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Pay Per Click advertising Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

If you want to run a Pay Per Click campaign with an impact, then you need to be aware that the process is based on quite an analytical approach that goes hand-in-hand with research. You need to have an excellent team that can offer you exceptional Pay Per Click services in Dubai

Why you need PPC Services

We offer the best Pay Per Click services in Dubai that lets you have control over every aspect of your campaign. You can target a preferred destination, set the time you choose to have your ad displayed and also decide the per day cost of the campaign. At HelloPixels, we make use of both traditional and more advanced strategies when it comes to launching a new campaign or even improving upon your current PPC plans.

Key Aspects of PPC Marketing

One important aspect to remember about PPC Marketing is that one has to pay for every click to run a PPC campaign. You cannot afford to waste time and money with an ineffective strategy. You need to ensure that you are specific about the customers you target and be aware that they are interested in your business. You can do the same by choosing specific keywords.

At HelloPixels, we believe in making use of cost-effective marketing, we also ensure that the quality of marketing campaigns are not affected by our efforts to balance out your budget.

What benefits does a good SEO Service company offer

At HelloPixels, we have a number of experts in Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO team are experts that can help in establishing your business as a trustworthy brand. We offer the best Search Engine Optimization Services in Dubai and ensure that all painstaking efforts are taken so that you get to earn the trust of visitors, thereby making them your customers effortlessly. HelloPixels is one of the finest companies offering Search Engine Optmization Services in Dubai.

Here are a few features of Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns:



Ads that appear in search results earn more than 45% of page clicks.

Even better, people who click on ads are twice as likely to buy a product or service than an organic visitor, or someone who visits your site without clicking on an ad. With PPC ads, you can reach people looking to buy, which can make an immediate impact on your sales numbers.

Not to mention, PPC ads also deliver an average return on investment (ROI) of $2 for every $1 invested. If you’re advertising with Google Ads, that amount increases to $8. People not only click on online ads but also act on them, like by making a purchase

There are primarily two sites which offer PPC advertising, Google AdWords which is now known as Google Ads, and Microsoft Bing Ads.

There are numerous other sites and ad networks which offer PPC advertising, but they account for less than 10% of market share as these two sites are responsible for almost 90% of the PPC advertising market.

Google Ads allows you to show your PPC on Google search results and other partner sites which participate in Google ads via their AdSense program for publishers.

Bing Ads, on the other hand, allows advertisers to show their PPC ads next to the search results on Bing search engine, Yahoo and MSN sites and other web properties owned by Yahoo and Microsoft.

Yahoo used to have its ad platform a few years ago but abandoned it in favour of a partnership with Microsoft which allowed Yahoo to cooperate closely with Bing.
Travel websites are able to specifically target travel websites as a whole, or identify the specific websites they wish to appear on.

PPC ads allow you to choose the people who will see your ad based on various metrics.

You can target users based on their geographic location, keywords, demographics, affinity, remarketing, and topics.

It’s worthwhile to note here that in terms of targeting there is no better option than PPC ads as they are highly targeted ads allowing you complete control over the audience who will see your ads.

PPC ads are among the most effective method of marketing and easily outperform other marketing methods such as SEO, or content marketing.

Other marketing methods take much longer and often there is no way to measure the results.

PPC ads, on the other hand, deliver quick results, and you can measure your success using several key metrics throughout a PPC campaign.

You have access to campaign statistics, which allow you to see how your ads are performing.

Facebook Ads may appear quite like Google AdWords.

But these are fundamentally quite different advertising platforms. Google AdWords has an average CTR rate of 3.17% for search ads, and 0.46% for display ads.

Facebook, on the other hand, has a much lower CTR rate of around 0.90%. This is because Facebook is primarily a social media platform where people don’t want to be bothered with ads, whereas the same users want to see relevant ads when they are searching for something using a search engine.

Targeting options are also responsible for lower CTR of Facebook ads as despite adding some potent targeting options, Facebook still lags AdWords in terms of targeting and reach

Prices for a PPC ad campaign vary by business, industry, and strategy. The average, however, is $9000 to $10,000 per month for small-to-midsize companies. This price range includes your ad spend, as well as additional expenses, like management services from a PPC agency.

Advertising with PPC ads offers your business several advantages in the marketplace, including:

  • Set a custom budget that you can change at any time
  • Access useful targeting options unavailable in traditional advertising
  • Receive insightful audience and campaign data
  • Respond to campaign performance in real-time to maximize performance
  • Show up above organic results in online searches
  • Outrank competitors
  • Accomplish various goals, from brand awareness to purchases
  • Reach people when they’re looking for you
  • Support other digital marketing initiatives, like search engine optimization (SEO)

The fact that PPC offers an ROI of 2:1 demonstrates its usefulness in your online advertising strategy. If you want to grow your business online, as well as compete with top competitors, PPC can help you accomplish those goals.

Adwords is more immediate than SEO since you can create advertising campaigns almost instantly and start getting targeted traffic while with SEO you need a lot more time (especially for new websites) to get good rankings and traffic.
Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click model, in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements. Every time a search is initiated, Google digs into the pool of Ads advertisers and chooses a set of winners to appear in the valuable ad space on its search results page.