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The main goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers with a goal to increase the loyalty of customers. When you implement close range marketing techniques, text messages are the perfect method of notifying people in your area about offers happening at the moment, without using any push-notifications. Besides informing your customers about any upcoming deals, it is a perfect way of sending them reminders regarding your upcoming events and also in engaging them by asking them their opinions.

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SMS Marketing is a preferred means of communication by more than 60% of customers, preferring it to email marketing or even push-notifications. A number of delivery platforms are allowing for easy segmentation and management so that the most important text messages can be sent to those who would prefer it. SMS Marketing is preferred since it is less expensive when you compare it to other methods, thereby making it cost effective.

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SMS Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and advertising with more than 90% positive responses. In this day and age, Hellopixels as a leading SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai yields more results thanks to our personalised and targeting SMS marketing strategy which yields far more responses than ever. Our personalised messages help in building your brand image by increasing the content relevance unlike any other. From short-code mass messages to two-way landline texting, we offer you a large range of automated SMS engaging tools. The world’s most customer-obsessed brands use SMS Marketing to keep in touch with customers which helps connect with the business with far better results and an increase in ROI


SMS marketing is pretty simple and easy to deploy solutions which can be implemented using SMS gateways, SMS packages and databases on which the messages need to be sent. Just like one mobile user sending a text message to another mobile user, the SMS gateway solution is designed to send text messages simultaneously to multiple groups of mobile users across different mobile networks.

There are different types of messaging options like Long Code, Short Code, Text Messages, MMS, etc. which can be used to communicate with the users. So companies like banks, healthcare, pharmaceutical, schools, ecommerce portals, etc. can use SMS text messages to send an instant communication to their customers using SMS Gateways.

With the evolution of SMS gateways and SMS technology, the best thing that has enabled enterprises to implement is automated workflow management. Companies can choose short messages like Text ‘START’ at 9999 to initiate lead generation on specific code.

This will be sent to the designated sales team which will approach the customer. Further the response can be automatically sent to customers through the same short code in revert. This is just one example while there are several automated workflows that can be defined to reduce the manual processes in any organization.

With the increasing SMS volume across the world, there are different layers of business evolving in the market. SMS wholesalers are businesses which have the infrastructure to cater large volumes of global SMS and quota of volume through whom SMS resellers purchase. The SMS resellers further offer SMS volume to enterprises and businesses to promote their business.

If you are planning to start an SMS reseller or SMS wholesale business then the primary infrastructure that you would need is a robust SMS gateway solution. Choosing rental models becomes costlier with the increasing volume of SMS so purchasing an SMS gateway product is recommended as it can be customized as per your business requirements.

As the name suggests, Short Messaging Service (SMS) can consist of numbers, URLs, Short Codes or phone numbers to reach your business. One can design the message in such a way to announce their promotional offers, bonus campaign or discounts for faster business generation.

The standard length of SMS is 160 characters but using appropriate solutions for sending bulk SMS, one can combine two SMS and send as single messages smartly. Moreover, SMS can be modified as per the business requirements for managing business workflow, bulk messaging or promotions.

It is a highly regulated channel, but with the right partners and guardrails in place, brands can be very effective in using this channel within the regulatory requirements. It’s important to work with your internal legal and compliance teams to make sure your SMS opt-in process is compliant. We are more than happy to provide information to or talk with your legal and compliance teams about Airship’s SMS solution.
It varies. Generally, it takes three to four weeks to get set up with a long code, and it takes an average of about eight to twelve weeks to send out the first campaign.
Absolutely, and marketers should customize text messages to better get their point across. With Airship, you can customize the audience, send time, and frequency as you would any other supported channel, using audience selectors. Create truly personalized campaigns by uploading audience lists and leveraging merge tags to pass along customer data into your message.
Yes! Many marketers still treat SMS as an entirely separate channel. But to get the most out of it, SMS needs to be coordinated seamlessly with other engagement channels.
SMS allows marketers to use an “owned” direct channel to reach users, rather than relying on a third-party app. For each SMS, messaging through Facebook or WhatsApp comes with a cost, but it also means they own your relationship with the consumer.