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Ever wondered how to understand information on a large scale regarding an organization in a few minutes? We at HelloPixels have been making our clients understand their current and forecasted business positioning, advantages and disadvantages, cons and pros, profit and loss, peak time and low tide, what sells and does not best time seasons, tapped numbers, working and unyielding measures, rate of online traffic, what tapped and what did not and so much more since the early 2010s in the UAE and the rest of the GCC using a conventional and proven technique called infographic design. Let’s go deeper! ‘Infographic‘ – info is information and graphic is graphics. That’s right, Information of any kind, large or small scale, pictorial or numerical, and concepts or patterns presented graphically for better understanding, analysis, studying scenarios, and a direction to execute measures that serve an organization’s development and better management is called an Infographic design.

Best of Infographic Design Services, explained!

We have been at the helm of Infographic design services for more than a decade now in the UAE, the GCC, and Europe. Having given life to company data with the best of graphics, a long line of satisfied clients with the best of visualization in presenting company information, and the most effective manner of putting out organization positioning data that penetrates and creates a lingering aura in the company’s audience, we at HelloPixels have been smashing milestones with happy testimonials of clients claiming clarity, clear understanding and confidence to go to the next level in the narrative of the company. We use the most modern techniques in infographic designs to furnish your business information by the best means possible.

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The world of infographics is ever-evolving and in the last decade alone, Infographic design has reached milestones in its modernization and development. Our team of infographic experts is always updating their knowledge and keeping up with the latest trends in an infographic design to provide the best for our clients. Our Infographic experts share their expertise in the various types of infographics and the different types of infographic designs in the corporate world today.

Infographic TYPES by infographics design companies, 2023

The timeline infographic

This type of infographic suits displaying or encasing a historical development in an organization. Suits large-scale enterprises incorporated for the longest time and explains a process or a timeline of achievement. It depicts an idea or a project in a company from speck, its implementation to completion. Our timeline infographics are a thing in social media!

The process infographic

Trying to depict, complex concepts in an easy-to-understand information route?
Our Process infographics are some of the best in the UAE. Our team of infographic experts at HelloPixels has been topping the lists with this depicture of infographics since its introduction in the world of digital marketing. This type of infographic helps in visualizing a process or a procedure involved in the company.

Informational infographic

Helps in introducing concepts, new ideas, and original solutions in a work atmosphere. It's an interesting infographic to depict a complex technical subject to an unaware audience. Find its place among blogs and other written articles.

The geographical infographic

Presenting demographic information? The geographical or the map infographic is your best bet. We have been providing map infographics to our clients to enable a proper understanding of why a location was zeroed in as an extended branch for the company for their board meetings for over a decade now. Our clients love our map infographics and they just keep coming back for more. It's just that they keep loading more information asking if it can be added to the infographic and we never disappoint our clients. We add the extra information and make sure to display top-notch map infographics each time. The map infographic can encase regional or global market statistics for an organization like no other information display. They also are capable of holding and depicting information on trends in a specific geography.

Comparison infographics

Organisations let loose these types of infographics to create a stir in competition. Businesses, when they know they are at the top of their game, they usually crave comparisons that can reach a large Audience. These types of infographics create divisions in tastes among customers and encourage gangs or loyal fan following for cult brands. This infographic broadens perspectives in the minds of online consumers. The comparison infographic can also be used by businesses to compare information within the organization to study a move, process, or an experiment of sorts to enhance organizational capabilities for the goodwill of the company.

The flowchart infographic

This infographic is a simplifier. The flowchart infographic presents solutions, new ideas, organizational structuring, and an easy understanding of the chain of command in enterprises, depicts possibilities, forecasts consequences, and can explain complex path-induced information with clarity.

The statistical infographic

Engage and interact with your business audience with this type of infographic. These are usually depicted in pie charts, bar graphs, and other prominent representations of information and data. Present surveys and research data in statistical infographics.

The list infographic

This type of infographic is depicted on written lists to pass on a message across a given industry, propelled via digital marketing. This infographic encompasses a lot of written work but at the same time, it's highly visual. Enlist several pods of business information merged with high-on-data text and the best feature, don't hesitate on visuals. Bring it on!

The How-to infographic

This infographic is usually undertaken by organizations at product launches. It can also aid in how to do something in a prescribed work culture in the organization on performance and stability to retrieve maximum productivity. We at HelloPixels have set up How-to infographics for companies that launched new products in the automotive industry in the UAE since 2013.

Infographic designs by creative design agencies in Dubai, 2023

We at HelloPixels are innovating infographic designs like never before. UAE is the most explosive transit destination in the world and with an impeccable reputation of a paradise in the Middle East, businesses and enterprises thrive here owing to the country’s smooth and convenient business norms and regulations. Infographics are essential for businesses here and their design types are equally important. We are equipped to provide the best designs in infographics for the infographic of your choice.

Stay ahead in your curve of the industry with the most modern and updated technology in infographics and Infographic designs with HelloPixels in the UAE. Your business must take a dip in the ocean of infographics unless you choose to stay invalid in the ever-evolving digital world of business. Jump in!

"Design is the intermediary between information and understanding."

Hans Hoffman, artist and teacher