Microsoft Office 365 email solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Microsoft Office has been providing users with productivity tools for more than two decades. At present, more than a billion people use office products worldwide. However, office 365 supports your business sector offering a great deal more than just word processing and spreadsheet editing.

Being a leading web development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our custom solutions empower your business with latest functionalities of Microsoft office 365 including superlative Microsoft technologies that assure exceptional performance and high-quality mailing services. Incorporating office 365 email hosting service is a superior game changer because of its engaging social network, e-mailing services, hosted versions of exchange server, Microsoft office online, skype for business, Yammer, and Sharepoint.

If you want to take advantage of Office 365 in the cloud or learn more on how it equips your business, understand its excellence in creating documents, managing data, and communicating that information.
Microsoft Office 365 Email Solutions

What is office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based platform and subscription model version of Microsoft office that was launched in the year 2001. As a core, it has the same applications such as word, excel, power point, outlook, and more according to your plan. Further, it has more apps such as publisher, planner, share point, Access, yammer, skype, one-drive, exchange, and more.
While considering Office 365, there are different versions particularly designed for education institutions, multiuser household use, business, non-profits, students, and personal. Here, users are requested to pay monthly subscription fees according to their plan.

Since, Hello Pixels excel in providing the right email solutions; we keep your platform updated with latest versions or recommend buying the latest edition for better performance. Apart from being a popular web development firm, our email business solution office 365 comes with cloud storage space and email hosting. Here, users can upload the file online and access them wherever and whenever wanted, from any device that connects to the internet.

How Office 365 supports your business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

While implementing office 365 suite, it helps you perform essential tasks such as filtering information, communicating with colleagues, planning, pre-processing data, organizing faster and more. Therefore, reduce time spent on such administrative tasks and take more time to find new ideas that take your business forward. Moreover, all the infrastructure is handled at Microsoft’s end therefore you don’t need expertise to manage the suite in-house.

What are the attractive features included in office 365?

In order to increase your productivity, Microsoft takes your collaboration to the next level. Some of the features include,
Microsoft Office 365 email services

Few email hosting tools that power up your business

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