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Implementing full-fledged typescript development that streamlines your business process!

Hello Pixels is a leading typescript development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We simply turn your creative ideas into workable solutions by combining with the right JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Our services are super-effective creating flawless applications that prove to be an asset for your business. Before we begin with the development, our researchers create a customer persona and ensure relatable solution.

With dedicated typescript development services, we have worked for several business owners. They can leverage the expertise of typescript with scalable and feature-rich digital solutions. Apart from usual development, we provide custom or business oriented solutions with Typescript development.

What is Typescript?

Typescript is basically a programming language specifically designed to address the challenges of JavaScript in large app;ications. It was developed by the Microsoft team while trying to solve their internal development needs. Typescript also mentioned as TS, it’s a superset of JavaScript that allows full compatibility with JS frameworks, libraries, and applications.

We create both mobile and web-based applications with typescript. Typescript is popular for its object-oriented feature. This allows developers to create objects in typescript that is not possible in JavaScript. TS scalable applications works better for large organizations or development team that boasts solid design patterns.

Hello Pixels is a trusted typescript development agency with more than a decade of experience in delivering the right digital solutions.

Hello pixels Typescript development services in UAE

  • Typescript app development – While working with typescript application development, we are ready to focus on any platforms, any device or apps of any size with an efficient and intuitive interface.
  • Typescript consultation – We have a typescript consultation team to support you on choosing the best typescript development services. We share the potential benefits choosing typescript and our expertise in it.
  • Enterprise app development – With a creative typescript team, we build flawless and robust enterprise-grade apps with stunning UI. Hire our developers now to develop extraordinary apps.
  • Web app development – We have great expertise in TS scripting language, when combining it with JavaScript we create web apps that go ahead the competition.
  • JS to TS migration – Our development team supports your migration services by changing it from JavaScript to typescript. We follow a simple and practical process that involves no possible risk.
  • Typescript maintenance and support – We empower your business with timely version upgrades and other maintenance services. We know support services are crucial for your business and so, we do it perfect.

Our typescript development process in UAE

  • Discovery phase – Discovery is all about knowing your project and its requirements. The mission, vision, objective, and every other detail, we have a thorough discussion that enhance the development of a successful project.
  • Design Phase – In this phase, we develop a raw design sketch of the project and analyze its flow. Initially, we start with the wireframe design that allows understanding the design and functioning thereby enhancing the user experience.
  • Build phase – We have an awesome development team to bring ideas into life. We create scalable and agile solutions in much less time.
  • Deploy – We streamline the whole process and make things easier for you. We always have an environment for accessibility and approachability.
  • Maintain – After deployment, we assure to maintain its smooth working, authenticity, and integrity of the project.

Why companies prefer typescript development services?

  • Enhanced JavaScript – This allows you to rearrange the code, make it simple, comprehend, and ensure better understanding of the JavaScript.
  • Versatility – Typescript supports various development features and so it’s highly versatile to adopt any app features
  • Quick development – It’s easy to develop huge applications with the most recent JavaScript features like interfaces, legacy, and so on.
  • Wide range – Developers get numerous development conditions in this language, for example, typescript is completely coordinated with Visual Studio.

Hire typescript developers from Hello Pixels

We provide skillful developers at your fingertips who are well-versed in technologies and possess great expertise to deliver custom solutions.

  • Typescript development expertise – Get specialized services from expert typescript development agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With well-versed knowledge in typescript and JavaScript, we configure several frameworks and bring dynamic solutions.
  • Unmatched quality check – We ensure quality analysis at the regular stages of development. We constantly work with manual or automated testing. Further, we aim for esthetic values along with additional features.
  • Typescript based industry solutions – Typescript supports JavaScript blanks, as a result you get customized programs that use potent JS frameworks. The coding remains perfect according to various industry-based applications. Some of the frequent domains are real estate, banking, retail, healthcare, and more.

Why choose Hello Pixels as your typescript development agency?

  • Flexible model – We engage with customers providing them a flexible engagement model. We have designed these models to match the size and scale of operations.
  • Expert team – We have built an expert team with industry-leading professionals and cutting edge skill set. Our team is capable enough to take up any requirements.
  • Agile methodology – With a dedicated team, we manage the project by breaking it into several stages and ensure instant collaboration with the stakeholders. This allows continuous improvement or iteration at every stage.
  • Quality Assurance – With quality assurance specialist, we observe the final quality of the product along with company’s quality standards.
  • Support – We provide continuous bug-fixing and other support features to improve your business.
  • Confidentiality – We keep your data and content secured in all the projects. We maintain exceptional client data privacy.

Hello Pixels is a UAE-based web development agency. We are the early adopters of Typescript development services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. TS ensure faster and quality delivery of applications and websites. With expert typescript developers, we master all the latest technologies to develop both small-scale and large-scale applications.


With typescript, we develop creative and instinctive apps that are scalable and sturdy. We build innovative apps that progress your business.

We represent the expertise resulted from decades of work. The professional responsibility shines through our work portfolio.

It’s hard to generalize the cost for development. The cost depends on the number of features to be included, its complexity, and other requirements.

Typescript is a subset of JavaScript but there are few aspects that set them apart. Typescript is object-oriented whereas JavaScript is not. Similarly, with typescript we can build app architecture which is not possible in Javascript.

In order to develop the typescript application, we collect all the in-depth information and understand the scope of work. Based on this information, we shall give you a detailed time frame.

We can use all the javascript frameworks and libraries and combine with typescript for better results. Some of the popular frameworks include Ember JS, Vue.Js, Node.js, and others.

It’s an object-oriented programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It has the collection of Javascript elements within it.

Initially, we break down the project into small tasks and analyze it. After which, we start the design and development. We make sure the project moves in right track and finally, deployment.