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Paid Search services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Take your online presence to the next level with our most-effective paid search services in Abu Dhabi! Get positive ROI by spending wisely! We at HelloPixels create more targeted Ads in a cost-effective form to reach your potential customers!

Paid search or Adwords are specially designed to save your business time and money! We make sure to structure paid search campaigns that minimize cost-per-click and maximize exposure!

What is paid search?

Paid search is a form of digital marketing that allows advertisers to display their ads on search engine results pages or SERPs! Paid search usually works on pay-per click model, until someone clicks on the ad, you don’t have to pay for it! This makes it a more controlled and measurable marketing channel compared to traditional advertising!

Adwords include usual text ads, which are either shown at the top or bottom of the organic search results! At HelloPixels, your Adword campaign is developed by a team of expert professionals with a proven track record in digital advertising!

What are the steps for a successful paid search campaign?

We ensure professional paid search services that drive buyers to your site! With the help of various research tools, we offer highly-focused keyword research that determines the cost-effective approach to reach your customer expectations! By investing in Adwords campaign, find your target cost per sale or lead! Get necessary leads that you wouldn’t find through traditional search engine optimization!

We partner with clients to build up an effective paid search strategy, some of the steps we use for successful paid search campaign include,

Why choose us?

We offer one of the best paid search services in Abu Dhabi for both small and large enterprises! We convey the importance of paid search and adwords in marketing strategy! Some of the important benefits while choosing Hello Pixels,

Our paid search services in Abu Dhabi deliver impressive results! Our expert team works on targeted keyword research and implements creative ideas that drive in high-value clicks! With proper paid search campaign, your cost-per-click remains manageable!

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No. Google AdWords is an advertising platform giving you a vast network of advertising locations and campaign types ranging from Search ads (the most commonly referred to), Display ads (banners you see on websites), Remarketing to different people who have been on your website, YouTube (banners and video), and Gmail ads.

As well as this there are many different ad formats from text display ads, through to static banners, animated banners, videos and lightboxes.

Usually when I hear this opinion of AdWords, the root cause is due to either running campaigns in house without the appropriate knowledge, or having a bad experience with a “pile ’em high, sell them cheap with hard sales call tactics” type agency.

Running an AdWords campaign without knowing how to use the platform can be a recipe for burning money fast. With the first campaign I ran for a client, I saved almost 50% of their ad spend within minutes as they were serving ads for completely inappropriate search terms. For another client who was running their campaigns using a generic Google helpline, I halved their cost per click from £2 to £1 meaning they were previously spending twice as much money as they had to. It is also not uncommon for me to take an internally managed AdWords account and change the average clickthrough rate from 1-2% to over 10% (and sometimes higher), and get results that return many multiples of ad spend.

All of those are good metrics but I’ll also sort out your conversion tracking so you can track monetary values, which is the ultimate metric to measure.

Your campaigns need to be managed and optimised regularly to make them work better over time, and allow you to expand on them.

This involves creating new ad groups and keywords, pausing ads or keywords that aren’t working, making suggestions about new campaigns, checking if the budget is adequate and making suggestions around where to increase it, ensuring your ads aren’t being shown for irrelevant keywords and lots more.

The advertising space isn’t static. There’s millions of calculations performed in a real time auction every time an ad is displayed. Optimising it means your campaigns will continue to improve and expand. Even if nothing was touched, and other advertisers started new campaigns, your results could be very different on a week to week or month to month basis.

Maybe, but probably not if they are reputable.
You may not be entering the keywords that have been set up in your account, you may find your budget isn’t enough to reach all searchers, or your ‘quality score’ is lower due to your website, so your ad doesn’t get shown all the time. It may be the advertiser has excluded your internal computer address to improve campaign performance, or not targeting people in the location you are in.

There are some great staff at Google but when you call the main helpline you are unlikely to get the same person. If you do, they have to help many people and will not be able to help with more detailed elements like tracking return on investment and discussing the best goals to set up in Analytics to measure.

If you read the story above about Fully Charged Media reducing the cost per click by 50%, this was from a campaign that was being run with the help from Google. They are not out to sabotage your account, and there are some great people on the end of the line, but you will never get as much input and expertise as you would from a good agency.

Ads are disapproved because they don’t comply with one or more of the Authorized Buyers policies for advertising on the Google network. Authorized Buyers reserves the right to disapprove ads that breach any of these policies and to suspend entire accounts for certain violations.