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Node Js Development services in Dubai, UAE

When working with Node js, it’s better to work with experts! Hello Pixels is an expert node js web development company in Dubai, UAE. We have a skilled team to handle your development requirements in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere across the globe. We help you bridge the gap between legacy enterprise systems and today’s expert node js development options.

We leverage the power and flexibility of Node.js to build flexible, multi-platform applications powered by node.js backend solutions.

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What is Node.js?

Node.js is a leading server environment that allows you to develop scalable and agile applications. It’s an open-source, cross-platform framework that supports both server and network applications. The applications are written in Javascript and run in the node.js runtime. Node Js uses a non-blocking I/O model that makes it simple for real-time data intensive applications across the distributed services. Node js web development allows you to manage asynchronous connections with clients and interact with them through chat applications.

Being an experienced node.js company, we have extensive experience in development and advise the best web development tools needed for your project. The node.js ability to run on server as well as the browser automatically speeds up the development.

With node.js, we build easy web applications!

Why do most of the companies use node js?

Most of the companies choose node.js to build their creative and game changing applications. From Paypal to Trello, most of the big brand companies choose node.js for better development features.

Some of the reasons why node.js is a good choice for web development,

  • Node js works as back-end language – Node js allows developers to execute JavaScript code outside the browser. Therefore, backend and frontend of a particular app can be written in JavaScript, this enables developers to use the same code and allow them to work as a single application.
  • Node.js is cross platform – Node.js supports cross-platform development, so node.js development services target all the major platforms like windows, mac os, and linux.
  • Node.js is lightweight – Node.js uses an event driven I/O model ensuring that it’s lightweight and efficient.
  • Node.js simplifies developer’s work load – Here, you don’t have to reinvent the same wheel, instead simply download the common features using node package manager.
  • Node.js offer scalability – Node.js is more scalable than most of the backend technologies. This allows organizations to grow and scale their products easily.

Benefits of choosing node.js development services

  • Increased development speed
  • Scalable
  • Reduced response time
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Rich ecosystem

Hello Pixels node.js web development services in Dubai

Do you need expert services in node.js development? Trust Hello Pixels for best solutions within a quicker turnaround time.

Some of the best-in-class node.js services we offer to global clients,

  • Node.js consulting services – We offer professional consulting on node.js development services for quick development and maintenance of apps.
  • Node.js mobile development – With this light-weight framework, it’s easy to create high-performance android apps.
  • Node.js web development – We use the best-in-class services to strategize and develop robust performing web apps.
  • Node.js maintenance and support – Being a top node.js company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we ensure SLA-based support for FE/BE maintenance, new version release, and other app updates.
  • Node.js API development – We have created a secure REST API from scratch using the node.js within a quick turnaround time.
  • Node.js migration – With node.js migration, we have migrated complex applications built on other platforms to node.js and ensure automated Database migration in MongoDB.

Popular tools used in node.js development services

  • Express.js – Express.js is a particular framework that offers several attractive features for the development of web and mobile applications. This allows developers to create a robust API.
  • – Socket is a reliable and fastest real-time engine that supports bi-directional and event-based communication. It’s a suitable option for start-ups and allows better integration.
  • Babel – It’s a popular tool chain in front-end development. Babel uses least codes and allows source code transformation.
  • Webpack – The development process is made simple with continuous improvisation of applications.
  • PM2 – It’s a simple developer tool used in node.js. It’s an ideal choice for a product environment. Also, it overcomes a system from sudden crash.
  • Hapi.js – Hapi.js is a popular framework used to build websites, APIs, and other development services. It’s a developer-friendly tool helpful in completing web applications.

Industries we serve in node.js development

With our dedicated services, we provide a wide range of applications in diverse industries,

Some of the popular industries are,

  • Healthcare – We work on customized healthcare applications; our applications are scalable and cost-effective.
  • Tour and travel – Being a node.js development company, we provide technical solutions for tour and travel services
  • Education – We go beyond conventional education systems supporting students and teachers.
  • Financial applications – With technical support, we ensure operational efficiency in financial requirements.
  • Retail applications – Node.js also excels in developing retail applications for small and medium businesses.
  • Ecommerce applications – We meet specific client requirements through various node.js development services. We are experts in creating complex applications and enable plenty of features from online stores to payment portals.
  • Manufacturing applications – We have developed various manufacturing apps that streamline and process the manufacturing.
  • Supply chain apps – Manage the goods flow with supply chain applications! We ensure tailored apps to streamline business apps in the competitive market.

What makes Hello Pixels the leading node.js company?

Being a popular node.js development company, our in-house and on-demand node.js professionals ensure years of expertise providing the best services. Our node.js developers are well-equipped with standard tools and other development features.

We ensure ultimate productivity with various project management tools and other services. We serve all the modern business requirements and deliver the best of node.js value and compliance.

Why we can be the best choice for your node.js development?

  • Customer satisfaction – Our works are secure, scalable and user-friendly to achieve happy customers.
  • Agile procedure – We follow agile work methodology with frequent scrum events.
  • Dedicated team – We have an energetic team to deliver high-end business solutions based on any requirements.
  • Transparency – We incorporate your ideas and make every little project detail transparent enough to achieve better results.
  • Competitive pricing – We assure cost-effective pricing with quality work.

Partner with the best node.js development company in UAE

Utilize new technologies and reach expected milestones with a team of skilled developers. Ready to take your business to the next-level, reach us or hire node.js developers to make your business profitable,


The expenses vary according to the selected hiring models. Also, it depends on the project complexity and added features.

The time required to complete a project depends on the complexity of your node.js requirements.

Node.js helps you to build fast and scalable applications. It’s also best suited for real-time applications. Also, the platform supports single-threaded applications.

Hello Pixels has a reliable IT and technology background to work on your requirements. We have certified and well-trained developers to handle diverse technical issues involved in development.

Yes! We start to work on various applications after signing the nondisclosure agreement and other necessary documents. This gives protection and security to your data!

Yes, hiring node.js developers gives access to an experienced skill set. Thus, node.js programmers ensure quality work providing better understanding on a wide range of platforms.

Yes, we take up node.js projects and work according to your requirements. We make it cost-effective, feature-rich and find the best solution that fits within your existing IT ecosystem.

Yes, even after launching the product, we ensure necessary support through post-maintenance and updates. On the other hand, we offer support based on your queries.