Affiliate Marketing Service

Affiliate Marketing: The Right Platform For Effective Promotions

Affiliate Marketing helps in empowering your business to the right platform for advertising and marketing the product, service or brand effectively. Thanks to affiliate marketing, your business can become associated with leaders in the industry and it can help in promoting your products and services amongst target audiences. Based on a pay-for-performance model, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing allows you to showcase your products among an audience which is following your industry leaders and pay as per the clicks your receive, We, HelloPixels, one of the top affiliate marketing companies in Dubai offer you the assistance in connecting your business to the right platform from where you can drive quality traffic to their sites.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing can help you grow your business in the following ways:
  • It allows you to save time and money on marketing, which is time you can dedicate to focusing and spending on other aspects of your business
  • It gives you access to professional marketers (affiliates/publishers)
  • It exposes your products to new audiences through promotional efforts by your team of publishers (affiliates)
  • It’s cost effective and has unmatched ROI
  • The best way to work with qualified affiliate publishers is to hire an affiliate marketing agency that works with all the networks. The networks provide access to affiliates who’ve been rigorously vetted and had to go through a long application process to be included in the network.
    Rather than working with only one of the networks, leave the recruiting of affiliates to us. We have years of data and expertise on our side which will make it much easier to match you with the right affiliates, instead of having to play the guessing game.
    The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it adds incremental value in the form of revenue without disrupting your other advertising strategies. Because affiliates are so unique and different, you can find partners who will amplify your brand without overlapping in benefits with other tactics you may have in place.
    Through transaction detail reports, we have access to the IP address of the purchase, which browser it showed up on, time it took place, and other key details that can let you know what triggered the end result: the purchase.
    At Advertise Purple, we have a team that can track all of this information for you easily on your behalf. Our team of data analysts will make sure you’re not double charged when a sale could possibly be attributed to, say social for example, if there also was an affiliate link.
    A super affiliate is someone who has built a thriving and influential affiliate business and consistently drives a large majority of the sales from any program they promote, compared to other affiliate partners involved in the program. They make a large income from affiliate marketing, which is usually in the range of five or six figures.
    When a reader visits a website for a brand that’s running an affiliate program, an affiliate disclosure statement is necessary to reveal to the reader legally that a commission may be paid to the publisher if the reader clicks affiliate links or a sale is made.
    Think about on social media, how when an influencer is selling a product Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc have to include a tagline mentioning that it’s sponsored content. The goal for this statement is to be as transparent as possible with the reader and potential purchaser.
    Every publisher has a unique publisher ID, which is used in tracking cookies to record which publisher generates what sales. This activity can then be viewed within the affiliate network dashboard.
    Brands in almost every industry vertical imaginable have affiliate/partner programs. From enterprise-level companies with billions in revenue to direct-to-consumer brands who’ve matured beyond doing the traditional paid marketing, companies of every shape and size leverage the affiliate marketing model to grow their business. Industries include:
    • Retail
    • Education
    • Direct-to-Consumer
    • Subscription Service
    • Finance
    • Travel
    • Insurance
    • Gaming
    • Beauty/Skincare
    • Telecom
    • Transportation
    • Healthcare
    • Automotive
    • Entertainment
    • Restaurant
    • And many others
    Affiliate programs are run either on an affiliate network or a Software as a Service platform. These technology providers are what make it possible for brands to track and measure the performance of their program as well as properly pay their partners in an efficient, timely way.
    While the affiliate has control over the general information and content they share to their audience, the brand has control over what information the affiliates within their program share related to their products and services. They do this through their brand terms and conditions. Brands may also have specific branded terms, trademark names and phrases that they prohibit their affiliates from using in their promotional efforts. These details are typically outlined in the brand’s affiliate agreement.
    Affiliate program management varies from brand to brand. Some brands choose to manage their affiliate programs in-house or have it managed by affiliate networks. Whereas other brands choose to partner with an affiliate management agency to manage the day-to-day requirements of an effectively-run program.
    There are also brands, particularly enterprise brands, who take a “hybrid” approach to the management of their program where they oversee elements of it in-house (e.g. high-level strategy, performance and program budget) and partner with an agency to manage the day-to-day aspects.
    • Full staffing to cover all aspects of management: Strategy Development, Partner Recruiting/Development/Optimization, Reporting, Compliance, Forecasting, etc.
    • Ensure the affiliate program protects the company’s brand while optimizing it to align with the company’s goals.
    • Knowing the platform capabilities of the various affiliate networks and technology platforms and how to use them to best accommodate the needs of a program.
    • Cultivating relationships with partners once they’re approved into the program and optimizing with them to improve performance.
    • Monitoring and preventing all aspects of fraud and compliance within the program.
    • Creating and executing a communication strategy for partners to share programs and promotional updates.
    • Analyzing performance to help drive strategy, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly deep dives, as well as campaign debriefs.