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Design strategy and consulting in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Strategy plays a significant role in the success and outcome of your goals! Design strategy describes the connection between corporate strategy and design thinking. Corporate strategy is a traditional approach used to identify, plan, and achieve their long-term objectives. Design thinking provides a solution based approach by engaging the end users.
At Hello Pixels, we provide the best design strategy and consulting in Abu Dhabi! We think unique from a strategic mindset in order to implement design strategy!

What is design strategy?

Design strategy is interplay between business, design, and technology. The defined strategy determines what products to make, why, and how to innovate it contextually in both long term and short term.

While implementing product design strategy, we consider the following,

  • Define a product
  • Get insights on what will make the product successful
  • Help you understand what to design
  • Guide the development
  • Support with design decisions
  • Incorporate disciplines into design process
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At Hello Pixels, we follow the below given three main steps to implement design strategy,

  • Define your Vision
  • Set measurable goals
  • Design your competitive advantage

Define your vision

We start with portraying the core values of your brand that automatically defines your company’s long-term vision. These values reflect the needs of your customers.
The answer to the question ‘why’ makes your business unique and appealing to the right audience. Each person is different with individual values, once your vision is clear; it aligns with the values of your audience. Get the right type of resonance among your customers with our innovative design strategy and consulting in UAE!

Design your competitive advantage

Claim a share in the market or set yourself unique from the rest of competitors. Create unique product or service that aligns your vision with the values of your customers.
Design thinking is crucial and so, we make it perfect with the possibilities of right technology and fulfilling the need of your customers. Our design strategy makes your product unique and the way it connects with people! In such situation, competition becomes irrelevant!

Set measurable goals

The final step in design strategy is to measure the progress and find out multiple ways to keep track of them. Commonly termed as indicators in strategic planning, they are Key performance indicators and OKR or objectives and key results.

Key Performance indicators

Key performance indicators measure the degree of success in progress towards your intended result. Our strategic and operational improvement creates an analytical basis for decision making! This allows business to focus attention on what matters the most!

Objective and Key results

OKR allows you to keep track on an important goal or tasks that requires instant attention! Have a clear objective and set your goals over a specified amount of time!

We review your indicators once in every quarter and create a space for discussing on ‘what could have been done better?’ This helps to measure your progress and gives you visibility on things to be improved!

How to implement strategic thinking in Design?

Creating and executing a strategy is an art! At Hello Pixels, we provide leading design strategy and consulting services in Abu Dhabi! Have a look at the framework for implementing strategic thinking in design,

  • Understand the project in a holistic way and visualize it through a bigger lens of business
  • Understand the project in terms of design and business goals
  • Formulate strategy by planning tasks that directly support the core objectives
  • Work on strategy and make sure it works best in collaboration
  • After accomplishing strategy in design, reassess their effectiveness in achieving the goals or desired outcome.

What are the benefits of strategic thinking in design?

At Hello Pixels, we work for the benefits of our clients by implementing it in a tactical mindset.

  • Great efficiency – projects are aligned as per the customer needs with very few revisions
  • Collaboration – strategic thinking allows entire team to work together on a common goal
  • Better relationships – strategic thinking allows close alignment of business goals and stronger relationship among customers
  • Longevity – it fosters a design strategy that leads to additional projects and everlasting connection among clients.

At Hello Pixels, we implement successful design strategy and consulting solutions in Abu Dhabi. Our design strategy consultants think on a strategic mindset with the ability to focus more on problem-solving execution and better alignment with business goals! We visualize the problem completely and realize the best design strategy!

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