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Expand your business reach with our dedicated web app development services! We deliver customized and feature-rich solutions tailored to your specific needs!


We convert your start-up idea into a functional website. We use the latest technologies to launch your business and bring more sales.

Well Established

We enhance your existing website with the latest themes and technologies. We expand your business reach with customized websites.

Minimum viable product

We develop tangible MVP products that allow you to test your product in the market and get valuable feedback from users.

More than a website development company, we develop solutions that capture attention.

Hello Pixels accelerates your business with highly-interactive digital products that differ from usual software development companies in Dubai. Every client builds our creative portfolio; we implement your unique ideas into reality, we present your web app into the hands of users as early as possible. Few clients prefer the traditional approach with extensive research and the final product with creative marketing ideas. We are flexible enough to accommodate your custom web app development needs and work according to it.
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Big Ideas
Creative People
New Technology

With more than a decade of domain expertise in UAE, we have helped starts-ups and other enterprises with innovative web applications for diverse industries. We aim to create a beneficial environment for our clients with skilled web app developers. Whether it’s traditional app development or latest cutting-edge technology, we have a portfolio of successful projects.

For a growth-centric digital transformation in UAE, we exceed your expectations and deliver it on time within your desired budget. We ensure extensive research on the initial phase and keep our web app developers on the right track! Analyzing the project requirements, efficient communication, and creating timelines for delivery will obviously reduce the surprises down the road.

What makes us different in web app development?

Accelerated by a great vision, we gain a competitive advantage over other web app development companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Responsive web apps that deliver spontaneous and intelligent web models in an organization, safe and scalable form of the web application that ensure easy maintenance, engaging web apps that improve brand identity and capture leads to enhance your marketing efforts,

We have a vibrant team of developers, designers, and project managers who fit into your culture and work passionately. With creative design and flawless development, we render pixel-perfect solutions. Our detailed attention to detail and consistent communication creates a collaborative partnership yielding amazing results in custom web app development!

Our Process for A Successful Web App Development


We often conceptualize the idea and understand the business goals. Ultimately, we make better technical decision by identifying the scope.


We create wireframes and interactive web app development prototype that visualize the link between screen and user.


We assist your business and review it by implementing a minimum viable product. Thereby, incorporate all the feedback into the future versions.

Hosting and

We ensure safe and secure hosting along with scalable features. Our web apps are ready to achieve seamless future enhancements.

Continuous improvement
and maintenance

Coupled with good programming skills, our web app developers ensure continuous improvement and long-term maintenance.

Security and

We keep up the security checklist for every single web application. For a successful web application, we monitor the privacy considerations.

Our Projects

We craft your brand story that captivates your target audience and resonate the core-objectives of your brand.

Our website development

Custom API

Manage software to software interaction with our custom API integration. We ensure smooth integration whether it's simple, complex or multiple integration.


With a team of agile web developers, we create bespoke apps to meet your business requirements. Get started with intelligent web apps.


We support your online business with product customization. With product personalization we deliver customized services as per the requirements.

Web Portals

We offer EIP solutions that ensure efficient web-based interface from all the relevant business. Go across organizational boundaries and connect!


Our SaaS services intent on slashing IT responsibilities. It's well-suited for small business, scale up the consumption requirements based on project demands and other variables.

Progressive Web App

We support your online business with product customization. With product personalization we deliver customized services as per the requirements.

Full Stack

We work on both front-end and back-end solutions providing a complete web app for our users. Complete and modern web apps on your store!

and Migration

Our SaaS services intent on slashing IT responsibilities. It's well-suited for small business, scale up the consumption requirements based on project demands and other variables.


Being a reliable web app development company, we offer ongoing support and maintenance to secure your digital assets!

We Serve Multiple Industries, Globally

We develop intuitive web apps providing potential business opportunities to multiple business sectors in the world. We excel in the following sectors,

Stages of Web App Development

Web App Development
Requirement analysis
Planning and creating blueprints
Web app or product design
App development or programming
Testing and launch
App maintenance and further support


With substantial research and brainstorming, we understand your requirements and collect all the resources. Creating a great website starts with a proper requirement analysis process. We collect all the minute details that could have a great impact on the final look and feel of the web app. Starting from the preferred platform, technology for development, layout, design features, space allocation for content and images, contact form, or any other additional functionalities, we eliminate confusion and ensure rapid development based on your business goals.

Planning and
creating blueprints

Based on the gathered information, we plan and create the blueprints that represent the final product idea. After collecting the requirements, successful web app development is a result of proper planning. Planning determines the project scope along with documenting a list of specific goals, features, tasks, functions, deadlines, and the final cost. We work on blueprints to determine the exact project scope and deliver according to our client’s requirements. Planning and blueprint create a strong outline and secure alignment between the client and our development team.

Web app or
product design

In the design phase, we include all the design elements to visualize your content and demonstrate basic functionalities. The ideal product design process depends on various factors. For example – UX project scope, budget, size of company, deadlines, and more. We create a good product design that satisfies your technical possibilities and other business requirements. We acquire knowledge from different product design projects and come up with a unique solution according to the demands of the market. We encourage an agile product designing process, but if necessary we are flexible enough!

App development or

After including graphic elements, we move on with the web app development programming and installation. Once the design is ready, we start with the programming or development stage of the web app. The process has several steps, initially; we create a database for storage. Then, based on the design element we develop the front-end during the wireframing process. Finally, we work on the back-end development that creates interaction between the server and users. We use the latest frameworks for front-end and back-end development. Our developers are experts in flexible coding with high-level of expertise

Testing and

After creation, test and launch is the routine process. We make sure all your files are installed correctly. Checking for quality is an ongoing process throughout the web app development cycle. We have a QA team to test all the features like usability, functionality, security, compatibility, and performance to eliminate any bugs. Rigorous tests are designed to make sure the application works smoothly. Also, we identify the possible improvements and upgrades even after launching the app. If testing determines that your application works well, then finally, we launch it to your customers.

App maintenance and
further support

We monitor and keep your app up-to-date with regular updates, get protected from bugs, and decrease security risks. We have a support team to work on continuous updates, modifications, and re-evaluate the existing apps for quick revisions. We ensure updates according to the changing technological advancements and implement new strategies for staying sustainable in the competitive world. We analyze the website statistics and ensure that it works smoothly to engage your customers and encourage SEO traffic as well. Keep your websites healthy with quick updates and incredible support!

Web Applications
We develop bespoke applications with uniquely written code keeping in mind the key requirements of clients.
Bespoke web app development is flexible enough to accommodate future functionalities or additional features based on your business reach. Your online presence truly reflects your brand, so we make it unique and trending with a unique set of codes and design formats. Apart from good design and functionalities, bespoke web apps generate potential leads and allow any kind of integration as well.
We work on cutting–edge bespoke web applications with incredible design and engaging user journeys!
Our Services

What makes us different
in web app development?

Website Development


Customized and feature-rich development that expands your business reach! Beautifully crafted websites for an amazing online experience.

Ecommerce Development


Ambitious retailers grow online sales with bespoke eCommerce website development solutions in UAE.
Mobile App Development

Mobile App

Your technology partner for innovative mobile app development in UAE! With cutting-edge technologies, we customize your needs!

icon trending technologies


We implement trending technologies and accelerate your business to stay ahead in the competitive world!
icon digital marketing


We explore a variety of digital marketing strategies that take your business to new and incredible heights.
icon software development


We discover various aspects of software development and bring value to your business. With vast industry experience, we deliver top-notch solutions.

Technologies we work with

We have grown to adapt various technologies in web app development. Check out the popular technologies we work on,

Why Choose Us Reasons to choose us

When you have an expert technology partner in web app development, leave the hassle, we take your digital business to the next level. We are fine-tuned to get closer to your organizational intentions.

Hire Dedicated Web Dev Team

HelloPixels have a team of highly-experienced developers who work on your unique project idea and come up with the best possible solutions. We leverage our expertise to ensure end-to-end web app development services. With a cost-effective strategy, we have grown to adapt various technologies in web development. Check out the popular technologies we work on,


Our web app developers are skilled enough to complete your project with great innovation and ultimately, ensure on-time delivery.

JS and Frontend

Hire front-end developers to enhance the development of user-centric websites. We excel in JavaScript frameworks and craft out feature-rich customized websites for our clients. Join our front-end team for creative results.


We have a team of backend developers who support your business goals with optimized and customized solutions. With extensive expertise, we handle any complex ideas.

Blockchain, MI, AI, and Data analytics

Always stay up-to-date by implementing these latest technologies! Hire exceptional developers in these technologies!

eCommerce & CMS

We create highly-interactive eCommerce and CMS solutions that upgrade your online presence! Hire dedicated eCommerce & CMS developers!

Engagement Models

Before committing to work, we ensure different engagement models for a healthy working relationship. Find out different engagement models that ensure smooth collaboration between us and clients.

Fixed time and
cost model

In this model, we evaluate the project requirements and share the exact time and cost required for web app development. It’s well suited for projects that have clear requirements right from the scratch.

Time and material
based model

It’s a preferred model for ERP development. In this model, we charge clients on an hourly basis for the work accomplished. This allows timely progress on design and development.

team model

In this model, we assign a team of developers and designers to work on specific projects. We charge clients based on the amount of time spent by developers on their projects.