Linux Hosting, UAE

Linux Web Hosting services, Abu Dhabi

Linux hosting services are Web hosting services using a Linux-based server with an open source operating system that is used by businesses or individuals owing to its cost efficient factor. Linux hosting is high level secured hosting that enables sharing of hosting tools by different hosting companies according to rising requirements. Our Linux hosting capabilities in the UAE and the Middle East ensure sharing between multiple servers and the usage of the source code, its development and management for both commercial and non commercial purposes in an organized, disciplined and user relevant manner. Linux users rely heavily on cPanel which is the Linux induced control panel that manages the web hosting procedure with ease and convenience. The user-friendly dashboard on the cPanel enables easy functioning rather than running commands which are complicated.

Fortunately, the cPanel is provided along with our Linux web hosting solutions and our clients can personally control their web changes rather than having to control it after a complex computer language learning course or raise a ticket at every move. Experience total control of your web space In a few clicks on the visual interface.

HelloPixels Linux Web Hosting, TYPES!

We at HelloPixels have been providing, equipping and maintaining Linux Web hosting services for clients across various industries in different types of businesses for over a decade in the UAE and the rest of the GCC. We are one of the few certified and badged Linux Web hosting resellers in the UAE for the most prominent Linux hosting providers in the world. Here are views on some of our Linux hosting working partners, that enable propelling our clients’ businesses’ digital presence in the digital world.
An all- rounder Linux hosting provider, BlueHost is a leader when it comes to hosting WordPress websites or other dedicated hosting users. Our customized BlueHost hosting services in the UAE are induced with various WordPress features like one click install, automated plugins, software updates and periodical reports with round the clock maintenance and support. Highly recommended by WordPress, Our BlueHost services include live chat, ticket raising solutions and 24/7 support by an individual account manager for our client reference.

Experience quality and refinement in Linux hosting across the Middle East with our HostGator hosting solutions. Quite known for its uptime of 99.9% in quality set up, our Linux hosting experts have noticed a very low down time for clients running their Linux hosting on HostGator. Our HostGator Linux hosting services are round the clock maintained and supported by an individual account manager as standard. The Intuitive Interaction option in HostGator encourages self learning and enables answering questions. Under our HostGator hosting solutions, we have a dedicated list of various packages for Linux hosting that suit according to client requirements. Our HostGator hosting solutions have timely offers exclusive for UAE. Enjoy the benefits of SSL certification and the DDos firewall for free with our HostGator services that can protect your server from malware attacks that are a possible threat.

A few of our HostGator packages offer site transfer as free and without any hidden charges. We recommend HostGator hosting solutions for small scale websites that do not engage in too much site traffic. HostGator is environmentally conscious! They as a hosting provider are looking to end their carbon footprint to create a positive impact in the ecosystem. We at HelloPixels support and appreciate this cause by playing our part in safeguarding this environment.

Well known for its imagery and photos adaptability, InMotion Hosting services are equipped with robust security parameters and a string backup solution. We recommend InMotion Hosting solutions for clients with a lot of images and photography induced content on their website. The clarity and loading speed of photos and images is a class apart in InMotion Hosting solutions. Greatly benefits new websites and the smaller sized websites in the digital world. A good choice for e-commerce websites owing to its feature induced characteristics, InMotion Hosting services have an unlimited disk space and bandwidth, the only Linux hosting provider with an offer as such on our hosting packages as standard in the UAE.

‘Enjoy free training and expert advice on Linux hosting services with our webinars throughout 2023, contact us at [email protected] . EXCLUSIVE for the UAE.’

Free SSL Certification as standard and site transfer without hidden charges. Try our InMotion Hosting solutions for your business for 90 days and if you think your business deserves better, we will redirect you to a hosting service of your choice and the InMotion Hosting surpasses absolutely free.

A2 Hosting solutions are well known cloud hosting specialists. Experienced high RAM and additional CPUs as compared to its counterparts in Linux hosting, A2 hosting solutions scale client websites for best prices in our Linux hosting packages also enabled with root access. Free site migration, enjoy a 30 day back guarantee with our A2 hosting solutions in the UAE and the rest of the GCC.

Known for its safety standards, SiteGround Hosting is one of the safest bets in Linux hosting services. Enjoy the benefits of free automated renewals in SSL certification with a consistent monitoring of your website to avoid any malware or spam threat with the best of encryption integration technology. Our SiteGround hosting service is pro- WordPress owing to its features and enhancements that support WordPress development on a client level like the WordPress testing site developments, WordPress plugins, WordPress site migration and easy, automated updates. Verify and look through previous versions of your website with the click of a button on the control