Social media community management in the Emirates

Social Media Community Management

EFFECTIVE Social media community management in Abu Dhabi

The 28th largest market for e-commerce in the world, right ahead of Belgium in Europe, the scope of 11.5 million dollars i.e. a forecast of a growth rate of 8% in the digital world of online businesses, UAE means business. With 98% of the total population online in 2022, businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi are going places. Staggering facts on its online presence and being a major online player in the GCC, the UAE has been on a business on social media spree since the COVID-19 pandemic. Signing up and maintaining a presence on social media platforms were quite normal for Individuals until early 2015. At a slow and steady pace, businesses moved into the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, Linkedin and Tumblr.

When businesses and brands exhibit characteristics of a noun and exist like nouns on social media platforms, get in touch with online users, engage with audiences who linger around the brand pages online, communicate with other businesses, follow pages online, share trends, upload pictures and videos, regulate campaigns, get advertised and talked about by trending influencers, display Interactive and intuitive behavior with the guidance and support of professional digital marketing consultants, these sequence of actions by businesses, applied to almost all leading and available social media platforms adhering to the digital laws and regulations of a particular location is called social media community management.

Social Media Community Management, The RELEVANCE!

Social Media and Community Manager! But WHY?

New business-induced Social media? Community management is the way to go for a business presence online. AI( artificial intelligence) and the Algorithms on widely used search engines trigger social media platforms, the moment it identifies a business installment in a given location. There’s no escaping a satellite! We can assure you of that.
Search engine-identified businesses are invited to be seen and recognized in the online market as search engines like Google, create and layout a page for businesses that pops up as Information online or on their maps. They provide space to take up responsibility and add information regarding the business, invite website creations the rest is history.

Businesses necessarily don’t approach social media, Social media by chance happens to them! Our team of social media community management experts has been working around community management in social media for brands and businesses in the UAE and the GCC since the early 2010s. With more than a decade of expertise in handling social media community management for businesses from different industries, here’s how the
HelloPixels team of social media community managers work around a business in social media community management and its further development: