Google Marketing Services, UAE

Google Marketing Services in UAE

Google Marketing Platform, Abu Dhabi

We at HelloPixels are proud digital marketing partners with Google LLC in the Middle East. That’s right, We are badged and certified by Google LLC to undertake and resell, Google Marketing Platform (GMP) services as a breakthrough digital advertising and analytics services offering breakthrough solutions for media analyzing (Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360), report creation (Analytics 360, Data Studio, Surveys), and market positioning management (Tag Manager, Optimize). Our Google marketing experts at HelloPixels can help you understand the importance of the Google marketing platform thoroughly with round the clock maintenance and support, and a consistent backing to keep up-to-date with every development brought in by Google for the Middle East.
We at HelloPixels are a prominent digital marketing company based in the UAE and we have been a major digital marketing solutions provider for the UAE and the rest of the GCC for over a decade. With over 4000 digital projects completed across 19 countries, we assure you the best Google marketing services you can get in the UAE. This is how Google defines Google Marketing Platform. ‘The Google Marketing Platform is an integrated ad-technology platform that allows digital agencies and online advertisers to craft, manage and develop impactful digital marketing campaigns online. The Google Marketing Platform merges world-class solutions that help run comprehensive digital campaigns across multiple channels.’

“HelloPixels is on an innovative journey with the use of Search Ads 360’s most exclusive features that enables us to assess our products and cornerstone geographical locations that best serve our HelloPixels customer points in the UAE. The initiative has been such a waymaker that we’ve gradually evolved into a full capacity campaign as it serves our digital marketing efforts like no other!”

Zamana Naser, HelloPixels Media Manager UAE, Middle East

Google Digital Marketing Services, TYPES

Our Google Marketing Platform solutions are all customized and tailor cut exclusively for our clients according to their requirements for the moment. Introducing HelloPixels, Google Marketing Platform services all curated to fit your digital needs.
Our GMP(Google Marketing Platform) experts train your digital team on management and development of the GMP plan for your business. We train online or on premises as required by our clients. Our guidelines and training sessions are perfect that management of the technology is smooth and effective from day one of deployment. Raise a ticket and we will provide all the necessary assistance.
We manage your GMP full time. A personal manager for your GMP account, enjoy 24 hours attention for your GMP campaigns and round the clock assistance in case you have a query.
Customize your GMP requirements according to your business purposes. Pay for only what you vouched for. Our customized GMP services have a round the clock maintenance and support team working alongside to help understand scenarios and juncture where the GMP arsenal needs modernisation or additional tools to keep up with the ever evolving technology.

Google Marketing Platform, ELEMENTS

GMP merges Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick which are Google’s key marketing services as a form of Google behavior in order to achieve the goal of creating a comprehensive and consistent marketing experience online. The GMP platform includes seven elements 

✓ Analytics
✓ Data Studio
✓ Optimize
✓ Tag manager

✓ Display & Video 360
✓ Search Ads 360
✓ Surveys

Google Marketing Platform, KEYS to understand –

GMP being a full scale platform for marketing, GMP consists of futuristic tools and key features that help craft and implement smart, data-driven digital campaigns online on behalf of businesses, which in turn leads to better results for your online business. Here are some Keys to understand the Google marketing Platform from an online users perspective –

Google Marketing Platform is a result of a union between marketing tools, Google analytics 360 and DoubleClick. This is simply a massive Collaboration that enhanced and propelled Google marketing into new levels. This collaboration has helped digital marketers to plan, purchase around and data-analyze digital campaigns. The integration of DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 denotes the importance of data analytics and ad campaigns working together to bring out the best of results when campaigning online from a business or brand perspective.

Known as a platform for this reason as the GMP can collaborate and work alongside a hundred other tools which online users can buy according to their level of indulgence in digital campaigns for their business or brand reputation building.