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Nine out of ten adults in the UAE play video games. As per Global gaming stats, that’s a high rate of gaming activity in a particular geography. Indulgence in video games on an average denoted up to 10 hours a week in the UAE. With Esports making a debut in Abu Dhabi, gaming on laptops and smartphones have hit an all time high. What once was a hobby for many has now become a career.

We at HelloPixels have taken gaming development from virtual into an obvious reality. Soon after the COVID 19 pandemic, we observed an increase in staggering figures on the internet for gaming purposes and the best part, there were more adults than the younger crowd, going for the CTA(call to action) on microsites developed for our clients in the gaming business in the UAE. We are a Prominent game developer in the Middle East since the 2015s. Creative and engrossing scripts for gameplans, end to end software solutions, support and maintenance, microsites and social media management to propel the gaming company’s presence and so much more, game development is a bomb ticking especially in the UAE.

Mobile Game Development company, Emirates

Our team of expert game developers at HelloPixels are 100+ Individuals of a force, teamed up with designers, developers and expert online game  marketers who have developed, deployed and maintained different genres of games online. We have a dedicated team for games optimized for smartphones and another for desktops and laptops. Console gaming is another feature where the game on script is developed on a global basis and world class features that might not be limited to a localized procedure of development. We make sure every bit of development for a game being crafted for the console goes international for testing to meet the highest standards.

Mobile Game Development, TYPES!

Game development undergoes different development procedures owing to the platform for which the game is being developed. Our game development programmes are of the following types
Ever evolving, Android game development is a constant process when it comes to game development on an Android platform. Our Android team of game developers are almost on their toes owing to the kind of updates that come in. We have developed quality 2D and 3D games for sole entrepreneurs and business organizations who launched games on Android for their employees that would only open up to company logins. Testimonials of how much fun their team at work have, enjoying team games developed by our Android game development team for office teams in the UAE which brought them closer and gelled well towards working as a team. We have developed games on Android for organizations that took reputation as a motive by encouraging fun with their company name providing a gaming platform on Android for online users globally. There are Instances in Abu Dhabi, where we developed limited time games over the Android platform for sales and other marketing purposes for businesses that were audience targeted and location based. We are experts in Java, Android SDK, open GL libraries, optimization and Game Manager API making us one of the most reliable gaming developers in the GCC.