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SaaS application Development Company in Dubai

Hello Pixels focus on creating highly scalable and top-notch SaaS solutions. Being a leading saas company, we leverage our expertise in delivering exceptional solutions built upon leading frameworks. Further, we focus on the analytics and choose the best integrations to work on the product and its launch. Since a SaaS application has the capacity to convert your business, investing in the right product will create a bright future for your product.

Because of its higher security to credit, SaaS business models are subscribed by both large and small enterprises. Even if it’s building from scratch or migration, SaaS application will save your costs through cloud infrastructure and after-development maintenance.

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Therefore, you could witness several productivity improvements and expect to roll out new features.

Why do we need SaaS business model?

  • Cost-effective – SaaS eliminates the upfront cost for purchase and installation. Moreover, you don’t have to spend money on hardware resources. Instead, Saas is easily downloadable and free from maintenance.
  • Time management – these applications require an internet connection and log-in time. Therefore, it eliminates the downtime or additional hours required to upgrade any software.
  • Scalability – SaaS platforms are flexible and scalable. Furthermore, these solutions can be accessed anytime. While using SaaS, users can access their data effectively from anywhere.
  • Compatibility – traditional software installations are time-consuming. However, SaaS users just log in to the upgraded version and use it easily. Furthermore, SaaS users will have access to the recent version of current software.
  • Data recovery – As you know, data backup can be labor-intensive while performing it on a weekly basis. Undoubtedly, SaaS application supports automated backup without any user intervention. Therefore SaaS ensures high-level data integrity.
  • Adoption rates – Since SaaS solutions are available over the web, employees don’t require much learning. Therefore, it increases the adoption rate and improves productivity.

Hello Pixels SaaS application development services

  • SaaS designing and prototyping – Here at Hello Pixels, we design and develop SaaS prototypes to test and improve the overall concept. Further, with the help of beta testing, we explain your business ideas to the investors.
    Besides testing, our designers create user-friendly and appealing SaaS business models.
  • SaaS consulting – As you know, SaaS implementation is certainly the first step towards digitalization. Therefore, we guide you through perfect consultation.
    Indeed, we have a very clear plan starting from the discovery phase to concept development and long-term goals.
  • SaaS application development – Not only development from scratch but also restructuring the existing SaaS applications. We excel in both environments with trustworthy and predictable delivery.
  • Multi-tenant SaaS architecture – Owing to provide the best services, we have a team of developers who work on multi-tenant SaaS architecture. Further, we plan and implement various delivery models and management tools to build robust SaaS apps.
  • Third-Party integration – In addition to development, we connect your SaaS platform with 3rd party solutions. Thus, allowing external data sources to add payment gateways or more.
  • Support and maintenance – Even after releasing the product, we ensure continued support from the development team. Further, we work on recent updates and features to maintain the product. Therefore, you have a flexible team according to your plans and needs.

SaaS business model – development life cycle

Besides being a popular SaaS application development company, we follow a conventional approach,

Discovery phase – We have a team of business analysts to analyze and note your requirements. Additionally, we carry in-depth research to offer better solutions.

Some of the discovery phase works include,

  • Detailed domain and competitor analysis
  • The vision of your product
  • Tech stack selection
  • Project estimation
  • Planning

Designing Phase – Design is the first impression to your customers. Therefore, we thrive to achieve out-of-the-box or creative design for end-users.

Further, steps involved in designing phase,

  • Analyze and research
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Information architecture

Development phase – Undoubtedly, we use modern technologies to build customized solutions. Moreover, these solutions are reliable and scalable with top-notch quality.

Some of the development works include,

  • Development architectures
  • Cloud platform deployment
  • Data back-up
  • SOA development
  • API development and integration

Testing & Delivery – Furthermore, we follow a comprehensive approach to testing and quality assurance. With rigorous testing, we always follow the best testing ways to improve our solutions.

SaaS platform testing includes,

  • Unit tests
  • Code reviews
  • Load testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing

However, we follow an agile approach according to your SaaS application and work accordingly.

Why choose Hello Pixels for SaaS application development?

Our team has expertise in developing SaaS solutions including a whole lot of features and functionalities.

What makes us different in SaaS application development?

  • Agile development approach – Certainly, we focus on customer delight and strive to achieve quick results in a shorter span. Furthermore, we have a secure approach throughout the design and development process.
  • Client engagement – In addition to quick development, we listen to customer feedback in each development stage. Further, we engage our clients throughout the development process with a positive impact.
  • SaaS expertise – We have a vibrant team with great expertise in SaaS application development. Consequently, our multi-talented professionals use high-end tech stack and development platforms for better solutions.
  • Futuristic solutions – Being a SaaS company, we focus on highly scalable and stable solutions for your future advancements.
  • Bug-free solutions – Further, all our developments work towards perfection and act as per the requirements organized by the client.

We specialize in providing cutting-edge SaaS solutions by leveraging our technical expertise.


SaaS platform allows a service provider to host a particular application and makes it available through the internet. For example – SaaS applications include email, editing tools, photos, calendar apps, etc.

Being a SaaS application development company, we create SaaS solutions for enterprises and start-ups to host applications over the web.

The SaaS applications are hosted software. Further, they use cloud computing to deliver the same applies to all customers. Therefore, administrators need not worry about the latest software updates.

SaaS application development is a complicated process. Moreover, the development cost depends on your project and its features. The feature requirement varies from business to business. For example – in the case of advanced features, it takes longer development time and increases the overall cost as well.

SaaS developers typically focus on complete web-based technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more along with the relevant frameworks.

Hello Pixels have a team of developers fluent in all the above technologies. Further, we learn all the new updates and ensure flexible results.

SaaS applications are delivered over the internet rather than standalone apps. Moreover, they are often known as on-demand software, web-based software, or hosted applications.

You don’t require software or hardware; instead, simply access these applications from your web browser. However, it improves your security and scalability!

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