Micro Site Development

Micro site Design and Development services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Run a successful campaign with incredible microsites! At Hello Pixels, we offer one of the best microsite development services in Abu Dhabi! We develop exciting microsites reaching a specific group of audience or highlighting a unique product!

What is a microsite?

Microsite is an individual web page that contains branded content and stays apart from the company homepage or brand URL! It’s a sub-domain and usually has its own URL completely independent from the main website’s URL. Microsites provide a comprehensive overview of your entire business. It’s common in product launch, time-sensitive events, and other content that might set apart from official company website with targeted content produced for specific audience!
We basically work on two types of microsites,

  • Site based around a campaign
    We create independent microsites with the sole purpose of anchoring or supporting a branded campaign. Such sites are launched, populated with target content, and amplified using any strategy that fits the brand. We include all the interactive features to keep the site attractive in a multi-platform campaign.
  • Site that publish regular content
    We develop microsites that publish original content on a regular schedule. Such sites are capable of daily publishing, regular redesigns, steady growth, and constant iteration. We make it creative finding it fit in the digital marketplace and growing infinitum.

When should you use a microsite?

At Hello Pixels, we recommend using microsites to run a focused campaign! It creates an easy to consume resource for your customers. Microsites make sense when you need to

  • Start a new campaign or create an impact of a product
  • Target specific group of audience or share information on a product
  • Promote seasonal or products with special offers
  • PPC campaigns or any new marketing trends
  • Experiment with new customer outreach efforts
  • Hosting any contest or competitions
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What are the benefits of using microsites?

Most of the marketing driven organizations utilize microsites for various advantages. At Hello Pixels, we excel as one of the leading microsite development company in UAE offering plenty of benefits for our clients!

  • Enhance targeted campaigns – microsites allow organizations to deliver highly targeted content to specific group of audience.
  • Lead generation – the sites generate high-intent leads for your business
  • Brand awareness – establish brand presence online through their own web space
  • Publicity – engaging content on microsites help to create buzz or create word of mouth publicity around a certain product or event.
  • SEO – we develop microsites that help your business achieve better SEO ranking for particular keywords using focused content.

Why choose us?

At Hello Pixels, we offer one of the leading microsite development services in Abu Dhabi with unique branding solutions and establish a stand-alone content structure that impress a group of targeted audience!

We develop keyword-rich microsites that assure more qualified traffic to your site! We track the success rate of your sites through perfect analytics.

Get a dedicated team of workforce to work on your requirements! Contact us for high-quality microsites at affordable solutions!