PPC Advertising in the UAE

'AVANT-GARDE' PPC Advertising Agency, Abu Dhabi

PPC, a technical abbreviation for the term ‘Pay per click’ in the world of digital marketing is a type of online advertising where businesses display their ads on renowned search engines, websites, digital spaces online, and social media platforms. Ideated and launched in 1996, PPC took off with almost all renowned Search engines in 2010. Our digital marketing consultants at HelloPixels have been successfully  PPC’ing for organizations around the UAE and the rest of the GCC for over a decade now. With promising results in sales conversions, catchy designed PPC campaigns, fluctuations in online traffic to sites considered dead to the digital world, knowledge on what should be advertised, when to deploy, and what can be invested to achieve the desired results, our team of expert PPC consultants is just the group of people you want to hang out with when it comes to your business development.

2000 plus satisfied clients across the GCC, we are taking PPC to a whole new level in the UAE. Our digital research and study team have been working on developing and specializing in separate PPC advertising digital marketing norms for different industries in the business world. I.e. a set of norms, benchmark practices, and designs for every different business industry under the sun. Abu Dhabi and Dubai being futuristic cities, we decided, our digital services ought not to be left behind!
PPC Advertising Agency Abu Dhabi

Why a pay-per-click management company for your business?

Sure, we’ll tell you why you need us! Facts first. 2022, PPC stats showed an average of 2$ for every 1$ dollar spent on PPC advertising. Social media platforms being the most Interactive of online spaces, more than 50% of ad spend were on search engines spaces, stats denoting the PPC magic in online advertising. 

Now the benefits of PPC under a professional guidance-induced environment are proven and have always pushed the business to reach its limits and strike the metal while it’s hot.

CAMPAIGN strategy by pay-per-click management company

PPC ad campaigns are a well-planned execution of brand awareness and sales conversions in a given demography. Our PPC ad campaign best practices are: