The ABCs of Landing Page Design agency in the Emirates

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Any page that you land on while browsing as a result of clicking on a link in a marketing email, a digital ad on your device, a social media platform on an official page of the business surfed and any other digital location is called a landing page. The best content writers around the world swear by this method that increases SEO, indirect site traffic, more clicks on business pages they are creating content for, and an overall increase in page rankings in the world wide web(www). Landing pages are self-subsisting pages that give the go-ahead to an online user to take some action, which is again good for the interaction rate that can create a fluctuation in customer lingering and sales conversions. If the digital marketer in the back end has succeeded in getting the user to take action in the front end by clicking to land on an optimized landing page, the bait worked. That’s lead! That’s right, Landing pages play an important role in Lead generation.
We at HelloPixels have a dedicated team of SEO experts who have been mastering the art of designing landing pages for our clients in the UAE for over a decade which has propelled and created quite a stir with sales conversions and an increased Interaction rate with their online consumers. Our landing page designs experts have designed upto 3k catchy landing pages for companies across the GCC and we have our HelloPixels customer retention infographic stats show us that 97% of them came back for more landing pages across their digital platforms owing to the study, upgradation, and modernization that has been put through into our landing page design team, always evolving and innovating in search of the best!

The "Paradox Of Choice" in landing page optimization

Have you ever felt bombarded with a lot of choices to select from or been through an interview where two or more people shoot questions at the same time? The difficult choice to make on what choice to go with or whose questions to answer first, this confusion is called the “paradox Of Choice”.
Landing pages also have a similar dilemma when it comes to creating an action sequence for online users. Some of our clients have requested us to design more than 2 landing pages for their market positioning and digital product launches. With our experience and expertise in landing page optimization, we show restraint at times and advise on only one landing page per homepage owing to too much work on the online user.
Every business on a homepage with a landing page clicker has to be studied by the concerned digital marketing consultant. Too many landing pages on a homepage can confuse the user and divert the attention of the user from the main topic is something that can spoil the surprise element. Most of the time, the single call to action(CTA) is the way to go about landing pages rather than 3 to 4 landing pages on a single homepage.

Types of landing pages by landing page design company

Landing pages can be explained as two types of pages.
They are Lead Generation landing pages and Click through landing pages.

Lead generation landing pages

The whole Google algorithms move around this type of landing page. Lead gen or lead capture pages are landing pages that are mainly put up for collecting customer data. This is usually a form-fill-based type of landing page. lead gen pages to exchange a product or a service for user details or information that has the online user names, email ids, addresses, and even contact numbers at times. Some lead gen pages penetrate personal spaces to get a hang of the likes and dislikes of online consumers. Age details, job titles, and even salary scopes have come up on world-class landing pages. This is how lead generation landing pages collect online user data, nurturing them to like the business involved. Very valuable for businesses, our team of lead generation experts co-exists with our landing page design experts to create a landing page experience like no other.

Click-through Landing pages

These types of landing pages work around call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the world of digital marketing. Click the button and the user is redirected to a page that can enable the user to complete the desired action of the narrative set up by the digital marketing partner for the business enterprise. Rather than collecting user information, click-through landing pages pave way for an action to purchase at the moment. Our e-commerce-based clients have a lot going on with our custom-tailored click-through Landing pages. They are in love with it!

Landing page benefits by landing page design company

Piping hot out of the
oven Business credibility

Well-planned landing pages for our clients by our landing page experts led to a new rate of business credibility in the line of business. Testimonials of online users on our clients' homepages confirmed the positive change.

Brand awareness

Our clients reported, the consistent uploading of landing pages led to a boost in brand awareness and we at HelloPixels went to the next level with the landing pages. We tagged multiple products to one single action button and they were all over the digital space each time online users searched for more than one product in one click owing to multiple products and services tagged to a single link.

Staggering numbers of
leads generated

Our research team and creative content specialists have reported staggering numbers in the rate of leads generated after quality creative content was merged with the landing pages of our clients.