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Having quite an impressive UI goes far beyond grabbing the attention of your users. It includes a perfect combination of creating UX as well as building a stable brand of business. Every business enterprise must aim to create the best of UX and build the business brand better. At HelloPixels, we offer the best UI/UX Design Services in Dubai. We understand the importance of creating a user-centric design and the powerful impact that they have on your user experience. We ensure that your user experience forms the core of our development process so that we can deliver an enhanced usability in each of the products that we help to create.

As a company offering one of the best UI/UX Design Services in Dubai, we have a team of some of the best and most experienced UI/UX designers. Our team focuses on the user expectation and incorporates the UX design practice in each of the app development cycles.

We create an interface which is both aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to navigate along with being user friendly. Our UI design services helps a client in availing a scalable and robust user experience that also boosts their branding strategy and helps their business significantly.

What our UX Design services offer

By definition, UX design refers to a wider term which includes visual layout, content, navigation as well as features that come together to create a brilliant experience flow for a user. The following are the main aspects of UX Design that we offer for our clients.

What our UI Design services offer

As one of the best companies offering UI/UX Design Services in Dubai, our highly competent design team is skilled in crafting an appealing design that has the right blend of colors, typography as well as illustrations but keeps a user experience at its core. The following are some of the services we offer:

Why should you choose us as your UI/UX Design Partners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

We create designs that have been researched extensively so they usually end up being visually appealing as well as quite useful too. As a highly competent company offering UI/UX Design Services in Dubai, our team contains some of the most skilled and experienced designers who have ample experience in designing some of the most outstanding projects for our clients. We offer you versatility in our designs right from creating the most exceptional web designs to mobile app designs, branding solutions and much more. We create a vision, then design before testing it and releasing the application because we seek excellence above all else in our work. Our main focus is on creating some of the best designs with efficiency as well as at lower costs. We consider designing to be all about giving our clients the most unmatched user experience that helps boost your branding strategies to a whole new level. We present you with the most well tested UI/UX designs that have been validated by actual users from the industry using the most reliable tools available.


There is a significant difference between web design and UI/UX design. One of the biggest of them is that web design focuses completely on what a website looks like while the UI/UX design focused on the experience of using a site. The final focus and goal for UI/UX design is building something that doesn’t just look good but actually helps in changing a user’s desired behavior as well as decision making process.
All major UI/UX projects are kickstarted with a meeting with the client. During the meetings, we learn more about your business and about your stakeholders along with your business goals. After the information we need is gathered, we conduct competitive analysis,create user personas as well move forward into wireframing the site or application. A complete processing of the UI/UX designs takes approximately six months time.
Our team begins all UI/UX projects with a complete user research and a competitive analysis. We create personas of your ideal users, draft routes of action that we wish to take while on the website as well as engage in user and A/B testing to see whether they are performing as per correct behaviors.