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On-Page SEO solutions, Abu Dhabi

Practices that involve content optimization of web pages for select search engines and online users is called On-Page SEO. The phrase, a bit odd? We know! On-page SEO helps the Google search engine track a website with its target audience. Any hassle in analyzing and finding out what the website is all about by the search engine, can have an interference in displaying the website on search results. Google scans content, its images, the page headers and other displayed content on the web space to learn and propel the website when an online user looks out.

HelloPixels is a digital marketing company set up in the UAE and has been On-Page Search engine optimization for businesses across the Emirates and the rest of the GCC since 2015. With over 2500 SEO optimization projects established and running for various businesses across different industries, we have found a niche as one of the best SEO optimization service providers in the Middle East.


Our On-page SEO optimization techniques are strategized accordingly with the kind of business being dealt with and its current market position in the digital world. We have categorized On-Page SEO into three components –

A) Content Quality

B) HTML component

C) Site Design

On-Page SEO Services Dubai

Ever heard of ‘content is king’? That’s right, Google and other prominent search engines swear by good quality content in their page results. Readers and online users understand whether to visit the site again only based on the content on the page. Our Content creation team at HelloPixels are On-Page SEO trained to run keywords that could make a difference in the whole Google or other search engine rankings organically. They make sure our clients web page content falls in the intent index of online surfers when looking for anything that has a correlation with the client product or service. Our content strategists align content according to the phases through online buyers journeys on the web page. This is how content is spread on page the right way. 

A) Brand Recognition – blogs, videos 

B) Customer Lingering – Case studies, testimonials, educational content videos 

C) The Decision Phase – pricing pages, Comparison with competitors etc. 

D) We make sure the content has included both short and long-tail keywords.

E) We run a trial phase for pages we create inducing On-Page SEO in secured parameters online to get reviews, to analyze if the content on the page is engaging or plain bland. Visual content is almost necessary..

F) Active online consumer issue solving with CTA(call to action) to clear consumer grievances that were noted on reviews or our analytics that have data on when the purchase went incomplete.

G) Our content team makes sure the content is so engrossing and catchy that their next instinct would be to adhere to our CTA to share the page with family and friends.

H) Interesting offers and discounts on content to propel online site traffic.

Content being the heart of On-Page SEO, every other component we share here on our homepage has to feed off of this one component, good quality content! We advise you to get the best content strategists on board. For the best content services in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East in English and Arabic, contact us at [email protected]

Our Content team at HelloPixels is a class apart. They weave magic around your website with words so optimized that you will understand that content really is something!

Your source code consists of the HTML component of your website. The HTML component for a website holds the meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, the structured data and the image code

A) Meta Title – Meta title or On-page title are really important for the best interest of a quality On-page SEO. On-Page titles give out technical information to Google and online viewers on what the page is all about. Our Content experts along with our SEO consultants craft the perfect merging of keywords on the content so naturally, intent ranking the page higher is quite organic. We stick to the following principles when we create an on-page title for a website –

1) A sure shot strategy to stick with the Google cut off number with title words. We stop at 60 words or less with keywords indulgence so natural. That being said, Google has a no keyword stuffing policy on titles, trust us. We know what we are doing. With over 4000 digital projects up and running in the GCC and an expertise in SEO spanning over a decade, our On-Page titles for client pages are the most organic and we have that on paper. The analytical reports say so!

2) We add your brand name to the title, it just works well with Google.

B) Headers – Known as the body tag in HTML source codes, headers are important for content organizing. The search intent is simultaneously pre-planned and the most relevant body part of the total content to be deployed is ranked accordingly.

C) Meta Descriptions – Ever noticed, short descriptions under page titles when a Google search yields results? Those are meta descriptions. Our On-Page SEO experts make sure to keep the characteristics under 160. They include the list of whole keywords or keyword phrases in the description.

D) Alt-text Image – Google images are an altogether new search feature for so many users worldwide. With the introduction of Google Lens, Google search tracks Alt-text optimized images to give out better results for searches by online users. It’s true, consumers are finding sites and products with images. We make the image code description short but as much informative as possible. It’s specific and yearns to the broader perspective of search intent for co related products and services put up on websites.

E) Structured Data – Structured Data is the marking up of website source codes enabling Google to find and analyze the website content in a more detailed manner. We structure data, our client websites by marking them up on Google which results in propelled social media appearances with the same content linked on marking up, knowledge panels promoting the website and snippets that point towards the proposed website.

This component is what the website is made of. The architecture built, of the website is picked up by Google and other Prominent search engines which helps in crawling and ranking higher. Our HelloPixels bar for the perfect Site design or site architecture depends on-

A) URLs – written the right way with no stuffing keywords and adhering to Google necessities like adding the HTTPS to the URL which comes mandatory.

B) Our On- Page SEO experts Hyperlink or internal link client web pages with each other which in turn enables online users to reach out to other pages on the website which is the best way to set online traffic in a way. This also triggers longer time on website lingering which allows the Google search engine to crawl through the client website and promote it higher up the rank owing to its content quality standards.

C) Mobile optimized websites are just what you need to On-Page SEO your website. Adaptability of the website on different sized interface screen devices trigger the Google Crawl and the mobile content adaptation just catapults websites up the SEO rankings.

D) Finally, it all mounts to the site loading speed. Any lack in loading on any screened devices for that matter is a big NO for the perfect On-page SEO. Google cares for its viewers’ experience on the search engine and hence be rest assured, any loading speed issues with websites are dealt with seriously by the Google AI. We at HelloPixels keep a check on our client websites periodically to let them know their site loading performance. Any delay in loading is dealt with immediately and the client is notified.

HelloPixels On-Page SEO, CHECKLIST!

✓ Target Audience Redefined to penetrate better
✓ Check for Content quality by keeping up with the latest trends on the topic
✓ Periodical Visual content additions
✓ New Hyperlinks to catch Google Attention
✓ Periodical Analytical Reports
✓ Scope for improvement

✓ We check the Crawl rate
✓ Periodical SEO audits
✓ Site Structure Correction or Modification