Microsoft Azure service provider in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Microsoft Azure Service Provider
Microsoft Azure or Windows Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform comprising more than 200 products and cloud services. When the business environments are becoming highly competitive, we face a lot of challenges in the business journey. Therefore, Microsoft Azure cloud services allow you to develop and deploy latest applications or run old applications easily.

Hello Pixels is a leading partner of azure cloud hosting services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that supports both start-ups and enterprises with a cloud-based architecture. We offer enterprises a wide range of tools for developing or managing light-weight or multi-tier applications, websites, etc. Thus, with Microsoft Azure platform services, SMEs get top notch computational capabilities at an affordable price. Besides automation, Microsoft Azure services makes application development and maintenance simple or trouble-free. When azure takes care of the back-end activities, you have to worry about the development aspects alone. Now, you can focus on core business activities and improve team productivity.

How Azure cloud services support your business?

What are the benefits of Microsoft azure cloud services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Hello Pixels Microsoft azure services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include

Why choose Hello Pixels Microsoft azure services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Businesses are readily opting Microsoft Azure but it remains a daunting task to find the best Microsoft azure services specialists. Hello Pixels is a leading Microsoft azure service provider in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We help clients to design, plan, migrate, and manage the azure cloud hosting services with several additional benefits.

Our Microsoft cloud platform services benefit clients with cost-efficiency, scalability, and unlimited resources combined with 24/7 local support from top-tier administrators. We have security teams who provide next level managed service capabilities in the Azure cloud hosting.


Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications in the data centers. Azure supports all major operating systems, languages, or development tools and integrates public cloud applications with the existing IT infrastructure.

Azure offers international class Service Level Agreements that enable you to build and run highly available applications without having to focus on the infrastructure. It provides the ability to automatically repair operating systems and services, and has built-in network load balancing and hardware fault recovery capabilities. It supports the deployment models that allow you to upgrade applications with no downtime.

Azure enables you to generate applications in any language and by any framework or tool. Azure utilizes the public functions and services of open REST protocol. Azure’s client libraries are available in a variety of programming languages and are published under open source licenses and hosted on GitHub.

Azure offers a flexible cloud platform that meets the needs of any application.

Support is available in markets where Microsoft Azure is offered. Some specific services may not be covered in all regions immediately after General Availability (GA).
Microsoft provides support in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Microsoft provides 24×7 support in English for all severities and in Japanese for severity A only. Support is available during local business hours only for all other supported languages and severities. Support outside business hours will be provided in English (with translation services). You may choose to wait for the next business day to receive support in your language.
You may purchase a support plan online through the Azure website or Azure portal. A support plan is also available with a Microsoft Customer Agreement. If you have an Enterprise Agreement and you would like to purchase a Professional Direct support plan, contact your Microsoft representative or partner.
Enterprise Agreement (EA)customers can purchase Azure Standard and ProDirect technical support through their reseller or Microsoft sales representative. Developer support is not available through an EA. For customers interested in Unified or Premier Support, please work with a Microsoft sales representative.
Enterprise Support customers have the option to purchase Azure Rapid Response, an annual plan which provides expedited response and recovery services for Azure outages. Azure Event Management is a short-term programme that helps customers with planned events involving heavy Azure dependency, also offering a 15-minute response time during the event itself.