Static Web design in UAE

Static website Design, Abu Dhabi

Websites created and designed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a fixed format of content that looks the same to every online user, whatsoever interface device used and on any browser, is called a static website. Each page of a static website Design is etched in a single HTML file via a server. These sites are non- Interactive and do not have any changes unless the web designer decides to bring about a required change on the page’s HTML file.
Stringent and innovative efforts of the UAE government has proved to be a boon for internet users in the Emirates. One of the best quality internet services in the world, UAE has been upscaling internet usage to a whole new level, encouraging businesses to have an online presence and paving the way for UAE having registered the most number of websites in the GCC in a single day.
Static Web Design in Dubai

A Design Static Website, WHY?

Static and Dynamic website designs all over the internet, we understand the confusion! When we began our digital marketing journey in 2010, only a single type of website was prevalent in the world. 12 years later, the world of the internet has websites that are Interactive, edited and updated by back-end developers and online users, websites with payment gateways and websites for funding a cause for single individuals or an event. Here’s why our static website experts think you might need one: