higher ROI – Everybody loves huge returns with small investment. In fact, SEO is highly lucrative process where you don’t have to put money for every single keyword unlike PPC. Instead, optimize your website while keeping all the guidelines and algorithms.
  • Awareness – SEO services gives you excellent awareness online. Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the world, get the right exposure and visibility for your business.
  • Sustainability – this is the best part of SEO services. In this competitive UAE market, your ranking stays sustained even if you stop any SEO efforts.
  • Trust – When you’re at the top five positions, obviously, clients have a deep trust on your products or services. You seem to be reliable than before.

When to use PPC?

  • Impression – while spending on Google Ads, it increases your brand presence or recall in user’s mind as your ad appears above the fold.
  • Targeting – PPC agencies can customize your ads into target specific campaigns. The clients can target your ads to a specific set of users based on the date, time, location, or any sort of demographic data.
  • Instant visibility – PPC offers quick visibility compared to SEO services. Ranking can be a lengthy process with SEO strategies. However, PPC improves your visibility instantly with a reasonable cost.
  • Cost requirements – while comparing the cost, PPC is costly than SEO services. Especially, in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, if you’re planning to create Ads for every single keyword, obviously it will cost more than usual SEO. However, PPC assures quick visibility compared to SEO.
How about SEO and PPC?

In an ideal business environment like UAE, it’s impossible to decide between SEO and PPC. Indeed, both have pros and cons. But, they work better when supporting each other strategically.  

Take a survey on your business situation, budget, and objectives. While implementing SEO services and PPC together, you often drive results greater than their component parts.

Few businesses are naturally drawn towards paid advertising than organic process and vice versa. But, in most of the cases SEO and PPC work best when strategically integrated and drive more results.

Benefits of using both PPC and SEO

Two listings – Around 90% of the browsers click on the first link of the search engine page. If your business is listed twice, there are chances for being noticed and people engage with your brand. Being visible in both organic search and paid search is an excellent option to build authority and reputation. PPC agencies in Dubai combine both the services to stay ahead of the competition.

Supportive – PPC’s keyword and conversion data can be fed into organic search for better performance. PPC has impressive targeting capabilities where your brand is not organically strong. At the same time, improving organic visibility is a long-term strategy.

Connect with customers at every stage of journey – while combining SEO services and PPC, it allows you to target customers at different stages and guide them to conversion. For example – if user reaches your website through organic search, then target them with PPC campaigns with customized brand message.

Save money – transferring insights from one channel to other can save your money. For instance – high cost keywords can be moved from PPC to SEO. By doing so, you can generate leads without bidding on expensive clicks.

What’s better for your business in UAE? As per expert research, a combination of both SEO services and PPC works best. PPC agencies in Dubai develop a holistic approach to improve results, increase brand awareness, visibility, authority, and trust of your business. It may not be the right fit for every business. So, consult a Digital marketing agency in UAE for better marketing strategies.

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