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We simplify your application development with structured client-side Javascript framework – angular.js. It’s an MVC based framework ready to build dynamic apps. Being a leading angular.js development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we extend high-quality web and mobile solutions that ensure seamless performance and user-friendly features.

With hands-on experience in angular.js development services, we cover a wide range of services ranging from simple video streaming apps to complex ecommerce stores or marketplaces, or even social networking apps too. Whatever may be your requirement, whether it’s a simple widget or interactive dashboard, we cater to your needs with dedicated services.

Angular.js is crafted by Google and so it’s the best way to enhance HTML traits. We understand and explore the whole pack of JavaScript technologies by employing core development and programming skills. Therefore, we make it applicable for both small and large businesses. As a team, we perform with various libraries and you get a highly-customized workflow to attain your requirements. Our angular.js development team holds the record of building fully-functional angular.js web and mobile apps. We have a team of certified angular architects to provide budget-friendly angular development.

Hello Pixels angular.js development services in Dubai, UAE

Holding professional developers, we offer top angular.js services to our clients ensuring scalability and performance.

Build scalable, flexible, and interactive web or mobile solutions with Hello Pixels angular company! Have a look at our angular-based services,

  • Angular.js web development – At Hello Pixels, we develop simple and advanced web stores that can be managed any time anywhere. Here, you get a chance to reach the global audience with a highly flexible and cost-effective store based on your business requirements.
  • Angular web app development – We build custom-made single page web apps with an immersive UI. These web apps are performance driven with top-notch angular.js development.
  • Angular mobile app development – We develop the best mobile apps integrated with Iconic, native script or react native frameworks. Connect with Hello Pixels to achieve the best and future-ready mobile apps.
  • Angular hybrid app development – Are you looking for the best cross platform app? We deliver the most immersive UI/UX products with predefined and secure coding standards.
  • Custom Angular.js development – With a dedicated team, we explore and utilize all the latest resources to build custom , performance driven, and scalable applications that give you a competitive edge in the market.
  • Angular support and maintenance – With an expert team, we ensure consistent performance of your angular.js applications. We extend our support and maintenance even after completing the project.
  • Angular.js migration services – Hello Pixels specializes in migration services, these services make sure that your applications stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends.
  • Custom widget development – We build reusable widgets with custom angular components ensuring streamlined functionality and enhanced performance.

Why do companies use angular.js for development?

  • Multiple platforms – The code developed in angular.js can be reused to build any application for any other target platforms. For example, a single piece of code works for mobile, web, desktop, or native applications.
  • Progressive web apps –  Angular.js enhance the competencies of your web app with attractive features like dynamic, offline, easy to install, quick loading time, high performance, and more.
  • Desktop apps – With the same angular.js used to develop web applications, you can create desktop applications with windows, mac, and linux
  • Native mobile apps – We combine angular.js with react, iconic, react native frameworks to build mobile applications. These applications can be installed with a good interactive interface.
  • High speed and performance – Angular.js brings up maximum speed on the web platform
  • Code splitting – Angular.js has a new component router to load quickly and delivers automatic code-splitting.
  • Code generation – The highly optimized code gives us the feel of handwritten codes. This code acts as a framework for building web or mobile apps.
  • Templates – There are simple template syntax that allows to create a powerful user interface. This creates a clear boundary between application and the view.
  • Angular CLI – The command line tools speed up the implementation process. This allows quick implementation and project testing.

Why choose Hello Pixels for Angular.js development?

Hello Pixels is recognized for delivering best-in-class solutions at a competitive cost. We serve all your modern business needs with angular.js development,

What makes us different?

  • Customer satisfaction – We work on the latest technologies to deliver secure and scalable solutions.
  • Agile procedure – We always follow agile methodology to optimize the practices and deliver finest results.
  • Dedicated team – We have a brilliant development team well-versed in high-end business solutions on several technologies.
  • Transparency and integrity – We incorporate your ideas and provide every single detail to improve your development.
  • Flexible engagement models – We offer flexible engagement models, where you can hire from various hiring models.
  • Competitive pricing – We follow the ideal combination of quality with cost-effective rates.

Hire our dedicated angular.js development team

We build high-performing angular.js web applications with the latest resources and tools. Hello Pixels is listed as one of the top companies using angular.js framework. We follow agile work methodology. Hire our dedicated developers to leverage some exciting features like MVC, routing, binding, scope, controller, dependency injections, services, cross-platform app development and more such features. We make the optimum use of directives to find new HTML syntax and find new reusable codes to hide complex DOM structure, CSS, and its behavior.

Why is Hello Pixels the best angular.js development company in Dubai?

Getting the right development partner is crucial to ensure success of your angular project. If you’re searching for a reliable and capable angular.js development company, then Hello Pixels is the excellent choice to meet all your angular.js development requirements.

We hold a strong expertise in utilizing angular directives to create reusable components to design MVC based single page applications and new HTML syntax effectively.

We have a committed team to configure, develop, and deploy your angular.js requirements. Utilizing these latest features such as routing, data binding, and more, we offer custom angular.js development services to build high-quality enterprise-grade mobile or web apps for start-ups, medium, or large businesses.


Yes, we offer post-development support services with complete maintenance. If you face any problems with the website or app after the delivery of the project, you can contact us anytime. We keep your web app up-to-date in compliance with the latest versions of angular.js development trends.

Yes, at Hello pixels we help you with successful migration services without losing any of your web or data traffic. Our Angular.js migration services are simple and sorted with some additional features.

The time required to create a fully functional web app depends on many factors. The customized web designing takes around 1 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. We follow an agile development process to deliver your project in a short time.

Yes, our angular.js development services are mobile friendly. With responsive feature, we make sure your project works well on various screen sizes from tablets to desktop monitors.

We create all our angular.js apps with SEO friendly features. Our website design and development complies with the search engine guidelines.

We have a highly skilled team blended with excellence. Some of the other reasons include on-time delivery, flexible engagement model, strict NDA, agile development, and much more.

You don’t have to pay any hidden costs. Initially, we discuss the website requirements and share the pricing accordingly. We strictly adhere to the outlined price quote shared with you!

The cost of outsourcing depends on multiple factors like technology stack, engagement models, manpower required, business objectives, and much more. We aim to balance between quality and cost for maximum customer satisfaction.