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Hosting providers making space for websites or homepages to store and manage their information, data and files on their servers is called web hosting. The web host provider enables the viewing of files, images, videos and other prominent representations of information regarding the plot of the website for an online visitor trying to get information on the website searched. Every website in the digital space is hosted by a hosting provider.

We at HelloPixels have been providing avant-garde web hosting solutions for over a decade in the UAE, rest of the GCC and the UK. Our arsenal of web hosting services include VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, shared web hosting, email hosting services, domain name incorporation and tailor cut, all customized dedicated server hosting service packages provided with top rated customer support and visible maintenance for stability and sustenance. 

WHY, your Business needs dedicated web hosting solutions?

Choose the best of hosting plans in the UAE to avail quick loading websites, credibility, support, and long run reliability for an ardent rate of online audiences. The online presence of an organization is determined by the goodwill the website can bring about and for acquiring the desired rate of online goodwill, the web host in control of the business website has got to be an excellent web host.

Smaller the bandwidth, lesser or limited the number of online visits and rate of interaction. Limited web hosting services can withhold uploading of too many images and videos to the website owing to the smaller bandwidth selected that would require a payment upfront to host more data. Bigger and busier the business, the website host has got to accommodate large online traffic and data retention. Our expert web hosting consultants can name the type of bandwidth a business requires from the very basic objective of the website in discussion.

At HelloPixels, we web host with a very clear and precise memorandum of contract with an explanation of everything your website can avail and make use of before initiation of work. We at HelloPixels create opportunities by guiding our clients, introducing them to make use of their available digital space for other businesses, to benefit from monetary gain as a business model. Our expertise and experience in web hosting and online consumer behavior can help in connecting with the right ads for your web space and merge with various other ads to make the most of Monetary benefits.

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Web hosting was never this easy. Get custom tailored web hosting services at a HelloPixels target point near you or talk to us at [email protected]. we would love to host your websites and homepages! Do check out our custom Portfolio for more information on the best web hosting services in Abu Dhabi.


Hosting providers making space for websites or homepages to store and manage their information, data and files on their servers is called web hosting

Getting an amount of space among an already existing chaos or sharing space with an existing function, all you have to do is stay small and fit in. This is exactly how shared hosting works. A prominent option available for small scale businesses that need a small amount of digital recognition. Many websites on a single web server on the internet is known as shared hosting.

The Cloud hosting service on a server enables users on a single server to use resources of many other servers within the same network as a utility providing service. Large scale companies usually go for the cloud Hosting server service owing to its security capabilities and safety parameters.

Entertain 3rd party websites along with your website space on a server of your choice for monetary purposes. At times, when the digital space taken up on a server falls short for an online business, reseller hosting services enable buying from businesses with plenty of digital space. Multiple Domain owners are best benefitted by this type of hosting server service. They can sell domains not in use or set for closure which in turn is a monetary gain.

Simple changes and additions to the website need no customer support. Too much indulgence by the web host can be demeaning. Day to day campaigns, name changes, image uploading, password changes and customer Interaction when required. Do away with unnecessary technical snags that come in between you and your website with the flexible control panel in select digital services in the UAE.