Social Media Ad Agency in the UAE

Social media advertising services in Dubai

Social media is a breathtaking community to exhibit a business. Social media has an unimaginable influence in the UAE market. Social media is an inevitable marketing channel not only in the UAE market but across the globe. Since the beginning, social media channels have reached a large audience. Today, the percentage of social media users continues to increase day by day. It’s not fair enough to share photos and increase online presence. Preferably, hiring a professional social media ad agency will reap benefits in the future.

We at HelloPixels offer leading-edge social media advertising services in the UAE. Our social media professionals keep pace with the changing ad trends. With extensive knowledge and expertise, we optimize the ads to meet our client’s needs. Our social media Ads drive brand awareness and user engagement. We help our clients stay ahead of the competition with new business opportunities.

Social media advertising - Interpreting the Ad types

Before starting with the ad creation, we know that each platform holds a specific audience. Initially, we figure out our client’s ideal customers and connect with them.

The popular social media channels and their ad types,

Having the largest audience in the world, Facebook is a safe space to start advertising. Additionally, there’s a good chance to reach the target audience and keep them engaged.
    • Image or Video ads – Video or images are the common ad formats. It’s simple to design. With a single image or video, businesses highlight their products or services. We at HelloPixels make sure to design high-quality pictures or videos that grab quick attention.
    • Stories Ads – Stories are full-screen video, carousel, or image ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger. However, these stories disappear after 24 hours. The businesses get a chance for quick exposure.
    • Carousel Ads – A carousel ad allows businesses to show more videos or images in a single ad. The advertisers share each ad with a unique headline, description, or CTA.
    • Slideshow Ads – Slideshows are video ads where several images join to make a single slideshow video. It’s different from video ads. The easy-to-create and fast-loading features enhance slideshow Ads.
    • Collection Ads – As the name interprets, it’s a collection of images or videos accompanied by other images in a grid layout. The impressive look motivates users to explore, browse and buy products or services.
    • Messenger Ads – Messenger ads directly reach the chat tabs of the messenger app. The user can tap to see more details or complete the CTA or start a conversation as well.

Instagram is yet another popular network for social media advertising. It has a massive audience group and probably, the