Experience Design

Experience Design Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Experience Design is far different than UX, although there are similarities to them both. When you look at the bigger picture, experience design offers a different outlook to work and to uncover the needs of a business enterprise, its problems, understanding its context, its market as well as its users. As a leading Experience Design Company in Dubai, we always look for the right solution that is completely human-centric and is driven by information and data.

How does experience design help a business

At Hello Pixels, a leading Experience Design Company in Dubai, we try to focus on giving you the opportunity to have an insight and use human-centric data to improve upon an opportunity to make sure that the product or service we create for you is geared up and ready to become successful.

What do we do

As a leading Experience Design Company in Dubai, we offer you a wide range of skills to help bring you to the top. Experience Design focuses on a number of services and a lot of unique skill sets. That is why we need to ensure that we have included everyone and kept them updated so that we can get the best results from a project. In order to do that, as a leading Experience Design Company in Dubai, Hellopixels hires the best of experts in this area to tackle the problem at hand and bring forward nothing short of the best results. We follow various methods to do this. These include

Design thought process

Skilful expertise

Ceaseless progression

Mapping the journey

Quick prototyping

Meetings with stakeholders

How we help you

As a leading Experience Design Company in Dubai, we are of the firm opinion that every problem that we face requires a personalised set of tools and methodologies. This is especially true in the case of Experience Design. Our key to success for all these years depends on a simple formula. We follow these simple techniques for the best possible results.

Frequently asked questions

Experience refers to the practice of designing a product or service or even a process or events with a complete focus on the quality of the user experience and relevant solutions. Experience Design is not driven by a single design discipline, rather it needs a cross-discipline perspective which takes into consideration a number of aspects of the brand or business from product, packaging as well as retail environment and attitude of employees.

There is a significant difference between Experience as well as Digital design. In today’s times, design has become the creator of meaningful experiences, breaking away from its traditional role of problem solver. Experience is not digital as it is not bound by restrictions and norms that a regular digital design may face. Although it is related to digital design, in reality, experience design is different from digital design even though it shares a connection to the same.