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Hire the best PHP development services in Dubai

Transform your business ideas with the best PHP development company in Dubai! When it comes to delivering the perfect or robust digital experience, Hello Pixels excel in strengthening your brand with unmatched PHP development services gaining a competitive edge in the market. Since our inception, we have an experienced team delivering customized websites, apps or portals that scale up your business fast with secured features.Being a reputed PHP web development company, we ensure flexible and customized PHP solutions. Our developers adopt contemporary PHP technologies that allow us to develop superlative solutions creating a unique benchmark for others to follow.

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With a professionally skilled team, we employ the best PHP technologies to develop highly-appealing websites or apps. We use several unique technologies that allow us to create highly imaginative web solutions for our esteemed clients.

We are experts in delivering the best PHP web development services by creating highly-popular ecommerce sites, payment gateways, web calendars, CMS development, social networking sites, web apps and more. With custom PHP development, we fulfill your business requirements and achieve the best results for your business. We follow proven methodologies and best industry practices to ensure quick and efficient results.

Why should you choose PHP web development?

Some unique features make PHP the most-favored programming language among UAE companies.PHP is super compatible with other technologies, collaborative and dynamic with open-source design, database integration, and universal browser support. These features allow developers to create more engaging PHP web applications within a small budget and limited time.Developing web applications with PHP web development services ensure dynamism and agility.Nowadays, the companies are trying to improve their overall user-experience with feature-rich and highly functional components.

Therefore, PHP is popularly known as the fastest and most-effective framework for web development.

Hello Pixels PHP development services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

  • PHP web development services – With a dedicated team, we understand the demands of your business and provide the best solutions based on the trending PHP concepts available in the industry and make your websites look special.
  • PHP CMS development – Our developers have the acumen to ensure unmatched CMS development. Our PHP based development makes sure your final outputs are aligned with your business strategy.
  • Custom PHP development – We have expertise in customizing websites with beneficial features that sync with your business values and get the best output driven apps or websites for a successful business future.
  • Future-focused development – Our developers focus on developing the best PHP web solutions by looking deep into the future business requirements. We analyze your business nature and find the potential scope or benefits that support them in the future.
  • Portal development services – With expert PHP developers, we build highly-functional, user-friendly, and comprehensive portals for enterprises that deploy into a large network in the future. Hello Pixels offer the apt PHP based portal development solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!
  • Ecommerce development – We create highly-innovative and user-friendly ecommerce websites that develops highly competent and rich websites that deliver magnificent user experience to its visitors.
  • PHP based social networking sites – Are you ready to build a PHP-based social networking site? Hello Pixels team develops highly engaging, feature-rich and attractive social networking sites that satisfy your requirements.
  • Maintenance and Support – We don’t just stop with the project delivery, instead, we are a customer support team to tackle any of your technical issues with the websites or apps. We ensure round the clock support and maintenance for issues like bug issues, functionality issues, or any such errors.

What are the benefits of choosing PHP development?

  • Open source – PHP is free to use and easy to learn with a wide range of documentation. Therefore, it’s a cost-effective option to build reliable websites without any legal obligations or subscription fees. Developers have reduced barriers while involving in PHP development, they can easily utilize the coding skills and get started with the project.
  • Diverse Platform – The code developed in PHP will run on all the major platforms allowing developers to integrate with the website seamlessly on various platforms. This allows businesses to exploit the current technology in a cost-effective manner, with added advantage of communicating with Apache and MySQL on their website.
  • Add-ons and extensions – PHP has a high level of scalability, with this open-source language, the developer community can make their own extensions to satisfy the evolving business needs. This makes it easy for companies and developers to add new features or functionalities through PHP.
  • Huge developer community – PHP’s open source feature makes it a huge group of developers and skilled experts who eagerly wait to help beginners. This developer community supports in addressing all the latest issues faced by the developer community. The popularity of language and availability of developers ensure competitive pricing.

What are the popular PHP based frameworks used in development?

  • Yii framework – this framework enables robust and cost-effective solutions for beginners or rising businesses.
  • Code igniter – this framework uses MVC or model view controller architecture. The framework has various components to manage development tasks.
  • Symfony – Symfony is a popular and high-demand framework staying as a right fit for several tasks.
  • Zend – it’s both an object-oriented and MVC framework commonly known as component-based environment.
  • CakePHP – this framework is scalable supporting development various industries.
    Laravel – we ensure end to end customized laravel solutions to start your business venture.

Why choose Hello Pixels PHP development services?

Hello Pixels is well-known for its creative PHP web development services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and anywhere across UAE. We simply transform your raw ideas into reality with the best PHP technologies.

With a highly-talented team, we create some amazing websites and get positive reviews from our clients. Whatever may be your requirements; we analyze and deliver the best output within a short time and minimal interference.

We communicate with the client at regular intervals, so they are aware of every minute detail and progress of the project. We believe in customer-centric solutions and dedicated team to work for our clients at all times.

Being a leading PHP development company, we can be your reliable partner for stable and fruitful results.


Outsource PHP development to us and we create wonders on your business requirements. Outsourcing can lead to higher-quality results. You have skilled developers to work on your project and utilize the expertise of these specialists. They simply make the backend development flawless and efficient as possible.

The cost of PHP web development depends on the project size, complexity, and the number of developers involved in development. In certain cases, developers charge on an hourly basis and this determines your project cost. Additionally, you’ll have to pay for both front-end and back-end developers, also web designers if you’re dealing with web development projects.

PHP developers usually create and manage the back-end scripts and finally integrate them with the front-end code. PHP developers are familiar in handling both front-end and back-end code. Also, they support troubleshooting, problem solving, and architectural designs. Another significant role of PHP developers is to create PHP modules; these modules can be tested and reused which makes development quick and efficient.

PHP development time depends on various factors like project scale and complexity. Obviously, large projects take more time for development. Similarly, advanced development with a lot of features and dynamic content requires more development time. Also, complex architectures require more planning, troubleshooting, and problem solving.

Yes, we develop mobile-friendly websites. Our developers are experts in technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Being a popular PHP development company, we develop engaging, user-friendly, customer-centric, and compelling websites ideal for mobile devices.

Yes, we provide full maintenance and support even after the completion of your PHP project. We support in case of any bugs, performance enhancements, SEO based improvements or any such activities.

Yes, PHP has a progressive nature and so, it’s highly recommended for large and multiple projects. Apart from a stunning framework and architecture, it helps to improve the page loading time and blend with unique features or functionalities.

Yes, obviously you can update the website design later as per the requirements. According to the changing developments, we can make the required improvements through site’s functionality and layout based needs. Basically, we identify the scope and essential elements before beginning the project.