Reseller web hosting in the UAE

Reseller hosting services in the UAE

Upgrade online visibility with the best reseller hosting in the UAE!

Reseller hosting is a third-party hosting service. The web hosting service allows individuals or businesses to sell the web hosting as their own. In other words, buying bulk hosting packages and selling them to customers. An account owner uses the bandwidth and drive space to host websites for other parties.

We at HelloPixels offer the finest reseller web hosting services in the UAE. We purchase the most beneficial reseller hosting plans and host our clients’ websites. In most setups, our proficient team manages the business aspects for our clients. Even if the hosting company covers the physical part, we take the role of a host.

Reseller Hosting Services Dubai

Reseller web hosting - How does it work?

Our experts at HelloPixels purchase a wholesale plan from the host. The hosting plan includes specific allocations for bandwidth and storage space. In premium hosting services, we provide updates, automatic back-ups, and free SSL certificates for clients. We provide all the hosting infrastructure for our clients. Moreover, we take it as our responsibility to customize and personalize the packages.

Our hosting services meet the specific requirements of clients. Additionally, we monitor the service, billing, price, and technical support. Furthermore, we offer managed hosting and take care of the background tasks. Our team ensures better customer service and maintains the future business.

Let's begin with - HelloPixels reseller web hosting services!

Follow the below steps for successful reseller hosting services,

Before finalizing a reseller hosting plan, make sure to create a plan. In the plan, set business goals and establish a budget. It’s essential to identify the target audience. Analyze the customers, what they want, and what they expect in hosting. If unaware, conduct a survey and learn more about the needs.

In this stage, determine the prices and level of customer support in the hosting plans. However, reseller hosting will not make our clients rich but drives profit with the appropriate budget.

Finding a hosting partner is the most important step. If it goes wrong, customers don’t use the product over the long term.

Evaluate the web hosts under the following criteria,

  • What are the reseller plans?
  • Do they have enough bandwidth and storage?
  • Will they give access to the dashboard and manage hosting plans?
  • Will they provide customer support?
  • What are the possibilities to scale up the business?
  • Will the hosting plan fit into the budget?

We at HelloPixels have a solid answer for all the above questions. We keep attracting clients with unique reseller hosting plans and several other features. Our hosting plans scale up the business finding new possibilities. So, consult us to know the top-selling hosting plans in the UAE.

After deciding on the firm and purchasing a plan, it’s time to get familiar with the package. We provide a special dashboard to customize a plan and manage resource allocation. In the case of managed hosting, it’s essential to configure backups and automatic updates.

Once we label the packages that fit our clients’ company branding. We take time to customize the hosting plans. We reach out to our clients by sending promotional emails, posting on social media channels, or direct advertising.

Reseller hosting in the UAE - the vantage points

When our clients sign up for reseller hosting, they gain access to a personalized admin console. Here, they can check the bandwidth allowance and disk space per month. The panel has tools to set up new accounts, domains, disk space, or email addresses.
Based on the client profile, we create flexible hosting plans. So they can choose from the best package.
Reseller hosting offers various packages without increasing the budget. Reseller hosting is a good choice for start-ups or people willing to start a new business. The hosting has no requirements in purchasing the infrastructure, technology, or equipment.
Reseller hosting is more beneficial than other hosting types because it saves time. Our clients don’t get stuck in the technical aspects of hosting instead take care of their core business. The host takes care of things related to server maintenance, security, and connectivity.

For a website that generates a considerable amount of traffic use reseller hosting. Furthermore, if a business has multiple websites, reseller hosting provides a large space with several attractive features.

For example – a business can run different components using multiple servers. It’s not necessary to buy separate hosting.

While comparing basic hosting with reseller hosting, the latter provides an array of features. The client is given access to an effective control panel to manage the website smoothly. Additionally, they get access to special features like free SSL certificates, and cPanel.