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One of the most common types of a digital marketing strategy in usage is paid search advertising. This mode of advertising focuses on placing ads higher on different suitable search engines (SERPs), the goal is to draw traffic to their site. The companies pay search engines to place their ads. Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is the most familiar form of paid search. Under PPC advertising companies pay only when someone clicks on their ad. Which makes it highly economical and also assures that the ads reach users who are seeking for the company’s services or products. However, few considerations are taken into account to determine where the ad is to be set on Google SERPs. These include,

Paid Search Advertising Services UAE
Businesses can put forward different phrases or keywords linked to their company, products, or services. The highest bidding count gets higher rankings on the search results page.
Contact details, phone numbers and other website details can be included.The ad positioning on SERPs can be determined by the effect of these extensions. Quality of ads and landing pages. A quality score is assessed and assigned by Google for ads to check the usefulness and relevance of the landing pages.

The usage and the frequency of use of several keywords in the ads can determine the grade on SERPs.

Other considerations. Other factors include the term that is searched, time, location, participating ads/other search results, and device model.

Google is very strict about what gets to be displayed on their search engine pages. Google in its own initiative using their set algorithms , checks the quality of the content and the landing page experience. Their quality checks determine the benefit quotient of online visitors who experienced the ad and give out a score after assessment of the ad to understand if there’s a scope for improvement or if it needs a complete change.

Paid Search Services, the BENEFITS!

Google handles 3.5 billion searches all alone. Some of the other search engines used by businesses are Yahoo and Bing. These search engines are the most apt way for the business to reach out to the online customers. Search engines, and search engine marketing will likely stay relevant for years. Though organic SEO may put the website on the foremost search engine results page, the biggest advantage of such campaigns is that the business appears at the top of the results page. There are few added advantages of usage of paid search campaigns and online marketing.

The usage of keyword research helps businesses to target potential customers. For example, if a health juice company targets a keyword phrase such as “healthy juices” and utilizes paid search ads for the keyword, the business can access more customers looking for healthy juices. Bidding for suitable keywords is the most effective method to reach the right audience.
Paid search enables an effective control over the advertising budget. One could spend $1,000 for a billboard, but there is no effective control over who goes beyond, or if there is any need for the services. Therefore, direct advertising is far more effective through target marketing instead of spending a huge amount for the billboard. Besides being cost-effective, and the majority of the search engines use a bidding format, the market directs the price of ads. If the set highest bid for a keyword is at AED 4dhs and the next maximum bid is only AED 2 dhs, you’ll only pay AED 2.01dhs. Businesses usually pay less than their highest bid price and have the choice to change the bid price any time they want. It’s also assessed that businesses earn an average of AED 2 dhs for every AED 1 dhs spent with Google Ads. This makes paid search marketing an excellent choice for every company small to big.
It may take a considerable amount of time for effective results from many SEO strategies, but paid search ensures quicker results. The plan of action of paid search ads filters targeted consumers and contacts those looking for your specific offerings. This eventually leads to shorter purchaser experience and more consumers interested in the products. SEO may take weeks or months to get effective results, but paid search ads make the company appear on the very first page of Google with immediate effect post launching the ad.

HelloPixels PPC campaigns, PROCEDURE

The HelloPixels PPC campaign procedure has helped businesses across various industries in the UAE and the rest of the GCC for over a decade. Our PPC experts procedure –
Location settings allow opting for places where the ads are displayed, including countries, zip codes, or even cities. These settings are usually set on the company’s location or where customers can buy the products.
Choosing keywords most appropriate to the business and brand sensitivity. Executing keyword research enables finding out the keywords consumers are searching for, and the ones of highest significance. Tools like Google Keyword Planner helps to learn the keywords consumers all over the world are searching for to find similar services and products. Keyword Planner displays a list of potential keywords, the number of people searching for them monthly, the competing ads, and the price of each keyword per click.