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Website Analytics and Reporting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Get complete update on what’s happening on your website! At Hello Pixels, we provide the best web analytics and reporting services in Abu Dhabi! Through enhanced web analytics services, we collect and analyze data on your website covering everything from number of visitors, where they come from, their preferred content, and lot more.

We excel in web analytics and reporting services in UAE with the help of popular web analytics tool! Recognize what is and isn’t working, and then steer up your website in the right direction.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics measures and understands users’ behavior across web pages. Businesses use web analytics to measure the site performance and promote key performance indicators to drive in huge business.

We use unique analytics platform to measure the activity and behavior of users on website. We calculate the following details to improve your overall performance and business!

  • How long they stay on site?
  • How many pages they visit?
  • Which pages they visit?
  • Whether visitors arrive by following a link or not?
  • How many users visit the site?
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Why web analytics is important?

Web analytics is worth doing and worth measuring! It provides insight into data that can be used to create better user experience for website visitors. Understanding your customer’s behavior serves as a key tool for optimizing website for key conversion metrics.

Web analytics shows you the most popular web pages and so, you can focus on improving it. With the help of web analytics, accurately track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns and marketing efforts!

How does web analytics work?

Most of the analytics tools tag their web page by inserting a code snippet of JavaScript in the web page’s code. This tag counts each time when a visitor clicks on the link. The tag is capable of gathering other information like device, browser, and geographic location as well.

In certain cases, web analytics and reporting services in Abu Dhabi, use cookies to track individual session and identify repeated visits from same browser.

Different tools produce different results, but on the whole web analytics customize the user persona, data range, and other attributes.

What are the key web analytics to be tracked?

  • Overall traffic
    At Hello Pixels, we calculate the overall web traffic by referring the number of visitors your site gets over a specific period of time. It’s the most significant metrics to determine the attention of website. We keep an eye on your website traffic and the way it evolves.
  • Bounce rate
    We focus on reducing the bounce rate! Bounce rate is the percentage of visits measured against overall website traffic! This metrics gives a deep insight into outstanding usability issues in your website.We rectify these issues and come up with reduced bounce rate. Some of the common causes for high bounce rate include,
  • Unattractive web design
  • Clunky navigation scheme
  • Long loading times
  • Traffic sources
    We have a research on traffic sources! In most cases, visitors find website with the help of links instead of typing URLs. The traffic sources are usually classified into,
  • Search engines
  • Links from websites
  • Links from social media
  • Visits from email campaigns

At Hello Pixels, we focus on improving the search engine sources, because it brings in massive traffic and most significantly keeps your website rank consistently high on search results. We monitor your traffic source and adjust strategy accordingly for better results!

  • Desktop Vs. Mobile visits
    We serve as one of the leading web analytics and reporting company in Abu Dhabi focusing on improving your mobile traffic delivering a strong mobile experience to users. In fact, mobile traffic overtook regular desktop traffic in the recent years and so, with our analytics tools, we track the percentage of users either through desktop or mobile browsers! This result interprets on where to focus your efforts!We focus on optimizing the mobile experience by adopting a mobile-first approach to web design.
  • New and repeated visitors
    We calculate the number of people who get back to your site again and again, we consider them as core audience and work according to their interests. We have a close look at your site and rectify the usability issues, content strategy, and other attributes that improve the number of visitors

At Hello Pixels, we serve as one of the leading web analytics and reporting company in Abu Dhabi which strongly supports qualitative research to keep up with the best practices. We provide insights with complete research in a data-driven environment for decision making.

Contact us for high-quality web analytics and reporting services in UAE! Generate a potential customer base for your business!

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