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SMS or short message service marketing has taken over the business world rather quickly. What seemed to die out, suddenly resurrected as the digital world made progress in leaps in the last decade. With the average of one person checking the phone, at least 300 times a day, digital marketing geniuses realized there are marketing areas that are yet to be tapped. Did you know, about 70% of people reported going through their smartphones as soon as they woke up in a research study on how a day goes by ? That is where the power of SMS is. Social media, community chats, emails, online shopping and gaming, the phone is so handy that everybody is using the phone for information and other updates. Mobile texts denoted an open rate of up to 90% as compared to emails that had an open rate of only 20%.

We at HelloPixels have been SMS marketing and mobile advertising for more than a decade in the UAE and the rest of the GCC for businesses across all niches of industries.

Wondering how SMS marketing is actually working for business? We’ll tell you how. You are right, not all SMSs make it through to reach an organic open rate. SMS advertising works, only if it makes it to the consumer inbox and if the ad is mobile- optimized. This makes way for a clear horizon to get SMS marketing in line with the desired recognition and the right ROI(return on investment). We at HelloPixels are equipped with an expert team in SMS marketing that can help your business capitalize on mobile-targeting via SMS marketing the right way. We’ll educate you on how we use SMS marketing to revitalize your business and generate revenue.

As a leading SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai, we are one of the best in this field.

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Emails lie low, waiting to be read and calls can go on waiting or at times unanswered, but an SMS message never goes unread. Think of it! They are read as soon as they are posted. High time, businesses understand the importance of SMS marketing but in the professional, guidelines based method. Consumers can very well opt-out of SMS marketing by disabling or blocking the source of messages coming in. Our SMS marketing experts at HelloPixels have an organic procedure to collect consumers’ contact list with their permission from social media platforms and website visits. We are not disturbing till we are allowed to! As online users tap to agree to receive SMSs, our SMS marketing technology sends a welcome message and they remain on the list to receive further messages.
We at HelloPixels, provide a detailed analysis for every SMS marketing campaign we undertake for our clients. We send you periodical reports on how the SMS campaign is turning out since it started making the rounds after our experts at SMS marketing crafted the message. The conversion rate, the penetration rate, the click rate, the cart abandonment rate and the open rate, all of it in the analysis report gives an understanding on how the SMS campaign is faring.
Get feedback on SMS campaigns from quick taps on the reply option or website links. Alter and manage the SMS marketing campaign accordingly.
SMS marketing and mobile advertising is a fast procedure of Interactive advertising. Click the send button and the message goes out to the targeted audience in a jiffy. We have had thousands click and interact with a text message for our clients within minutes of deploying the SMS. Now that was quick when compared to other means of advertising.
We assure you personalized messaging in SMS marketing messages. Use informal words to unleash friendly interaction and propel a feeling of friendliness. Our SMS advertising experts advise on personalizing SMS marketing services during world events and other cultural festivals. Add coupons and scratch and win gift hampers during personalization and keep a track of the rate of conversion to analyze the rate of audience engagement.
Our digital Marketing services are capable of ideating, designing, crafting and launching or deploying an SMS marketing campaign after discussions with clients based on their requirements and objectives. We also provide our clientele, a trial model after completion of the design of the campaign to test the SMS by flouting the SMS in secured parameters of audiences not reaching the full extent as discussed to understand the penetration rate and the acceptance criteria of the SMS model created. Once the analytical report is generated, the required changes will be made and then the perfect SMS will be deployed targeting the desired audience in full capacity.
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The two important components of SMS marketing are the keywords and the short code. Here are a few SMS services we provide for businesses in the UAE and the Middle East.
Our expert SMS marketing team can advise and derive coupons and promo codes for raising the SMS campaign standard higher by analyzing the narrative and objectives of the business. We have a procedure technique to create unique coupon ids to disrupt non- subscriber entries to gain coupon gifts. Our campaign narrative will enforce subscriptions to gain coupon codes to participate.
We analyze the timeline of subscribed customers retained over time and we set them up for automated message receiving in the drip system of SMS marketing. Create tailored messages for every action taken by the customer as a reply to the ongoing SMS campaign. Individual reaction to action taken by customers based on their lingering rate and the time period of customer subscription denotes how the drip system in SMS marketing enfolds.

Aim for keywords with the polls and voting system in SMS marketing. We at HelloPixels, keep the reply to a poll as the necessary keyword and run the poll for a certain time period for our clients. We make sure the trending products and services go ahead as keywords during SMS campaigns. Now, our SMS experts use the same polls and vote campaigns simultaneously on social media platforms and business blogs to bring about a hype. 70% of voters and poll users come back to check results.