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Lead Generation in digital marketing is the process of generating leads. A “lead” in your target audience refers to a potential customer who is interested in buying the product or service you provide. You boost brand recognition, build relationships, generate professional leads, and eventually close deals when you introduce a lead generation strategy. The higher quality leads will help your company expand, while also increasing the reputation of your marketing department.

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Our team of experts gets to know your business and provide/ implements qualified lead generation techniques and provides successful lead conversions. The strategy will be customized for each line of business and latest digital and CRM tools will be used to capture and follow up on the leads. A mix of organic and paid campaigns will be effectively used to target business customers.All you need is to take advantage of the best lead generation service offered by Hellopixels in Dubai.

5 Steps of Lead Generation Marketing

Frequently asked questions

There are a great number of benefits with external lead generation which starts ultimately with cost. Instead of hiring your own team to carry out the generation, you can rely on it to create great leads whilst you get on with the other aspects of your business. We may also be able to generate leads you would never have been able to, as we work with an extensive portfolio of businesses over a range of industries.

There are many benefits to outsourced lead generation and it ultimately begins with cost. It’s the cost related to salaries and benefits in addition to burden and expense associated with recruiting, hiring and training. Managerial time should also be taken into account, as should the ramp-up time it will take to build, train and maintain an inside team (that will likely have high turnover). Just as you’re an expert at what you do, B2B lead generation companies are experts at what they do. They follow the best practices based on proven results to produce the highest possible ROI for the time spent on prospecting.

Lead generation is the process or strategy used to inform prospects about a service or product offered by a business in order to capture their interest and increase the amount of leads in a sales pipeline.

  • This usually comes from some mix of content marketing, paid advertising, sponsorships and even affiliate programs.
  •  This is, essentially, what most beginners think of as lead generation – the campaigns you run to engage potential buyers with your company.
  • This, like all these topics really, is a much bigger topic than a simple section of a blog post. But here are a few things to get you started.
There are agencies that specialize in providing qualified leads to businesses. The process of lead generation is actually very easy. An agency develops a website or partnerships with several websites in which they promote and advertise your product or service. A consumer finds these directories or informational sites and they are able to complete an online quote request form. This form is submitted to the agency. The buyers information is verified and matched to the appropriate providers. These matched leads are then sent via email to the prospective providers with full contact information and purchasing requirements.
When making a call to a customer the call should be directed in the following way:
  • Greet customers politely.
  • Introduce yourself to the customer.
  • Make clear the objective of the call
    • Who are you calling?
    • What are you calling for?
  • Give complete information of the product or business you are promoting.
  • Make the customer understand how the objective of the call can be beneficial for him/her.
  • Close the call with a warm endnote.

Commonly called Market Response Reps, they qualify marketing leads coming inbound through the website or 800 number. The sources of these leads are either marketing programs, search engine marketing, or organic word-of-mouth.

A sales ready lead meets the criteria of budget, authority, need and timing– usually indicated by a lead score. A sales ready lead is a qualified buyer that is ready for interaction with a salesperson to figure out the available options that could solve their problem.