Ruby on Rails development

Great development with Ruby on Rails! Hello Pixels is a popular ruby on rails Development Company in UAE with more than a decade of experience in molding out useful apps or websites. With expert technical knowledge, we create web apps in multiple domains. From start-ups to MNCs, we serve every single industry across the globe.

We utilize full-stack technologies and ensure technology-driven business transformation by leveraging our experience in developing unique apps. With an agile development approach and specific industry tools, we offer continuous support throughout the application development lifecycle.

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Ruby on rails web development services helps our clients improve their productivity and stay ahead of the competition. We have a team of ROR developers working on your web apps, version upgrade services, migration services, and finally, ensure technical support even after project completion.

Ruby on rails development promises productivity by following the conventions. Moreover, the framework is robust and highly extensible. While developing your project in this platform, it reduces the significant time to market. Since it has flexible and easy-to-write coding standards for easy maintenance.

We build ROR applications to enhance most of the sectors like healthcare, education, Saas application, eCommerce, internet start-ups, media and entertainment, insurance, banking, and more!

Being a potential ROR development company, we deliver intelligent solutions to satisfy our clients!

Why choose Ruby on Rails??

Ruby on Rails companies beats other technologies and web development frameworks with highly attractive benefits!

Why do we need ROR development?

  • Speed – ROR takes less time compared to other frameworks. You can save up to 40% faster with this technology.
  • Cost – Because of its fast development time, it’s much cheaper to develop a ROR application.
  • Scalable – the framework has ready-made modules and so, ROR web applications are scalable and ensure easy maintenance.
  • Performance – ROR web solutions have a higher performance rate compared to other popular technologies and frameworks.
  • Security – Ruby on rails has an excellent architecture that aims at securing the data and application as secure as possible.
  • Quality – the quality of a web app not only depends on the professional level but also the quality of ready-made tools used in the application, their design, and other crucial factors.

Hello Pixels Ruby on Rails development services

For every technical requirement, we have a ruby on rails development to customize your applications and focus on maximum results.

  • MVP for start-ups – ROR is popular for its limited time, reduced cost, and quick functionalities. So, ROR is ideal to create MVP for start-ups and we do it within a quick period.
  • Web service with API integration – We work on various APIs integration with ruby on rails and develop a high-load data system.
  • Custom portals – Ruby on rails web development fits well for designing high load portals that include video, text, or audio. It’s a good choice because of its security and high performance.
  • SaaS system – With ROR, we create simple to very complex SaaS applications or products. Some of the products include HRM, Project management software, CRM, accounting software, ERP, and more.
  • E-commerce websites – ROR has some user-friendly features and a modular approach that keep you ahead in the online store competition.
  • Mobile apps – iOS, Android, or windows, we develop custom mobile apps using ruby on rails. We ensure ruby on rails development for hybrid, native or cross-platform apps that feature responsive, seamless, and intuitive UI/UX designs.
  • Front-end programming – With this particular framework, we create stunning front-end designs for desktop, mobile, and server-side applications. The agile development practice ensures optimal presentation and seamless responsiveness.
  • ROR rapid application development – Ruby on rails development ensure rapid application development for start-up companies. With comprehensive programming and cost-effective services, we support both small-scale and large-scale businesses.
  • Full-stack ruby on rails – We have full-stack experts who handle server management and database development. With deep knowledge in Ruby on rails, we specialize in web services and other markup languages. Apart from the above, we provide project rescue services, app maintenance, or upgrading solutions.

Ruby on rails development environment and libraries

  • Ruby version manager -We edit multiple modules on ruby software installed on the same device, this includes support for mruby, MagLevm, GoRuby, and JRuby implementations.
  • Sinatra – Sinatra has a domain-specific language and library that allows programming without MVC architecture and it’s typically used with Ruby
  • Ruby gems – Ruby on rails web app or mobile development utilizes the full power of Rubygems collection of libraries. This includes authentication, APIs, authorization, recurring jobs, and environment variables.
  • Puma – PUMA provides a concurrent HTTP server that exclusively deploys Ruby/Racks applications.
  • Komodo – Web application programming is accomplished with Komodo text editor and IDE that offers remote file publishing, multilingual support, and plugins for PhoneGap.
  • Rumale – Rumale library supports ruby on rails web development with machine learning applications. This machine-learning algorithm provides tree, regression, and cluster analytics.
  • Shoes – Shoes allow us to create a responsively and cross-platform GUI using shoes development toolkit and RubyGems environment.
  • Wasmer – Ruby on rails development companies use wasmer to run web assembly, this allows the development process to be scripted and you can run the code in any operating system.

Hire Ruby on Rails developers in Dubai

Ruby on rails development in UAE has the power to turn challenging ideas into excellent projects. With more than a decade of experience in web development, we deploy a wide range of ROR solutions across various industry domains. At hello Pixels, our team works on faster and scalable solutions that create a huge impact on your business.

Coupled with expertise, we ensure premium customer services, tech solutions, and a lot more according to your technology needs.

Hire or dedicated team to ensure success in this hyper-paced business world!

Why us?

We have been pioneers in Ruby on rails development for years. We keep up the pace in technology and offer excellent development leveraging full-stack technologies.
If you’re looking for highly reliable applications, then ruby on rails web development is the way to go. It provides scalability, efficiency, and flexibility unmatched by other frameworks. Here, we are experts in it, providing the best solutions.

What makes us different?

  • We’re organized into teams and work according to industry best practices. Our Subject matter experts adapt to the changing market and add value to your project with specific business insights.
  • Our team works in your time zone and makes it easy for real-time collaboration. We incorporate accountability and transparency with regular progress reporting.
  • We organize the development objectives that ensure business value and quick return on investment.

We are one team with our clients to reach their business goals! Get started with ruby on rails development today!


Ruby on rails programming language has rich tools for web development. The language provides integrated support for web applications.

Some of the benefits include,

  • Scalability
  • User-friendly code
  • Testing features
  • Front-end and back end solutions
  • Security and easy workflow

Ruby on rails provides extensive resources for developers to implement any features in web applications.

Yes, ruby on rails development has high demand and never goes down. Ruby developers are in high demand because of their rich features and reliable development processes.

Mostly, SQL databases like PostgreSQL, or MySQL depending on the client’s requirements. We also develop projects using NoSQL like MongoDB.

We analyze your project and come up with key features where you can decide whether ROR is the right fit for your project. Ruby on rail web development is a perfect choice for data-driven apps that has limited resources like time and fund.

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework based on the Ruby programming language. With this framework, you can build quick apps, eCommerce stores, or SaaS services. The framework is loaded with rapid development features and high-quality libraries.

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