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Hello Pixels has a dedicated team of developers specialized in developing reliable and well-documented custom APIs. Custom API integration in UAE allows business models to overcome the imagined results.

We’re experts in custom API development services and integration solutions. Our team handles ever single project whether it’s simple or complex. Our solutions are completely easy to consume, dependable and well-organized. With a professional team, we construct APIs that are incredibly secure, scalable and ultimately, match your business requirements. Find innovative and creative custom APIs to scale up your business.

With a vast knowledge in these technologies, we master end to end process that includes managing, monitoring, and monetizing. Apart from custom APIs, we are experienced in developing open-source APIs, third-party APIs, and word press REST API.

Usually, APIs fundamentally change the concept on how data can be used. This particular concept opens up new strategies and business models. We have recognized this technology change and the importance of custom API development in business.

Hello Pixels services on Custom API integration

APIs often connect to an external service and so, it provides the best solution to enhance the key functionality in the application. In most cases, it’s the only option to enhance your apps. Therefore, proper implementation of API is quite important.

Our team has recognized the importance of API integration, development, and customization. So, we deliver highly secure and scalable solutions to our clients!

Top services on Custom API integration

  • API integration solutions – Our solutions encompass everything from development to deployment. We continue our support through API maintenance services. We develop API architectures with features like security encryptions, sign-in capabilities, access modules, dashboard controls and much more.
    We utilize the best practices when developing and integrating APIs. We make use of popular platforms like Azure, Dell, Funnel, Jitterbit, and more. These platforms add superior web functionality and integrate the business systems with existing apps.
  • API as a service – API as a service allows you to manage custom APIs and interact with third-party APIs. We work on all types of APIs that include web APIs, API as a service (Aplaas), REST API development, and EDI development services. We also target web API protocols like JSON, HTTP/HTTPS, and SOAP for AI-based services.
  • Cloud-based API integration – We integrate applications and other workloads to the cloud, with the help of APIs it allows access across various platforms and devices. Cloud often offers a robust interface for working on remote solutions and storage systems.
  • Payment gateway API integration – We integrate your business website payment gateway with custom API integration. The major payment gateways include Google checkout, BillDesk, PayPal, CCAvenue,, PayU, and CCAvenue.
  • API testing automation – We know testing is critical before launching the app. We ensure automated API testing that allows testing on UI, functionality, security, validation, runtime, load, and other testing features.
  • Social media API integration – Your online presence is crucial for excellent results. With our dedicated social media API integration services, enhance your social presence to connect with leads and increase ROI.
  • Third-party integrations – Third-party API integrations connect your system, apps, and websites. This improves your work efficiency and productivity by integrating unique features.
  • Accounting software API integration – We ensure custom API integration services for accounting solutions like Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Freshdesk, Fortnox, and more. We adapt to the latest innovations and enhance your business portfolio effectively.

How does custom API integration benefit your business?

API is important in development because two or more systems work together to achieve results. It’s mandatory for proper development and user engagement. Each OS, website or other application has its own API set.

Open API – usually environments like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, or Google Maps provide APIs that allow writing apps by third parties. These public tools are commonly known as Open API. You don’t have any restrictions to access these apps.

Partner API – here, we need permission or license to use such APIs. It’s used to improve the product or services internally within the organization.

Composite APIs – this combines different services and data APIs that operate without a task request.

Benefits of having custom API development

  • Perfect interaction – APIs have a perfect interaction between systems, apps, data, and devices. It’s easy to transmit data and services to ensure that connectivity. This directly translates into valuable benefits.
  • Focus on the core point – With APIs, it’s easy to build a flexible software solution. The components are given upfront and the independent functionalities do not rely on respective implementations. The overall components increase the speed of development and reduce the repetitive processes.
  • Separate service from infrastructure – API allows the abstraction of functionalities between separate systems. While separating the service from infrastructure, APIs have a great deal of flexibility.
  • Reduces cost – API implementation boosts the direct productivity of your team. It’s a time-saver for developers who focus on delivering exceptional business value to their clients. The implementation of API reduces the barrier to a quick growth environment.

Technologies we use behind custom API development

  • REST API – REST API is not a protocol but is driven by a set of architectural principles. This includes simple interfaces within the request resources. REST allows flexible development with very few guidelines to follow. Also, it has minimum bandwidth.
  • SOAP – Simple Object Access protocol – SOAP uses the XML data transfer format for messages and communication. The protocol is driven by functions and stringent rules with advanced security. The SOAP protocol requires more bandwidth compared to others.
  • XML-RPC – XML-RPC is an older protocol compared to SOAP but assures more security than JSON. The API protocol is document-based allowing various data types like charts, text, numbers, images, etc.
  • SJSON-RPC – It’s a remote procedure protocol written in JSON. This is a lightweight data-interchange format. SJSON – RPC is completely data-focused and supports only text or numbers. Also, it is considered less secure than other API protocols. But, if performance is your main goal, then SJSON-RPC is the way to go.

Why us?

Hello Pixels is the perfect choice for your custom API integration services. With our vast experience in API integration and custom development that includes third-party apps, applications, software, and more.

Using different API authentication, we ensure secure API integration. Enhance your productivity with Hello Pixels!

  • Secure API solutions
  • Avoid redundancy
  • Bi-directional data exchange
  • Data synchronization – real time
  • Quick payment processing
  • Quick implementation and reduced cost
  • Rapid development

Our solutions are secure and reliable; we offer robust development and build a reliable custom API for your solution. We expand your capabilities by leveraging our expertise in custom API integration.

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