What is CRM software?

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Why to choose best CRM Software in Dubai?

CRM Software Solutions

You have much to do in the business world! While starting with a small business, give first priority to your customers! Having a CRM system will allow you to manage the daily leads and contacts! As your company grows up, generate more leads, close more deals, and build more effective relationships.

Implementing CRM in your small business helps to organize your contacts, leads, and deals. CRM simplifies time consuming process into automation focusing more attention on forming strategies to interact with customers!

Small businesses have a small sales team and so, keep up the productivity streamlined! Implement an innovative CRM that provides stellar customer experience and build your brand loyalty!

Why choose our CRM Software solutions?

We make it easy

our CRM comes with an easy to use interface! Start selling in no time!

We customize it

our CRM offers a vast number of customization options that fit your business processes with a skillful technical team.

Quick on boarding

we make it easy to migrate existing sales data into a new CRM

Well integrated with other tools

the CRM easily integrates with other tools used in your business process.


our CRM offers both security and reliability through various features like audit logs, IPs, encryption, and two-factor authentication.

Dedicated Support

our CRM support team assists on support queries. We are able on phone, chat and by email.

Our CRM turns out to be an appropriate solution with simple and easy to use features!
Adopt an innovative CRM that fulfill your business needs completely, track your business process effectively, and identify opportunities for selling in the future!


Contact Management

Project Management

Task management

Sales Management



Timesheets and Leave Management

Recruitment Management

Human Resources Management



Support Tickets

Leads Management



Knowledge base



Addons List

Whatsapp Module

All-in-One Support Module

Demo Informations


URL : https://crm18.hellopixels.com/admin/
Email : [email protected]
Password : demo@crm123


URL : https://crm18.hellopixels.com/admin/
Email : [email protected]
Password : demo@crm123


URL : https://crm18.hellopixels.com/
Email : [email protected]
Password : demo@crm123

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