Brochure Design Services, UAE

Brochure Design Services, UAE

Prominent Brochure Design solutions, Abu Dhabi

We at HelloPixels offer state-of-the-art brochure design services in the UAE and the rest of the GCC. We are an Abu Dhabi based digital marketing and brochure design company providing and equipping businesses across various industries with a holistic range of design services in the digital design world. Our design capabilities cover a vast area of expertise in designing brochures, flyers for marketing purposes and sales activities. Our brochure designing is not just limited to creativity and innovation, we are evolving in design skills that penetrate the Middle East market with the use of the most modern technology in design in the world. Established in 2007, HelloPixels has an expertise of more than a decade in designing and deploying designer brochure projects for businesses globally.

At Hellopixels, one of the best brochure design companies in Dubai, we have the experience in creating appealing brochures. Right from concept, design, content, photography and creating the final artwork, we create nothing short of the best.

We are the most sought after design experts in Abu Dhabi for brochure designs in the UAE owing to our perfect layouts, intelligent designs, on the mark delivery and the perfect understanding of the audience type per business in various industries owing to stringent efforts in study and research on consumer behavior in the UAE. Experience Unique fold technology with multifarious designs in an embossed quality print at a HelloPixels digital point near you.

HelloPixels Creative Design Brochure, TYPES!

Brochure design and its production is a hectic process owing to a lot of parameters to look out for. Not for us! We at HelloPixels have catered to brochure designing and printing hard physical copies with e-brochures for multiple clients across the UAE on the same day. Thanks to our team of brochure design and printing experts, we have managed to woo our clients each time. Our Seasonal brochures, festive designs, cultural celebrations on brochure designs and event announcing brochures, the HelloPixels brochure design types are quite elegant and beautiful.
Our Half Fold Brochure resembles a booklet. It’s the most sold brochure design type in our dashboard of types of brochures. It’s made of two internal panels with a cover at the front and at the back. The template design used is almost equal on all sides with fonts and colors of the clients choosing even though it’s limited to a few pages. Information forecast on a half fold brochure serves the purpose of communication that’s necessary.
Our Tri-Fold brochures are made from two folds with equal sized panels. The tri-fold brochure can be made in different sizes depending on the requirement of the client. More room compared to the half fold brochure, the tri fold brochure works on the imagination perspective of a viewer. This type of brochure design fits conveying a number of ads or communication intents on a single brochure without having to print a brochure for every other announcement of launch or any events for that matter.
Zig Zag shaped brochures with six parts equally sized, crafted and designed with a double bending , our Z-Folder brochures are quite a thing in the UAE. It’s limited to accommodating images or animation illustrated to show a brand story for companies across the UAE.
The Gate Fold Brochure or the window fold brochure is our largest selling brochure design type in the Middle East. Very similar to the tri-fold designed brochure, the Gate Fold Brochure has three panels in different sizes. The left and right sides of the brochure are equal to the central part of the brochure as shown in the image below. Our clients usually choose the Gate Fold brochure to introduce a new product in the market or to propel a single product promotion. The Gate Fold Brochure can hold a large composition of illustrations. Used for high end marketing techniques, the inward fold of a Gate fold brochure makes it small and eloquent hence making it easy to carry around
Enabling the Bend on the central part of a Gate Fold Brochure makes way for the Double Gate Fold Brochure. A very good looking brochure design, the double gate fold brochure can hold an array of various images on one brochure. The Double Gate Fold Brochure can hold up to eight pages on a single piece hence capable of holding more information.
Our Double parallel Fold Brochure is like folding a piece of paper in half to repeat the folding procedure in the same path enabling up to sixteen panels on a single brochure. The Double Parallel Fold Brochure is usually used by our clients to circulate maps of their physical presence in the UAE and these are at times used to promote products and services with directions in map formats.
That’s right, resembles the instrument, Accordion in design. The Accordion Fold brochure looks like a Z-Fold with more sections to it. All parts on this type of a brochure appear inter-connected with images and pictures in many areas with the perfect layout.

The roll fold brochure is a result of successive parallel folding to acquire up to eight panels. A prominent selection among software companies in the UAE and the GCC to introduce software in the market. This brochure can be customized according to product characteristics.

Our French Fold Brochure is made with horizontal and perpendicular shaped bends without any verticals. It’s shaped to look good and attractive.

Creative Design Brochures, WHY?

Our Brochures are created for different uses over different occasions in the business world. They are categorized according to the intent and requirements of the clients business objectives in the Emirates.
Did you know, Our responsive type of brochures are communicative brochures answering major searched client questions regarding products and services sold by businesses in the UAE? These Brochures answer customer doubts on behalf of businesses in the market by indirectly reaching out to customers to rake in sales and increase the sales conversion rates. These brochures have an immense effect on customer purchase decisions. These are basically sales inducing brochures to attract customer attention.
Have you seen brochures kept at payment counters of shops and other physical purchase points in the UAE? These are self-check out brochures that attract new customers who did not intend to look into or buy a product but actually came across owing to the self-check out brochure at a physical point. Our Self-Check out brochures have introduced new product line ups for our clients in the UAE, that achieved the desired recognition in a week or two owing to our classy and elegant designs. Our self-check out brochure usually has attractive graphical images or designs to catch the attention of passersby.