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The primary aim of User Research and Usability is achieving a detailed understanding of its users, market as well as the business for the main purpose of creating a solid base of evidence. The information which is gathered through our User Research and Usability will help you in making a steady and informed decision that is strategic and is designed to gradually bring forth a solution that will cater to your targeted user needs. As a primary User Research and Usability Service Company in Dubai, we are one of the best in this regard,

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Our research in this regard helps us understand and support the long-term as well as short term goals of your business and we help in understanding your issues.

As a leading User Research and Usability Service Company in Dubai, we take the opportunity to learn and understand a means of creating a solution by forming a clearcut picture of the scope for improvement and change

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To put it simply, user research and usability is simply a research methodology. In a usability-testing session, a facilitator could ask a participant to perform tasks using one or more specified user interfaces. When the task is being done, the researcher makes observations about the participants’ behaviours and listens carefully to obtain feedback. User research is often used to bring about inspiration for your designs and evaluate the solutions for the same as well as to measure the impact it has.

Although these terms are related closely to the other, there are a few minor differences between the two. A developer often uses user testing or idea validation but in reality, user research is a far more practical term. User testing creates a misconcet among people’s minds like the fact that a developer team could test the user rather than the products or services that a company offers. In usability testing, the testers never desire to test a user, but they deliver an application which can meet as well as exceed your expectations. Thus, although user testing may seem like a negative term, it is far less intimidating especially when a usability tester is far less intimidating when compared to user research.

A business organization can often invest in a usability testing solution before they introduce a software into the market.this is done to ensure that the product or service is perfect for the market and a problem does not arise from it. User Research is a very important aspect of the user experience design and it is usually done at the beginning of the project. It includes different forms of research methodology to gather important information and give feedback for the same. When one conducts a user research, you usually focus on your target audience and try to understand their needs and behaviors. In simpler terms, it just means the difference between designing based on guesswork and conducting actual research before the project.