Paid Search Advertising Services, UAE

Google Ads Ad Agency, Abu Dhabi

One of the most common types of a digital marketing strategy in usage is paid search advertising. This mode of advertising focuses on placing ads higher on different suitable search engines (SERPs), the goal is to draw traffic to their site. The companies pay search engines to place their ads. Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is the most familiar form of paid search. Under PPC advertising companies pay only when someone clicks on their ad. Which makes it highly economical and also assures that the ads reach users who are seeking for the company’s services or products. However, few considerations are taken into account to determine where the ad is to be set on Google SERPs. These include,

Paid Search Advertising Services UAE
Businesses can put forward different phrases or keywords linked to their company, products, or services. The highest bidding count gets higher rankings on the search results page.
Contact details, phone numbers and other website details can be included.The ad positioning on SERPs can be determined by the effect of these extensions. Quality of ads and landing pages. A quality score is assessed and assigned by Google for ads to check the usefulness and relevance of the landing pages.