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In this fast-paced world, you need strong technology to capture visitors. Technology is growing faster and you have to stay with the trend! Hello Pixels offer one of the best Laravel development services in UAE with years of expertise and skilled workforce. Laravel is a popular PHP-based framework, where you can expect both creative web and mobile applications. With expert developers, we help you create simple web applications or complex eCommerce apps within a quick turnaround time.

With an efficient team, we provide a first class infrastructure and cutting-edge technology while delivering Laravel based projects of any size. Apart from development, we offer additional customization to modify the pre-built features and functionalities of templates according to your business requirements. Since, we have started our development works a decade ago, we have been providing comprehensive laravel development that comprises planning, designing, development, testing, and finally, maintaining user-friendly applications. Being a laravel web development company, we provide a complete package of services across the globe.

At Hello Pixels, we work with our clients to create robust, scalable, and aesthetic applications that help you build a strong online presence. As an experienced Laravel development agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we partner both small and large organizations to build custom high-quality applications, websites, and mobile apps. We work with an extensive team to support diverse industries and deliver robust solutions.

Approach Hello Pixels to harness the power of this framework to build feature-rich and flawless apps to scale up your business!

Why use Laravel for your development process?

Most of them have this question, why is laravel so popular? Laravel provides a much more peace of mind while developing web apps with its ease of use and other specific qualities. Compared to other PHP frameworks, laravel ensures in-built testing and keeps your web application bug free.

  • Quick development time – Laravel has a lot of pre-built functions or structures that allow you to complete development in a quick and time-efficient manner.
  • Provides better authentication – Laravel development provides a quick and easy authentication system with single command options. Make sure to organize and control access to resources!
  • Free from technical vulnerabilities – Laravel is super-secure and keeps your application free from malware or any kind of security threats. This implies that the Laravel web app is completely secure.
  • MVC architecture – Laravel works on MVC architecture with built-in functionalities which developers can use while building the app. Also, MVC provides better documentation, improved performance, and more features compared to other PHP frameworks.
  • Unit testing feature – The unit testing feature allows you to test each component or module with an integrated application. As a result, you get high-performing apps with optimized web code.
  • Automatic scheduling and task execution – Laravel allows task scheduling to automate task whenever it’s necessary. Also, it helps you save the hosting cost!

Hello Pixels Laravel development services in UAE

Laravel is a versatile development framework with numerous facets that support a quick development process. It always allows you to create scalable and adaptable web applications, eCommerce solutions, SaaS business, and more.
Our services help businesses to enhance their competitive benefits. By leveraging the super dynamic features of Laravel framework, we maximize your ROI.

Some of our services include,

  • Custom laravel web development – With quick tools, we create superior web applications, integrate your business operations, and enhance the sales tactics. We ensure unique designs and UI interface for contemporary app development using laravel framework.
  • Laravel web application development – With skilled developers, we use model view controller architectural pattern to enable enterprise based web applications around the globe. We modify built-in features, template functionalities and more according to the business.
  • CMS development – With a creative team, we build adaptive and scalable CMS solutions that drive success in the competitive edge.
  • Laravel cloud development – We enhance laravel based cloud to amplify your business performance and allow potential business growth by achieving new heights in business
  • Laravel enterprise solution – By leveraging laravel enterprise solutions, you can take up your business needs effectively.
  • Restful API development – Not just browsers, our laravel developers go deep into creative mobile applications connected by laravel API generators.
  • Support and maintenance – With a highly-responsive support team, we address all your queries through flexible maintenance packages based on both short-term and long-term needs. We’re ready to fix slow or underperforming apps and install security patches as well.
  • Custom solutions – With custom Laravel development, we build on-demand solutions that address your specific business challenges. We achieve customization through integration, custom dashboards, customized restful APIs and more.

Industries we serve in laravel development

At Hello Pixels, we offer world-class Laravel development to businesses around the globe. We help product owners to bring the best value with cost-effective solutions. Being a well-organized Laravel development company, our developers are capable enough to build cost-effective solutions.

Some of the industries include,

  • Medical
  • Education
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Health & fitness
  • Logistics and more

What makes Hello Pixels the leading Laravel company?

Being a popular Laravel development agency, our in-house and on-demand Laravel professionals ensure years of expertise providing the best services. Our developers are equipped with the knowledge of the latest hardware systems, standard tools, and other development features.

We ensure ultimate productivity with various project management tools and other services. We serve all the modern business requirements and deliver the best of Laravel value and compliance.

Why can we be the best choice for your Laravel development?

  • Customer satisfaction – We ensure all our works are scalable, secure, user-friendly, and provide new business solutions. Therefore, customers are happy with our dedicated services.
  • Agile procedure – We use an agile work methodology and conduct frequent scrum events to deliver the finest results.
  • Dedicated team – We have an energetic and dedicated team to deliver high-end business solutions on several technologies.
  • Transparency – We keep every little project detail transparent and incorporate your ideas too.
  • Competitive pricing – We offer ideal pricing with quality work, always get the lowest pricing for your project.

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Avail top notch technologies and reach new milestones with a team of talented developers. Want to move your project? Reach us or hire Laravel developers to make your business profitable.


Yes, laravel offers highly-scalable cloud-native applications with cloud storage, session drivers, and more. With custom solutions, we provide highly-scalable solutions to millions of users.

Laravel development depends on various factors like platform, features, functionalities, design, testing, and other variables.

Yes, our laravel developers and designers always use the best SEO practices that include interactive and emerging UI/UX trends, server-side rendering, core web vitals, and more that ensure your website is SEO friendly.

Unlike development, the cost of Laravel web development depends on various factors like platform, features, functionalities, design, testing, and other variables.

  • Low development cost
  • Access to expert developers
  • Flexible work
  • Quick development time
  • Quality services

Yes! We don’t just deliver the project, instead ensure flexible customer support and round the clock maintenance to make sure your website or application functions smoothly.

  • On time project delivery
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Certified developers
  • Top-notch services
  • Faster development

PHP is a language and laravel is one of its frameworks. Laravel being the perfect server-side framework enables quick development and maintenance-friendly apps. In order to know the essential features of Laravel, reach us!