Microsite development in the UAE

Microsite Development, Abu Dhabi

Microsite Development Abu Dhabi

Small websites or homepages made to propel a business line of products and services for an organization is called a microsite. Businesses apart from their parent website which are either static or dynamic in nature, develop microsites with links attached to it enabling independent functioning and has an immense effect on the SEO of the parent homepage. Amalgamated social media platforms with microsites pushes for brand awareness and increased online visibility.

In 2017 Our team of experts in microsite development and design crafted and deployed campaign based microsites for our clients across different Industries in the UAE for the first time creating a sudden rush towards our clients parent websites and social media pages. These microsites were created for seasonal campaigns that went live for a limited time in the digital world as individual webpages and at times, a cluster of web pages. We have launched microsites throughout the GCC for our clients around the Arab world, most of them etched on their own individual domains and some were crafted on sub domains as requested by clients.

Microsite Architecture in the Emirates, a NECESSITY!