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HelloPixels is a leading typescript development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We simply turn your creative ideas into workable solutions by combining with the right JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Our services are super-effective creating flawless applications that prove to be an asset for your business. Before we begin with the development, our researchers create a customer persona and ensure relatable solution.

With dedicated typescript development services, we have worked for several business owners. They can leverage the expertise of typescript with scalable and feature-rich digital solutions. Apart from usual development, we provide custom or business oriented solutions with Typescript development.

What is Typescript?

Typescript is basically a programming language specifically designed to address the challenges of JavaScript in large app;ications. It was developed by the Microsoft team while trying to solve their internal development needs. Typescript also mentioned as TS, it’s a superset of JavaScript that allows full compatibility with JS frameworks, libraries, and applications.

We create both mobile and web-based applications with typescript. Typescript is popular for its object-oriented feature. This allows developers to create objects in typescript that is not possible in JavaScript. TS scalable applications works better for large organizations or development team that boasts solid design patterns.

HelloPixels is a trusted typescript development agency with more than a decade of experience in delivering the right digital solutions.

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