Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,UAE

The major purpose of Social Media Marketing is quite simple. It is based on the fact that quite a number of potential customers are visible on social media. This means that they usually are interested in your brand or are talking about you. Social Media Marketing after all, is all about connecting with people with an interest in the brand.

Connect with your Customers

At Hellopixels, we understand the importance of keeping the right connections. Your goals and obstacles you face in your business are unique to you and do not always have to be at par with those of your competitor and other business organizations. Along with traditional Social Media Marketing tools, we at Hellopixels also offer you a personalized plan to help your business.

As a well-known Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, we help you in connecting with your customers whenever they are available so that you can be on a more personal level with them.

Work with a Professional Social Media Marketing Agency

At HelloPixels, we do not believe in the concept of one-way communication, especially when you are in conversation with your audience. As one of the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, we always have a team of experts on hand to ensure that the communication between you and your customers is easy and natural. This is important because transparent communication is one of the most perfect methods of creating a good impression on your customers. Social Media Marketing is effective, especially when you want your efforts of developing brand value to be fulfilled. Your brand values need to be based on honesty and integrity. This is one of the most important aspects of what we do when we interact with our clients.

Key Aspects of what we do


Engagement—the sum of reshares, likes, comments, and clicks—is a big signal of social success for many people. How do you get more people talking about and interacting with your brand on social media?
  1. Ask questions
  2. Share behind-the-scenes
  3. Run a contest
  4. Host a chat

You should post relevant content that is interesting and/or entertaining to your potential customers. Sounds hard? It really isn’t, if you know your target audience.

Imagine you are selling home and kitchen appliances. What is your target audience interested in? In how all these things work; what coffee maker is the best one; why in the world would you need a rice cooker. Besides, maybe, in recipes, nutrition advice, and so on.

If you are stuck for ideas, you can always ask customers directly what they would like to read about. You can also follow influencers in the niche to get inspired and to share their valuable content. Truth is, the more you write, the more you discover unexplored topics or topics that can be looked at from a different angle.

  • It is common advice to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and any popular local social network.
  • If your product is visually appealing, consider Instagram and Pinterest.
Yes! Users would rarely follow the same brand on a number of networks. By reposting the same content, you reach more people. Besides, it leads to network integration: users might find your content on Twitter and later post it on their Reddit/Tumblr/etc page. Moreover, you can post the same content on the same network multiple times, just in case your followers haven’t seen it the first time. A life of a Tweet, for example, is only about 5 minutes. So only by posting it 3 or 4 times (on different days and different hours) you can be sure that most of your audience have seen it.

Organic and paid social media both have their place in a marketing campaign. Anything that happens on social media without paid promotion is organic. Posts, shares, comments, likes, or messages are easy ways to track your organic social media efforts.

Paid social media is influenced by advertising dollars spent. If a social media post says “Sponsored”, this means any reaction to it is considered a paid reaction. Paid social media includes boosted posts, ads optimized for clicks, lead generation forms, and video ads.

A successful social media marketing strategy is one that utilizes both organic and paid social media. A mix of both organic and paid ensures a larger reach and following.

probably. Getting the right message in front of the right audience is what all marketing is supposed to do, and social media might work for you. It’s not for every business, but you should learn if it’s right for you.

In some cases, not using social media marketing can actually harm a business by either not offering social proof by having optimized accounts, or mismanagement of information. Consult a professional.

Post consistently. Let your passion and personality shine through. Engage in conversations. Answer questions. Encourage audience engagement. Provide valuable content freely, without getting salesy. And be creative.
By regularly updating the right social media marketing strategy, it will lead to increased traffic, better SEO, improved brand loyalty, healthier customer satisfaction and much more. Your competition is already increasing on social media day by day, so don’t let your competitors take your probable customers.
Interacting with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for small businesses. Using social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers.
No, it’s not. Social media is a very powerful platform that can help you grow, but it can equally damage your brand if done in the wrong way. For most small businesses and solopreneurs, social media can be a waste of time. Financial and human resources are important assets and should be used wisely.