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If you want to improve your sales and boost the performance of your online business, then you might consider investing in WhatsApp marketing. In order to build the perfect sales campaign for WhatsApp, you need to take the services of a leading WhatsApp Marketing Agency in Dubai like HelloPixels. Make the choice of promoting your brand in the smartest manner to a large audience. Spread the message and announce the latest offers and even engage your targeted audience on the largest social platform in the world.

As the leading WhatsApp Marketing Agency in Dubai, we will guide you through the process and help you gain your audience’s attention in the most effective way possible.

What features does WhatsApp Marketing possess

WhatsApp Marketing helps a business in achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring that they receive the latest offers. As a leading WhatsApp Marketing Agency in Dubai, we allow our clients to target existing and potential audiences through the method of WhatsApp Marketing. This technique helps in letting your business grow rapidly since a lot of people have active WhatsApp accounts that they check regularly. By targeting your prospects with the help of a convenient and well-used mobile app, you get the chance to increase your brand exposure. Here are some important features of WhatsApp Marketing:

How you can build a good marketing campaign

With WhatsApp marketing, clients are provided with a reliable and prompt service to customers with a single click. Our large customer base due to our reputation as a leading WhatsApp Marketing Agency in Dubai makes a large part of it possible. We help companies get exposure for the brand through effective marketing techniques. WhatsApp Marketing helps make your company grow, allowing brands to broadcast messages to audiences effortlessly. You can use WhatsApp Marketing to target existing and future customers and gain their trust. Here’s how we do it:


One of the reasons is of course that Whatsapp is the most popular messaging system and people are always going through their Whatsapp chat boxes. So, there is a much more fair chance that they would read your messages, especially if the client has an interest in your company. Moreover, in Whatsapp, you can actually track if the reader has read your message or not (unless your client has restricted that option). In the case of ordinary messaging, you can only track the receipt of the message but not if the reader has read it or not. Moreover, often SMS messages are sent at a cost whereas Whatsapp messages are free.
This is also one more advantage of Whatsapp messages. You can make your messages as creative as possible. So, you can use GIFs or images in your messages to make your messages more attractive to your potential customers. A well-designed message will always attract readers.

WhatsApp considers communications with Business API users who manage the API endpoint on servers they control to be end-to-end encrypted since there is no third-party access to content between endpoints.

Some organizations may choose to delegate management of their WhatsApp Business API endpoint to a third-party Business Solution Provider. In these instances, communication still uses the same Signal protocol encryption. However, because the WhatsApp Business API user has chosen a third party to manage their endpoint, WhatsApp does not consider these messages end-to-end encrypted. In the future, in 2021, this will also apply to businesses that choose to leverage the cloud-based version of the API hosted by Facebook.

In addition, if you are using HTTPS when making calls to the WhatsApp Business API client, that data is SSL-encrypted (from your backend client to the WhatsApp Business API client).

No. The WhatsApp Business API solution requires a clean number.
Businesses of all sizes looking to provide their customers with a direct channel of communication, prompt support, and an efficient customer experience are eligible to use the WhatsApp Business API. Presently, availability is limited and WhatsApp will review each submission on a case-by-case basis.
To ensure the solution is running to the best of its capacity, the WhatsApp Business API is currently available to a limited public view and WhatsApp approval is required for all customers entering the program. You can submit a request via Facebook or via WhatsApp solution providers like Sendbee here who will keep you up-to-date when you are
Engage your customers with varied content in the form of text messages, message templates, images, documents and audio clips.
WhatsApp is supported all over the world, excluding Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.
Replies to customer-initiated messages are free over the WhatsApp Business API. However, any communication outside of a 24-hour window from the first message will come at a fixed cost per message, depending on the country.
Yes, you can send messages outside of the 24-hour window. These messages must be meaningful notifications, like appointment reminders and order notifications, and need to be pre-approved by WhatsApp.
The WhatsApp Business API currently does not support messaging for marketing purposes outside of a 24-hour window