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Website optimization improves your website’s performance and ability to achieve your business goals. Ultimately, it results in more conversions in terms of attaining business objectives such as organic results, more purchase, reduced customer service, etc

Being a potential web development company, we work on website upgradation and migration services that likely turn out to be your first impression for customers. If you don’t upgrade the same, the application would lack several functionalities, bugs or missing features to deal with. Moreover, if the upgrade is not professional, it can lead to heavy damage in terms of functionality, visibility and user-experience.

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Website migration is simply transferring the whole site from a pre-existing host to a different host. This means transferring all the data files and systems. Migration services also include site location changes, content changes, platform changes, structural changes, server migration, database migration, and more.

How we work in upgradation and migration process?

We follow industry best practices in the development process. Moreover, we involve stakeholder right from the start to end of the development process. At Hello Pixels, we always believe in reduced costs and increased profitability for our clients.

  • Research and planning phase – Initially, we understand the client’s businesses through calls or meetings. After that, we do a lot of competitive research and plan accordingly.
  • Design – After continuous research, we understand the client’s end user perspective. Further, we design and produce prototype or wire-framing which is an almost complete product. Get a rough idea on the finished products at the very start of your project. Eventually, this saves a lot of time for you!
  • Development – In this phase, we focus on coding and content writing. It‘s a crucial stage in the development that gradually increase conversion and reach your business objectives soon.
  • Testing and feedback – After completing the upgradation and migration services, testing is the most important part. We strongly believe that testing also reviews the entire product and check whether it meets the business objectives as well
  • Maintenance and support – We believe in continuous monitoring rather than instant delivery. We fix up all the technical problems and feedbacks heard on time.

Why should you upgrade your website?

Upgrading brings in cutting edge technology for increased revenue and profits. Being a successful web development company in UAE, our websites deliver better user experience across different browsers.

Features of upgraded website

  • Increased page speed – Fast loading pages rank well with Google, therefore upgrade your site for secure and profitable ranking. We support your website rank high on SERPs and mobile versions too.
    Having a one second delay equals 7% loss in conversion
    Reducing your loading time just three seconds will increase the revenue by 7 to 12 %
    60% of the users leave ecommerce shopping sites, because of its high loading time!
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly – Being responsive improves your visibility online and registers your brand presence. Our website upgradation services ensure that you get better user experience in both smart phones and desktops. We make sure the code is well-structured and perfect enough that allows easy crawling and indexing by the search engines.
  • Updating the latest version – Older versions are open to security breaches and hacking. But, latest versions are completely equipped with high-end security and encryption. Latest versions are easy to use having an improved page loading speed.

Some of the website upgradation services include,

  • Dynamic development
  • Page speed and SEO
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Updating back-end
  • API integration
  • Online marketing
  • Changing site content
  • Upgrading framework session
  • Enhanced security

Industry specific full stack development services

Our full stack programmers are efficient enough to work on any industries and business niches. However, we conduct a thorough research on the factors like development, testing, and maintenance.

Some of the popular industries that we serve,

  • Healthcare – With custom full stack applications simplify and accelerate your healthcare services.
  • Ecommerce and retail – Improve your digital shopping experience with responsive, user-friendly, and secure applications.
  • Banking and finance – Accelerate your banking and finance efforts with efficient full stack web developers. We focus on enterprise grade solutions to achieve maximum returns.
  • Travel and tourism – Our travel apps are highly-customized with e-ticketing, viral tours, AR navigation, kiosks, and payment gateways.
  • Entertainment and media – We focus on Ai-integrated applications and take your digital media to a whole new level.
  • Education – Make the most of your e-learning with smart learning solutions, knowledgeable apps and more.

What are the website migration services?

Website migration services can be anything from upgrading the website layout or changing its URL structure. Further, it could be simply moving your site to a new domain or CMS.

Some of the website migration types are

  • Protocol – change the website protocol from http to https
  • Domain – changing the website URL
  • Top-level domain – Changing the website URL from .com to .net or vice versa
  • Redesign – making small modifications to the website layout or revamping the major codes.
  • Structural – changing website structure either user flow or URL structure
  • Hybrid or combination – using all the above types of migration

Some of our website migration services,

At Hello Pixels, we have an expert team who ensure tailored solutions direct to your needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of website migrations since decades. Further, we continue to refine our services with new technologies and digital trends.

Have a look at the popular migration services,

SEO migration

The main motive of migration is to move your site quickly and efficiently by reducing the downtime and mitigating the SEO risk. In this SEO migration, we ensure all the pages redirect with SEO best practices while launching.

SEO migration include,

  • Internal link updates
  • Analytics benchmarking
  • Page canonicalization
  • Comprehensive URL redirect mapping
  • Duplicate content removal
  • Backlink update
  • Current site URL crawl and page inventory

CMS migration

Whether your website is on Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, Merchello, DNN software, wordpress, TYPO3 or more, our migration experts at Hello Pixels seamlessly migrate your website into CMS of your choice. We always create a CMS migration strategy that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

Our CMS migration process includes,

  • CMS migration strategy
  • Import content
  • Review website
  • Test website functionality
  • Launch strategy
  • Evaluate current website
  • Website design migration elements
  • SEO best practices

Web hosting migration

We offer web hosting migration through certified partnership with Umbrco cloud and Microsoft Azure. At Hello Pixels, we host hundreds of website with a consistent 99.9 uptime. Your website is available at all times responding to the end user, no matter from where they access the website.

Web hosting migration services include,

  • Prevent downtime
  • Evaluate and select the new web host
  • Import website to a new hosting provider
  • Implement migration process
  • Updating domain
  • Creating appropriate backgrounds

Domain name migration

Changing the domain name is as risk as migrating the entire website. Search engines use this domain structure to crawl through your website, therefore changing it would cause some chaos.
Our team creates an appropriate redirect strategy to help search engines guide through the new domain.

Domain name migration include,

  • Consultation on best practices implementation
  • Search engine crawler analysis
  • URL mapping and redirect strategy
  • Repair internal links and site navigation
  • Troubleshoot database errors
  • Post migration recommendations

Why choose Hello Pixels for your upgradation and migration services in UAE?

With the growing IT landscape, companies understand the importance of migrating and upgrading their system to be a part of latest cutting-edge technologies. This obviously improves your business scalability.

At Hello Pixels, we have a team with extensive experience in executing the projects and implement across various industries brilliantly. We’re proficient enough to handle migration or porting procedures.

We ensure professional website upgradation services across most of the technology platforms. Further, we redesign, rebuild or move your website with an upgraded look and feel. Whether you need to add new features, custom theme, graphic design, making it search-friendly, managing content, responsive or more, we cover all the above services.

Why move on with the same old website? When a small upgradation can give your website with fast loading, high ROI, and other exciting features!


No, we setup a staging site on the local development server while migrating your website. Here, your website remains online during the entire migration process.

Yes, in the testing phase you can thoroughly review every single operation of the migrated websites or services. Only after the approval, we make your applications ‘live’ when you get the expected results.

Yes, we take care of your data with all servers in world-class data centers.

We’re glad to make any changes according to your website requirements. We come up with a customized quote based on the changes and start upon approval.

It depends. You can diversify your content with audio, video, infographics, and more to see the response of audience. Keep your content strategies unique based on the website and company goals.

Theme conversion is known as the exact clone of current design in wordpress, whereas new theme can be entirely different with a custom design in wordpress or buy an existing theme and customize it again.

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