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Mass Media refers to any media intended for a larger audience. Mass Media Marketing includes the advertising and marketing of products and services in this medium. Mass Media takes the form of broadcast media such as television and radio or even print media such as newspapers and magazines. Internet media also attains mass media status with several media outlets wishing to maintain a web presence to take advantage of its availability across the globe. A number of people see it as a mainstream media because it brings forth more interest in people. A large number of people in the world depend on it for their news, entertainment and other purposes.

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Mass communication helps in reaching out to the masses and promoting various products. Promotional strategies generally used in mass communication are as follows :

  1. Sponsorship : Many channels of mass communication are sponsored by companies and make good money to promote their products in return. This is a very general trend followed by marketing experts these days.
  2. Advertisement: Advertising is another promotional strategy used in mass communication to promote products and generate money.
  3. Public relations: Mass communication uses this strategy to build positive relations with the public to favor the growth and demand of products or features. This can be also done other way round by increasing negative attention in order to gain publicity.

The mass media affects the view of politics in people’s mind by its news, reports, analysis and presentations. On the other side it informs the government about the needs of people and the problems faced by the general public via different surveys conducted by the news channels or papers. Reports of injustice, abuse and exploitation sometimes catch the eye of the government via these channels of communication when news and reports are published or displayed. Mass media also informs the society and gives them an insight of the government, politics and the officials running them. Thus the media acts as a government watchdog and also keeps the public aware of the politics and maintains a link between both.

Mass media law is designed to set limits and guard mass media from wrong use. It encompasses a variety of communication industries which involve news papers, magazines, other forms of print media, films, Internet and other forms of electronic media.

As mass media and communication and media reach out to a very large number of people it has the ability to affect these masses too in a variety of ways. So to govern these communications the process can be very complex and have far reaching results. The main laws involved in the mass media law are copyright law which is designed to protect the creativity and the defamation law which is further divided into slender and libel and are related to inappropriate or offending statements or visuals which can create a negative impact on reputation of an individual or an entity.

Democracy in mass communication refers to the freedom of speech and right to know. This enables people and the media to practice their right of freedom to speech by giving out their independent viewpoint and there take over the society, politics or various other issues. The right to information allows the media to publish or inform the public about the viewpoints or the current status of the society. These rights are practicable till they do not offend or go against the society. This relates to media consolidation as media consolidation talks about combining people’s points or their take on the society.

Types of mass media: Newspaper, radio, magazines, the Internet, and television. Influence of mass media: Mass media has influenced public opinion, education, popular culture, and the depiction of society.

The four functions of mass communications are: surveillance, correlation, cultural transmission and entertainment. In many ways, the four functions of mass communication are still relevant and transferable to contemporary media.

The influence of mass media has an effect on many aspects of human life, which can include voting a certain way, individual views and beliefs, or skewing a person’s knowledge of a specific topic due to being provided false information.