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As one of the most innovative advertising agencies in Dubai, Hellopixels is your best choice for business and marketing needs. Our primary goal is to hear and to be heard as well as to be visible. Our innovative approach to advertising covers premium, executive as well as the best locations with striking appearances. As a top-notch Outdoor Marketing Agency in Dubai, we will help swing your business to the highest of limits. Our outdoor digital signage solution includes double sided outdoor digital signage, lamp post advertising as well as mall advertising to name a few.

As a leading Outdoor Marketing Agency in Dubai we will help you in achieving all your dream targets. We offer you outdoor marketing as well as promotion throughout the year, giving constant publicity to your clients.
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Along with digital billboards and alternative technology, outdoor advertising is rapidly becoming quite popular. It helps in capturing the attention of your customers while they travel and commute. It is perfect for reaching a vast number of viewers. As a top Outdoor Marketing Agency in Dubai, Hellopixels is very much involved in making sure that your brand is visible on every highway and occupies a respectable position amongst the audience. We style your brand with a sophistication that captures the attention of any potential customers.

What forms of outdoor marketing we do

As a leading Outdoor Marketing Agency in Dubai, we undertake different forms of outdoor marketing. Some of them are listed as below:

  • LED Screen Advertising: We ensure that your brand is highlighted in the most attractive manner with our LED screen advertising which allows you to make use of the best and the most advanced LED technology. High-definition LED display advertisement is the one thing that acts as a speed-breaker for a number of excited shoppers in malls. HD advertising draws the attention of interested shoppers or those seeking your services more than you would think.
  • Bus Shelter Advertising: We grab the attention of your audience by engaging them in hefty and timely intervals with the help of our bus shelter advertising. There are a large number of people who wait for buses at these shelters and usually pass the time by looking through advertisements in them. Promoting an advertisement on bus shelters offers far more visibility and they grab the attention of a viewer far more quicker than you would think.
  • Wall Banner Advertising: This is your total media solution and your business can make good use of them to grab the attention of your audience. We place your brand and its business ads at the most prime locations in the city. Our graphics team will design and illuminate the digital content on these wall banners in a manner that catches the attention of a viewer.
  • Billboard Advertising: We have the best in billboard advertising in Dubai. If you want to promote your business where every eye can see your brand and business, then all you need is billboard advertising. Billboard ads are bigger and grab the attention of a viewer and is seen far more than any other form of advertising. A billboard ad grabs the attention of a viewer who sees them because unlike TV and social media advertising, the viewer does not have the option of skipping these ads.


The main purpose in measuring the effectiveness of any advertising campaigns is to evaluate its effect on the sales and also brand recall factor. The mathematical equation for measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is:

Advertising campaign effectiveness = Revenue + Return on investment (ROI)

There are various ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns:

  • Conducting a survey after the campaign ends
  • Proportionate increase in the sales of that particular product/service
  • More customers calling to a toll-free and prescribed lines
  • Redemption of coupons and vouchers
  • Increased footfalls in the store to purchase product/service
  • Increased click on the company’s website.

It depends on the following factors:

  • Reach
  • Geographical spread
  • Nature of target audience/clusters
  • Previous successful track records
  • Low budget; high returns etc.
  • Billboard advertising.
  • Point of sale advertising.
  • Retail advertising.
  • Vehicle advertising.
  • Construction advertising

Companies are willing to pay such a huge amount for outdoor advertising for the following reasons: Long life of advertisement – A billboard advertisement is placed on a location for a specific period of time on popular locations. The advertisement catches the attention of people who take that route or road every day.

Ideally, your advert should be in full view of your target audience if you want results. … Likewise, a younger audience may visit local bars, cinemas or other places of entertainment and so this is worth bearing in mind when you are looking for a position for your outdoor advert.