Upgradation & Migration

Upgradation & Migration Development Company

Website optimization improves your website’s performance and ability to achieve your business goals. Ultimately, it results in more conversions in terms of attaining business objectives such as organic results, more purchase, reduced customer service, etc

Being a potential web development company, we work on website upgradation and migration services that likely turn out to be your first impression for customers. If you don’t upgrade the same, the application would lack several functionalities, bugs or missing features to deal with. Moreover, if the upgrade is not professional, it can lead to heavy damage in terms of functionality, visibility and user-experience.

Website migration is simply transferring the whole site from a pre-existing host to a different host. This means transferring all the data files and systems. Migration services also include site location changes, content changes, platform changes, structural changes, server migration, database migration, and more.

How we work in upgradation and migration process?

We follow industry best practices in the development process. Moreover, we involve stakeholder right from the start to end of the development process. At Hello Pixels, we always believe in reduced costs and increased profitability for our clients.

Why should you upgrade your website?

Upgrading brings in cutting edge technology for increased revenue and profits. Being a successful web development company in UAE, our websites deliver better user experience across different browsers.

Features of upgraded website