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Website Maintenance services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hello Pixel is one of the leading website maintenance service companies in Abu Dhabi! Our years of expertise and well-define process helps out businesses across the globe to improve the performance and security of their websites. We provide complete website maintenance from content updates, trouble shooting, bug fixing, critical security updates, module configurations, SSL installation, version upgrades, and much more.

Our vibrant and expert team takes up any challenge to keep your websites running efficiently and smoothly driving in more traffic and huge business!

website maintenance abu dhabi , dubai

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for any issues, and keeping it updated according to the current technology. It’s a steady process that encourages continued traffic growth strengthening your SEO and Google ranking.

It’s essential for the companies to engage and retain their customers with attractive websites. At Hello Pixels, we ensure high-quality website maintenance services in UAE with regular monitoring and uninterrupted customer service.

What is included in the website maintenance package?

Best practices in conversion rate optimization assure great results from the very beginning! We focus on these best practices to accelerate our clients’ website growth,

  • Troubleshooting issues
    As an entrepreneur, having your website down is a potential loss of clients. Purchasing a website without website maintenance is typically brings in lot of additional issues. Calling up the host and figuring why website is down or approaching your customer service will take a lot of time to resolve the issue. Our website maintenance services ensure complete troubleshooting of any relevant issues!
  • Update plug-ins and integrations
    We make sure to update plug-ins and integrations constantly to improve the overall functionality and reduce any issues. Missing out any update may reduce the overall performance and makes your user-experience at worst, this result in website breaking or the entire website may go down!
  • Security updates
    We ensure your website is safe and secure with timely security updates. Websites built of content management system have a lot of moving parts which are often made to patch security exploits. So, if your system is left outdated, it’s vulnerable to active hackers, virus and malwares.
  • Changes to website
    It’s difficult to depend upon a web developer to update any small changes in the website! Our website maintenance contract ensures to track and update any minor changes to the website as a part of our monthly maintenance contract.
  • Keep up with best practices
    Internet finds changes every day and so, we employ best practices in social media, search engine and other websites. At Hello Pixels, our expert team focus on maintaining unique work standard and ensure best practices in all our web services!

Why it’s important to do website maintenance?

Website stays as an attractive window to your business! Regular website maintenance service in Abu Dhabi attracts customers globally and maintains good search engine rankings.

Have a look at the top benefits of regular website maintenance,

  • Better customer experience
    Frequent website updates ensure professionally maintained website! This slowdowns loading time and spamming messages that makes you frustrated. In such situation, regular website maintenance enhances positive customer experience. It promotes the overall experience by motivating customers to buy your products or services.
  • SEO
    Google analyzes your website with the help of Google bots. These crawlers basically analyze your website’s keyword optimization, site’s structure, and other errors. Regular maintenance can promote your Google rankings and business online.
  • Reputation
    Clients prefer trust in the digital world! Website with broken links, outdated contents, and dead pages will pull back your business online. So, we ensure regular website maintenance for our clients creating a positive impression and gaining customer’s trust.
  • Cost savings
    Ignoring the website health results in accumulation of problems! Improper website maintenance may result in downtimes and you’ll need dollars to fix the issue. So, it’s always a smarter idea to invest in website maintenance and keep your websites error-free.

Why choose Hello Pixels website maintenance services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi?

  • On Demand website maintenance
  • Customized services
  • Client-centric approach
  • Competitive pricing
  • Agile methodology
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Online support system
  • Full service agency
  • Dedicated team with diverse skill set
  • Website maintenance plan options

Get the best website maintenance services in Abu Dhabi

Hello Pixel is a full-service digital marketing agency with all the essential services to establish our clients online. Our dedicated team with great expertise provides different opportunities to improve your online presence with regular website maintenance. We offer plenty of website maintenance plans that fulfill your unique requirements.

Looking for a trusted website maintenance service in UAE, then contact us for complete online support with a track record of satisfied clients!


Every kind of website, irrespective of their particular aspects, needs web maintenance services. A website presents an online reflection to the visitors who are its target market and hence, it is expected to keep itself updated and well-maintained with all the latest facts, buzz and company information. A website without timely maintenance soon fades out from the visitor’s mind and faces major loss when it comes to managing its online brand image.

  • Frequently updated websites are favored by all the major Search Engines, a website maintenance service could spell out better positioning/ranking for your website.
  • It is important that your website portrays the latest information about you to attract web traffic. Obsolete information can be misguiding and definitely of little interest to your prospective customers.
  • Website maintenance becomes essential if the website is large & involves quite a few sections which demand frequent updates/modifications.

We can help you take care of all the alterations required on the website over a given period of time.

  • It renovates the basic elements of the website, such as the contents, images, links, coding etc.
  • This in turn remodels the entire appearance of the website by updating information and increasing the freshness-factor of the website.
  • Regular maintenance of the website brings along repeated visitors, leading to higher sales and conversion rates.
  • Web maintenance facilitates the results of search engine optimization activities, which helps the website to acquire better positions in the SERPs.

We start working on our project of web maintenance within 24 hours of receiving our client’s request or approval, along with the content. We keep the client updated about the initiation, progression and estimated completion time through emails.

Your website should be maintained regularly, depending upon the website images, space and contents. Websites should be frequently updated with all the latest news, information, details, buzz and developments regarding the products, services, events, launches, contracts, acquisitions, patents, new locations, opportunities, awards, recognitions and renovations. A well-maintained and regularly updated website signifies a dynamic, professional and versatile organization, which visitors love to explore, time to time.

Yes, proper and relevant web-maintenance definitely helps your website in getting positive ranking in the SERPs. With updated, fresh and informative content, images and links in the website, the search engine crawlers find it favorable to index your website, more so because the number of visitors to your website increases and this automatically facilitates your online traffic and search engine ranking.

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