Best Backend development company in UAE

Best Backend Development Company in Dubai, UAE

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Backend development is not just making a server, application or database that communicates with each other. Instead, it’s all about building a product that satisfies market needs and always creates an enjoyable experience that ensures customer loyalty. Hello Pixels is a proficient backend development company in Dubai, UAE with solid experience in delivering high-quality back-end development services according to your requirements. We have a skilled development team to work on your backend services with extensive knowledge and expertise in programming languages.

What is backend web development in Dubai?

If frontend is the body of the application, then the backend is the brain that makes it work. This particular backend controls what happens on the server. This stands as a binding force that constantly connects through the frontend and backend processes on the web page.

On a technical note, backend for web development involves writing codes, optimizing them, and finally, intricate the server side code. To achieve this, you need a perfect team well-versed in writing complex protocols, building intricate libraries, and developing other deep components. This factor allows you to strengthen the application landscape with better backend solutions.

To stay unique in the digital world, we provide a wide range of backend development services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! We focus on the development of cloud-based backend solutions for web, desktop, mobile, and IoT systems that combine together to grow your business needs!

Hello Pixels backend development services

  • Back-end application development – We take up all the backend web development services that include both building a scalable and flawless backend for the enterprise systems, IoT infrastructure, complex web applications, web portals, and VoIP solutions. Apart from the above, we also integrate legacy systems with third-party apps or services.
  • Backend audit – Backend audit allows you to optimize the existing application or migrate a legacy system into a new environment. We perform a thorough back-end audit to identify the bottlenecks and revamp existing architecture, codebase, infrastructure, and data schemas.
  • Cloud infrastructure solutions – Our backend solutions enable your system to scale up easily with the best cloud platforms. In addition, we migrate the back-end system to private, public or hybrid clouds.
  • IoT backends – With the help of an IoT back-end system, we optimize your workflow for the whole IoT system and business operations. With perfect backend development services, we capture multiple sensor signals from connected devices and feed them into your system to generate analytics reports or more.
  • Mobile app back-end development – At Hello Pixels, we develop backend solutions for mobile apps, wearables, smart devices, multimedia, social networks and more. With a dedicated back-end development team, we take care of your business logic and app’s server. We make sure all the necessary data is synchronized across multiple devices by implementing a powerful back-end. Our back-end solutions are scalable enough to meet your requirements, ensure reliable data storage, integrate with third party services, and more services.
  • Web API development – Ready to develop your legacy web application or integrate with your third party apps then reach us, we at Hello Pixels focus on developing the best API layer for it.

Hello Pixels key backend development technologies

  • Node.js – Node.js is one of the largest multipurpose platforms with millions of active users. It’s open-source, event driven and asynchronous with the ability to build exceptionally scalable applications. When combined with React JS and Angular JS, it gives a comprehensive solution for enterprises with maximum business growth. Node.js supports multiple purposes starting from high-quality block chain applications to new generation servers, robots or command-line tools.
  • Java /J2EE – Java is a popularly used computer programming language because of its simple, secure and dynamic features. With a wide range of experience-led capabilities, java supports the development of highly-scalable web and mobile apps that adapt to your evolving business needs. Java allows developers to write once and deploy anywhere; this supports development with faster turnaround times. Java fulfills any critical application with its lightweight and intelligent nature. Further, it supports developers with reusable codes and builds great agility to your business.
  • PHP – PHP has evolved as the most versatile and open-source programming language that supports backend development services in UAE. With a comprehensive plug and play feature, PHP renders responsive applications. It’s popular for its user-friendliness with intuitive codes and easy integration customizations. We serve as a leading PHP development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by leveraging the best development skills, we improve your application portfolio.
  • Python – Python is a reliable, dynamic and most popular programming language used to develop mobile and web apps. Python supports a wide range of applications including web and mobile apps, GUI or graphical user interface, enterprise management systems, and more applications. Being an open-source and object-oriented programming language, python is considered as the preferred choice of developers for its flexibility, ease of coding and other attractive features.
  • Ruby on Rails – Ruby on Rails is rapidly advancing because of its highly functional and secure nature. With a strong developer community, ruby on rails is safer and faster compared to its competitors. RoR is popular for its minimum intuitive coding. This simplicity in coding allows you to develop 40% faster than the expected turnaround times. RoR is a popular backend solution for cutting edge web solutions.
  • – is an open-source, cross-platform framework that controls most of the growing development space. It has an approachable interface and wide catalog features that supports mobile, web, desktop, IoT, and gaming applications too. The advanced libraries allow developers to reduce risk associated in the development of critical business applications.

Why choose Hello Pixels back-end Development Company?

  • Expertise – We have a quality backend web development team to work on your web and mobile projects.
  • Agile approach – With an agile development nature, we make sure timely delivery with high-quality development features and reduced risk.
  • Communication – We communicate well with a customer support team. Also, our backend developers are capable enough to understand your requirements and work accordingly.
  • Result-oriented – With a proven track record, we have solid experience in developing your applications and ensure great results on the go.
  • Competitive pricing – Find a dedicated backend Development Company for your desired pricing that you can’t find anywhere in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

What makes us different?

  • We apply front-line technologies to enable scalability, agility, and obviously, speed to market.
  • Secure practices for development and implementation of APIs
  • Smooth data integration
  • Experienced backend teams to support throughout the development stage

Partner with us for the best backend development services

Hello Pixels services range from huge collaborative teams to individual developers. Our developers work seamlessly to achieve your desired business goals with agile development. We have a flexible, well-organized, and goal-oriented team to work on your unique requirements.


We have extensive knowledge in programming languages like PHP, JAVA, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and more. We also find the best developer with solid knowledge on your required tech stack or project needs.

The backend development cost depends on various factors, this includes

  • Amount of data
  • Technical requirements
  • Developers working in the project

Reach us to find the exact development cost according to your project specifications.

The project development time completely depends on the complexity of your project. For example, time to build a complex program can take around three to fifteen months.

When building an application, you should focus on both the frontend and backend. When the frontend takes care of the app’s UI, the backend takes care of the server-side application and makes it work seamlessly.

Yes, you can select the most suitable engagement model that works best for your project. You can completely outsource the project to us or collaborate with one or more developers based on your development goals.

Backend developers build and maintain frameworks that run as a backend of an app or website. Obviously, they create a quality ecosystem that supports the existence of the user-interface of websites or apps.

Web API is the interface created by the backend of a website or app. It stays as a collection of endpoints and the resources that the end points are exposed to. Here, you can use one web API for different frontends.

Backend development usually requires three different parts, they are application, server, and a database.