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Simplifying the design process, focusing on challenges and building interactive web design. HelloPixels is a web design agency based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we craft elegant and engaging websites that deliver successful results.

Being a creative web design firm, we understand the significance of web design to increase your brand identity and how customers perceive your business. We take time to understand your commercial strategies and work on strategies to fulfill it. Whether it’s a brand new website or rebuild of existing web presence, we assure high quality website design to impress your clients.

We at HelloPixels, focus on exceptional website design with a great focus on user experience. Every design is specially tailored according to the client requirements and effectively represents your brand message and values.

We deliver impressive designs with engaging graphics and excellent performance!

Website design and development
– Discovery phase

Web design and development is not a giant step, it’s a combination of small steps!

Information Gathering
Information gathering

Initially, we analyze the client’s requirements. We identify the business goals and reach your target audience!

Wireframe creation

By understanding the scope, we move on to the sitemap and wireframe creation. In this step, we interrelate the content and the web page features.

Visual elements

Having the site map and content structure, we start working on the visual elements. We use latest tools and styles to define the client requirements.


Once everything works beautifully, it’s time to plan your site launch!

Information Gathering
Scope identification

Once we’re clear with the goals, we define the scope of project including web page features, and timeline required to complete it.

Content Creation
Content creation

In this stage, we work on real content and it creates a bigger picture of the site. During content creation, we make it SEO-friendly too.


By now, we have a design page with content. Now, we combine manual browsing and automated site crawlers to identify the user experience and fix any bugs.


Even after launch, we provide excellent maintenance services. We work on the user feedbacks and ensure post-development support.

Our Projects

What web design firms identify in the discovery phase?

Website Development


Focus on a strategic approach to assess the needs of our clients.

Ecommerce Development


Review existing analytics and
gather data using specific tools.

Mobile App Development


Identify necessary metrics and prioritize website goals.
Website Development


Reach business objectives that
delight your audience.

Ecommerce Development


Measure quality and effectiveness using website metrics.

Mobile App Development


Identify the hierarchy of development and design accordingly.

Defining the scope of web designing in UAE – Benefits

Website Design Company in Abu Dhabi
Clear strategy

We probably figure out the best strategy to optimize your website and ensure a competitive edge in the big picture.


Being an experienced web designing firm in Abu Dhabi, we work on various plug-ins and 3D tools to enhance the speed and security of your website.

Lower risk

A reliable website that reduces your risk level, a highly professional business model that conveys accurate information, thereby increasing traffic and sales.


Website is a cost-effective investment that allows your business to grow digitally and increase traffic on the website.

Design and development process by web Design Company

Discover session and build scope

Wide research on competitors’ websites, analyze your current website and review the data trends with new objectives and target audience.

Define and refine

Identify the technical functionality required in your website, and define the technical scope in detail.

User experience and User interface design

Identify the required color and feel, review the client’s brand standards and determine the overall visual feel.

Content development and SEO

Quality content that generates backlinks, we implement one of the best SEO strategies to stay on the top of Google search.

CMS integration

We understand your website and integrate CMS services to ensure regular site checks and improve website performance.

Custom integration/API/ Payment gateways

We integrate your website according to its unique needs and specifications. Seamless integration to improve customer experience.

Development/cloud/ hosting

Connected to a network of physical and virtual cloud servers ensure great flexibility and scalability


Check and verify the website, whether the end-user can interact with the web applications as expected.


We keep your website healthy with regular maintenance checks and stay updated according to recent trends.

Why Choose HelloPixels web design services?

We create simple websites that look amazing and function smoothly! Vast expertise makes us one of the creative web design agencies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Complete Analysis

Research always bestows good benefits; we analyze the project specifications and assure the best possible results.

High-performance design

Our web design services deliver an amazing user experience and user interface that increase your conversion and support Google ranking.

Security and scalability

We apply the most advanced security standards and protect your website from miscellaneous threats.

Lasting impression

We create attractive websites that drive huge results for your company. We’re really focused on things that work for your target audience.

Quick response

HelloPixels is a full-service website designing company, we can streamline the process and complete it depending on the complexity of your website.

On-time On a budget

We create a budget and timeline based on your project. We make sure to stick to them by timely status checks.

Competitive pricing

We offer web design services at a fair market price with a quick turnaround time to meet your wide array of demands.

Web Design Service in Abu Dhabi

Our Expertise

Research and updated

Whether you’re looking for new trends in your creative web design, we are fully equipped to handle upcoming design demands with extensive research and up-to-date with the latest trends. Our cutting-edge designers stay up-to-date with the popular web design trends.

Industry and competitor analysis

Being a popular web design firm in Abu Dhabi, we understand that each industry has its own specific audience and promotes a unique brand identity. While initiating a project, we analyze the industry and your competitors to estimate the level of competition and come up with better web designing services.

Experience and support

We have a vibrant and energetic team with vast experience in designing more than hundreds of websites across the globe. We have unique experience in handling any type of industry and build a better website for your company. We have a support team to communicate and take care of your website.

When should you think of revamping your website?

Scale up your business goals with a simple makeover! Rebrand your site to increase more traffic and generate more leads with improved user-experience. At HelloPixels, we migrate your website with attractive functionalities and customization options. We enhance your website performance to achieve your business goals.

Our website revamping include,

Get A Free Audit

Check your score and get actionable insights

Create a beautiful site with carefully crafted WordPress themes from Select.
Control each aspect of a page

Frequently Asked Questions
Our experts have answered few questions that might be in your mind. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Each client has some specific requirements and objectives. So, giving a standard timeline is impossible, but we make it faster according to the project specifications. However, a simple project can be completed within few weeks. The project timeline may vary according to your requirements.
While initiating your business, it’s essential to have some digital services in the short and long run. We assist your venture from scratch logo designing to in-depth SEO services. Connect with your customers and improve brand identity with unique development and web design services. Enhance your rankings through SEO services and ensure a seamless digital experience for your business.

Yes, being a complete web design firm, we have a skilled team to work on CRM customization and integration services. We work on the following Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Zendesk, Agile CRM, HubSpot, Nutshell, etc.

Both IOS and Android are the leading players in the mobile app business, we recommend building apps on both platforms. We ensure maximum visibility and availability on both platforms. If you’re in a dilemma to choose between IOS and Android, we can guide you on the right path with the help of experienced developers.
We have plenty of web designing platforms and it’s difficult to choose the right one on your own. We cannot decide on one of the best platforms, but different platforms require different expertise. Some of the subscription-based designing platforms are Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. Some non-subscription designing platforms are Dreamweaver and WordPress. Hello Pixels can assist you in deciding the right web designing platform.
At HelloPixels, we take up any web designing or development requirements. Give us your requirements and we make it extra professional.
Yes, we optimize websites for SEO. We have different packages according to your selected keywords, current website code, and several other factors. Our designs comply with standard SEO guidelines. However, depending on the dynamic nature of search engines, you should update the website from time to time.
We design websites on advanced platforms; these platforms ensure mobile and device-friendly websites that automatically get adjusted to the screen whether it’s viewed on a desktop, mobile phone, or iPad.
We initially divide the project into different modules for quick completion. So, clients are aware of the module developed each week. We also update our clients on a regular basis like week-to-week progress or day-to-day progress.
Yes, we do, distance is not a big challenge in this digital world. We have a skilled team to work on the latest technologies and bring the complete design and development process straight to your monitor. We also enable the real-time possibility to review your projects in the development stage itself. We have a 24 hours virtual support team at your service.
We use our expertise to develop unique websites for each organization. Initially, we study your requirements and develop websites that maintain your unique brand identity. We develop website architecture and suggest features for future consideration. The perfect understanding of your business and organization will have a reflection on our website design.
We have a round-the-clock support team to work on your queries. If something is wrong with the website infrastructure or if you require some software updates, we accomplish it quickly with the best possible solutions.
We focus future and build websites with longevity in mind; also, we make it flexible enough to update them. As per the industry standard, it’s essential to update your website every 2 to 3 years. But, we also partner with our clients to create long-lasting websites.

We create SEO-friendly websites, so it’s easy to involve in a number of promotional activities. Some of the options to promote your website,


  • Social media promotion and content building
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click ads
  • Instagram and Facebook ads
  • Promotional codes
Yes, we allow our clients to update the website themselves. We make it possible with the necessary training and tools implementation to achieve website amendments.
Yes, if you would like to expand your business and customers, then create a unique website design. Obviously, you get more inquiries and space to interact with your customers.
We design your website from scratch with a number of advanced tools. We use photoshop for the first stage of design and then move on to WordPress or any other platform. For a full breakdown of our web designing and development services, reach us right now!
While starting with the project, we prepare a document with all the requirements. We maintain utmost transparency when it comes to the disclosure of charges. When the project needs are dynamic, we give the best and optimum quote. Website designing is an evolutionary process, so the cost may vary subject to the additions. We sign up a mutual agreement before proceeding.
Generally, we don’t recommend the use of templates, but they are appropriate in certain situations. If you have a site launched within few days or especially on a limited budget, then a template might be a short-term solution.
It’s simple and easy. We welcome you to have a look at our Hello Pixels work portfolio and suggest your thoughts. Do contact us and we will show you more projects according to your expectation.