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Support and website maintenance in Dubai

Website development is not a quick task; it’s an on-going process that requires timely updates to keep up with the current technologies. However, it’s a struggle for website owners to keep up with these trends and focus on core business operations. At Hello Pixels, we completely understand your technology requirements and provide backup with the reliable web support and maintenance services in UAE.

With dedicated services, we aim to keep your website secure, assuring high-performance, and up-to-date technology. We have a highly-skilled team to work on maintenance services for both startup and fortune 500 companies. We don’t create a random plan; instead we customize website maintenance plans according to your budget and requirement.

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What are the popular website maintenance and support services?

Every time when a user search for a product or service, they’re likely to come across hundreds of new websites. If your website is not unique, then visitors are likely to pass away without entering your website. In order to avoid this, keep your website user-friendly and up-to-date with current technologies.

Find some of the services that achieve your business goals,

  • Monthly Back up – We never neglect time-to-time back up, it’s a significant task to ensure safety of website data and content. As per your demand, we ensure monthly backup so that your website remains safe while updating or working on any other processes.
  • Website version Upgrade – Web development is a rapid technology and so, new versions are available every few months to enhance your overall security and website usability. Therefore, if your website version is outdated, then reach us to increase its functionalities and usability with website upgrade services.
  • Website theme upgrade – We often miss this section in the initial web development stage. If you have missed it, then it’s time to make sure your website theme aligns with your business goals. Hire our expert team to customize your themes with cost-effective solutions.
  • Secure websites – Have you ever noticed the security of your website? You have to check it because of increase in cyber crime rates, it’s essential to secure your website and back it up with superior back-end configuration.
  • Server maintenance – At Hello Pixels, website maintenance also includes server maintenance including serval features like checking hard disk space, security features, regular backups, installing software patches, updating antivirus software and more.
  • Website content update – According to your demand, we offer website content update services. We make sure your messages appear in an impactful way. We define your product with timely delivery and get rid of website vulnerabilities.
  • Website speed optimization – As you know slow website is quite frustrating for both company and clients. In order to make it fast, we optimize your website speed and create an unmatched experience for your visitors.
  • Troubleshooting and Bug fixing – Bugs are common and eventually difficult to identify. This hampers the smooth functioning of your website. We have the right expertise to troubleshoot these technical issues and get rid of maximum website vulnerabilities.
  • Compatibility issues – As your website gets popular, you have to accommodate different number of browsers and the website should be compatible with different browsers. With our website maintenance services, we fix these compatibility issues to increase website traffic and user engagement.
  • Traffic stats and analysis – It’s essential to analyze customer activities and help to create marketing campaigns and serve better according to your needs. We ensure integrated solutions with analytics tool to analyze website’s performance and usability.

How Hello Pixels support website maintenance services?

We advance your enterprise with our wealth of knowledge; we ramp up your performance while maintaining your website.

  • We offer something new at every time, our maintenance services focus on what matters to your business.
  • We always keep your website fresh and updated to rank well in SERP pages.
  • We have a careful strategy to work on ongoing updates and keep your website performing well.
  • At Hello Pixels, we have a thorough research on user behavior and make changes to improve site conversions.
  • With our ongoing maintenance program, we increase your online presence and create higher level of profitability.

Industries we cover in our regular maintenance

  • Ecommerce – we have a professional team, working on different ecommerce platforms.
  • NGOs – we also undertake website maintenance for social organizations, NGOs, and more with affordable packages.
  • Educational institutions – our team is specialized in delivering top-notch maintenance services for education-based websites.
  • Healthcare and hospitality – we have years of experience in managing healthcare and hospitality with ease and efficiency.
  • Corporate – we are not limited to any industries, we across different industries including maintaining corporate websites.

Why choose us?

Hello Pixels is a leading website maintenance service provider in UAE, we’re trusted by our clients for delivering reliable and top-notch services.

We have a highly-responsive team who can simply adapt your needs and work according to it.

What makes us different?

  • On-demand maintenance
  • Customized services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Client-centric approach
  • Years of expertise
  • No hidden cost required
  • Professional developers
  • Flexible working
  • High-quality maintenance services

We keep your websites running without any downtime, security issues or bugs. Website maintenance, we make it easy than before. With our dedicated maintenance services, you’re free from the struggles and focus on core business operations or next business strategy.


Every website need maintenance to ensure all the components are working well including forms, content, payment methods, images, and more. Having a well-maintained website will improve your brand reputation and keep your visitors engaged.

Our website maintenance services include everything right from small content updates to huge SSL installation, security updates or more. Check out more at our website.

When you see the message that website is down for maintenance, it usually means that website is temporarily unavailable due to some bug fixing issues, certain updates, migrating server or platform.

We’re providing website maintenance for most of the CMS or other platforms. Therefore, you can approach us for any kind of maintenance services.

The time depends on number of changes and the respective website maintenance plan you’ve chosen. After confirming the changes and updates, we give you the perfect turnaround time.

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