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Developing powerful applications using WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation app! HelloPixels is a leading WPF development company with its expertise in developing software solutions on dot net platform utilizing WPF technology. Basically, it’s a user-interface framework that creates amazing desktop applications. Here, developers are allowed to create interactive and user-friendly applications on windows platform. Further, Windows Presentation Foundation is a presentation framework that allows us to build visually stunning user interface for windows-based web or desktop applications. The framework has great flexibility to develop applications under service-oriented architecture.

With outstanding experience in Windows Presentation Foundation App Development Services, HelloPixels can help your organization to top the market in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

What is WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation?

This framework was introduced as a part of Microsoft.net framework 3.0 as a windows library inorder to develop windows-based forms or applications. Since, the framework has all the functionality support; developers can easily develop, run, execute, and maintain all the desktop apps.

.net has two different kinds of GUI frameworks, among which WPF is the latest. Although, both the versions are used for the same purpose, WPF has a great support on various features like controls, admins, XAML, styles, resources, media, documents, UI graphics, data binding, and more, for app development. WPF is quite easy for beginners if they’re familiar with Asp.net. Further, WPF development allows programmers to develop applications with enhanced events, properties, and dependencies.

HelloPixels Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) App Development Services

WPF simplifies the whole development process and eases the multifunction application development. Being a consistent model, WPF is suitable to develop apps with improved user experience.

We provide the best WPF services,

What are the benefits of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) App Development?

How do we work on WPF application development in Dubai?

Why WPF app development services?

WPF is an interactive platform and we have several unique reasons to consider,

What makes HelloPixels the best WPF app development company in UAE?

HelloPixels is a leading Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) App Development Company having its branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We offer customized and on-time services to our world-wide clients. With extreme talent and solid expertise, we handle WPF projects of different complexity and business scope. We understand the importance of GUI or graphics in all the latest applications; therefore, we develop interactive custom applications using WPF.

What makes us unique?

HelloPixels help you create browser-based apps with intuitive GUI or graphic user interface. We offer feature-rich and innovative WPF development solutions for your desktop and app store.


WPF stands for windows presentation foundation; this is a .net based framework that is well-known for developing desktop applications. With WPF app development, it’s easy to build visually appealing desktop apps that support various graphic features.
Data binding is the process of collecting data from one object and displaying it on multiple or single GUI interface elements in the WPF framework.

Basically, WPF has a multi-layered architecture and it has three layers, they are

  • Core OS element
  • WPF managed layer
  • WPF unmanaged layer
  • On-time delivery
  • Good communication in project development
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Uncompromised quality checks
  • Robust and customized solutions.
  • Expert in bug fixing
  • State of the art technology

There are many advantages of using WPF development,

  • Easy to reuse code
    Create your own custom UI controls
  • Animation model support
  • Data binding
  • Effective control and reusability features

Model-view-viewmodel is a design pattern that is specifically structured to segregate user interface control and program logic.

Model – set of classes that depicts the data obtained from databases
View – visual representation of received data

Viewmodel – binding of view and model, easy to understand the data and control the interaction of view in the app.

Windows communication foundation or WCF works on the communication factors like receiving, sending, or serializing data. On the other hand, WPF or windows presentation foundation deals with the presentation of UI.
WPF is a desktop technology used to build desktop apps with access to complete windows capabilities. UWP or universal windows platform evolved as a framework that targets windows 10, this supports both mobile and desktop. This framework is developed over WinRT.