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Dot net development services in Dubai

To compete in this ever-changing world, you need to stay up-to-date and believe that technological change is inevitable!

Hello Pixels is a leading dot net development company in UAE with certified developers and over a decade of experience in delivering custom solutions. Our successful journey continues as we have clients from all over the world. Our developers are quite versatile and easily adapt to every approach they get introduced to. Being a dot net company, our clients enjoy maximum benefits from our services in most of the sectors and industries. Moreover, we maximize our efforts, reduce development time, and finally, leverage specific .net capabilities to improve the business of our clients.

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Whatever may be your business goal, whether it’s building a new project or revamping the existing model, we take time to understand your requirements and work hard to achieve optimal outcomes.

.net framework is a powerful programming model with extensive API developing quick business solutions. We have a unique team to handle dot net application development and related services. ASP.Net is one of the best frameworks to build web applications, websites, and software. This framework is also a good choice in developing mobile websites and web APIs. With a highly-skilled team, we can develop any kind of software solutions in the UAE or anywhere across the globe.

What is Dot Net application development?

.Net is a dynamic open-source framework designed to create websites or applications using HTML, C#, CSS and JavaScript. Initially, it was designed to build applications that run on windows. But, then it has come a long way and developers are allowed to create versatile applications right from web to mobile to any windows-based applications.

Today, it has grown from windows-only framework to an efficient framework that works on both MacOS and Linux. Now, dot net development services are the perfect option for cross-platform apps. While developing applications using the .net framework, developers can choose from a variety of programming languages. Some of the common languages are C#,, and C++ development.

With highly-talented developers, you don’t have any restrictions on development; instead we use the best technology for your site.

Why choose Dot Net development services?

If you’re looking for the best method of running applications on mobile and desktop, then .net is the most suitable development platform. Since, you have multiple frameworks that work seamlessly; .net gives you tools that other systems don’t provide. Dot net provides a huge resource of coding, expertise, and accessibility on the server side to boost up your next venture.

Some of the advantages include,

  • Find user-friendly web solutions
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Compatible with multiple languages like C++, Java, ASP, VB, etc
  • Rapid development
  • High security and no memory leaks
  • Robust and object-oriented
  • Highly efficient
  • Scalable
  • Consistent programming language
  • Extensive UI features and support
  • Ensure better performance
  • Affordable development solutions

Hello Pixels Dot Net application development services in UAE

  • .net enterprise development – With expertise in cross-domain, we create more advanced web applications. With a certified development team, we create dynamic web pages. Dot net enterprise development supports both large and small scale business with agile and robust applications.
  • .net integrations – At Hello Pixels, we seamlessly integrate payment gateways, custom modules of CRM & ERP systems, and back-end apps. With 360 degree custom development and integration, we ensure data consistency across all systems irrespective of their programming languages.
  • .net migration – Being a reliable dot net company, our developers ensure smooth migration, code modernization, app transformation and more to ramp up the remodeled applications. We make the system viable with quick version upgrade and also manage class libraries, dependencies, application compatibility, and more.
  • .net mobile configurations – We deploy mobile applications by configuring visual studio, Universal windows platform, and other programming languages. We use certain built-in features, diagnostic tools, ensure continuous integration, and debugging features.
  • .net core development – We develop, modify and optimize apps with .net core open source tools and standard library server apps. We are capable of modifying libraries, modifying embedded systems, command in-line apps, rapid scaling, and more.
  • .net application development – With .net, we work on a wide range of app management services. We use this particular framework to program mobile applications and windows desktop apps, in addition, we modify cloud-based, IoT and web-hosted scenarios.

Hire our dot net developers

Are you looking for a trusted company to outsource dot net development? We are the best team to kick-start your outsourcing project. Our dedicated developers can turn into your end developers’ in order to achieve unique .net development goals. Being a leading dot net development company in UAE, we provide end-to-end development solutions. Our expertise results in shorter development time, low cost, and high-quality results!

So, start hiring now!

Hello Pixels Dot Net areas of expertise

  • .net core – .net core is a popular framework that runs on all the platforms like windows, macOS, and linux. This open source framework is compatible with .net framework, Xamarin, Mono, and more.
  • Accord.Net – Accord.Net supports production-grade computer audition, signal processing, statistics application, and more by combining image and audio processing libraries.
  • F# – F# is an open source programming language for .net. F# works on all the platforms like macOS, Linux, and windows operating systems.
  • Visual Studio – Visual studio and .net framework enables you to develop data centric applications for desktop, mobile, and web applications.
  • Silverlight – Silverlight is a creative framework used to create engaging UX for web and mobile applications.
  • – is a programming language equipped with an open-source web framework, tools, or libraries to create various types of applications, web applications, and more.

Why choose us?

Hello Pixels have a team of highly-professional developers mastered in several technologies capable of delivering most-demanding tasks.

Our developers enjoy working with .net because of its cross-platform and built-in security features. This open-source and cost-effective creation from Microsoft is popular because of its wide adoption and active community of developers.

What makes us different?

  • Experienced in-house developers combined with decades of experience
  • Proven project management with efficient work methodologies
  • Expertise in handling wide range of industries
  • Scalable and robust solutions with competitive pricing
  • Confidential reporting with NDA
  • On-time work execution and delivery

With extensive knowledge, we handle complex projects as well as project from scratch. We implement cutting-edge technologies and make sure to find the right solutions for your business.

Get flawless and high-quality dot net development services that provide conversion at every stage!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is an open source platform with around 32 programming languages and other tools for application creation. This platform is highly secure and runs comfortably on all all platforms.

The stack values are processed in the LIFO principle (last-in, first-out), so all the elements are deleted and inserted from the top end. core is a robust and feature-rich framework that allows super-fast development and some of the other reasons include,

  • Faster compared to traditional
  • Cross platform development
  • Flexible deployment
  • Support for javascript frameworks
  • Logging support and more

Hello Pixels have around a decade of expertise in handling dot net projects. We stay up-to-date with upcoming versions and love to bring innovation in every single project.

We have worked with most of the frameworks especially, WCF, WPF, CRM, compact environment and more. Our developers are familiar with most of the languages like, C#, SQL server, JavaScript, etc. We are comfortable with any of the dot net development technologies.