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More than half of the website traffic comes from mobile users. 57% of people don’t recommend mobile websites with poor design. Today more than 85% of people want better-performing websites on mobile devices. Visitors have 2 times more interaction with businesses on mobile than on any other devices. Almost 75% of visitors consider mobile search to meet their instant needs. Responsive design is a website with flexible layouts that adapt to the screen size of each user’s device. The website turns intuitive and offers a highly converting mobile experience.

When upgrading the website or creating a brand-new responsive design, HelloPixels offer unique responsive designs. With enough experience and resources, we launch unique responsive web design. From mobile devices to tablets, our responsive designs reach every customer in the target market. Not only responsive design, we make sure to put our client’s website ahead of their competitors.

At Hellopixels, one of the best Responsive Web Design Companies in Dubai, we design responsive websites that are adjusted to suit any device. They have a single URL and HTML code and hence work without any flaws on any modems such as smartphones, tablets, kindle and phablets to name a few.

Major features of our responsive websites

01. A fluid layout

Our responsive layouts fit accurately into the corners of all digital platforms and not just the screen dimensions of a single device.

02. Unparalleled performance

Once we get you a responsive layout, you can be guaranteed that your website will perform well under any conditions and will surely look stunning from all angles

03. Browser compatibility

Any Responsive website we create is programmed to run perfectly on any kind of browser. These include platforms like iOS, Chrome, Windows Phone as well as Safari.

04. Fits into every width

When you have a fluid as well as a responsive web design which falls into the dimension of any screen size with perfection, You really don’t have to worry about a new screen size breaking the flow of your website.

05. Device agnostic

Our primary aim is to ensure that the clients are presented with a responsive website with an optimum UX irrespective of the device a user is working on.

06. A rich UX

Our websites are designed solely for solving your problems. We therefore provide you with only the best user experience.

HelloPixels - Responsive web design services in the UAE

Smartphone adoption has increased in recent years. Therefore, e-commerce businesses pay attention to creating responsive websites. We know that designing for each device is not effective in the current scenario. Over the last few years, mobile has changed the advertising medium. Mobile ads are growing dramatically, and it’s challenging to earn maximum ROI. So, a responsive e-commerce store multiplies the audience and increases the conversion rate.

For a responsive e-commerce store, our designers use the following elements,

  • Clean and quick navigation to retain existing shoppers and attract new visitors
  • Improve the page speed to add consistent UX
  • Use topography with responsive elements.

At HelloPixels, our responsive website designers execute creative design ideas. Our e-commerce clients benefit from our highly-talented responsive designers.

Responsive B2B web design is significant to capture the audience and improve conversion. It’s a cost-effective optimization for mobile devices. Our web designers optimize B2B websites for mobile devices and reduce the bounce rate. horizontal scrolling or poor user experience lack our clients from better ranking. Therefore, we use responsive web design in B2B businesses for better reach.
B2C or business-to-customer design is different from B2B design. The target audience differs, it’s consumers vs businesses. A B2C website should meet customer expectations in the look and feel. At HelloPixels, our designers use the best design strategies to optimize the website. We develop responsive web designs that drive leads and sales. Our experts use quick navigation, skimmable content, and fast page speeds to maximize the user experience. By implementing this responsive technique, websites automatically fit the screen size. Our clients get access to responsive websites and unmatched user experience.

Responsive web design services - Why it's crucial for businesses in the UAE?