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Enterprise or Business App development in Dubai

With innovative business apps, mobilize your enterprise, and achieve excellent ROI. Hello Pixels help you unlock the real value of business applications with custom development services. Our expertise has allowed us to implement advanced technologies and made us capable of delivering tailored solutions according to your unique business needs.

Being a potential app company, we fuel up your business with highly customized, scalable, and robust solutions that perfectly suit your requirements and drive your business forward in the competitive world. We analyze your business; moreover, a business app is different from a regular mobile app. So, with proper analysis, we find the best business app that is user-friendly, bug-free, scalable, powerful, flexible, and finally, increased customer retention features.

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At Hello pixels, we have a team of experienced enterprise app developers to work on your business ideas by employing the best industry practices, latest technological advancements, and agile methodology. We develop next-generation business apps with flawless performance. With a dedicated team, we address acute business challenges like the security of your company data, increasing productivity; enhance collaboration, increase productivity, or any other challenges too.

Why do you need best business app?

Hello Pixels offer one of the best enterprise app solutions in UAE. With a full-spectrum of services, we believe that business apps streamline your workflow and assure various other benefits for your organization.

  • Reduce operational cost – It’s time to shift from traditional business process into efficient and secured options. Therefore, choosing a business application will save your time and money.
  • Increase productivity – With an efficient app, connect with your employees and make them flexible enough to work from anywhere. This boosts your employee productivity rate.
  • Best collaboration – While working through a business app, it offers great collaboration across different departments or divisions in your organization. Here, you can collaborate in real-time too.
  • Customer satisfaction – Enterprise apps allow you to provide faster services than in-store, connect with customers online, and assure quick customer support in very little time.
  • Work on informed decisions – Data is quite important to scale up your business. Now, with the business app, it’s easy to access real-time data and work on informed decisions.
  • Always ahead of the competition – Every innovation keeps you different from your competitors’. So, having an innovative business application will help you stand out in the competition.

Hello Pixels business app development services

  • Custom enterprise app development – We support your business infrastructure with flexible app development solutions. Get access to your key business facets and work on industry-specific business solutions.
  • Digital transformation services – We leverage our expertise in digital transformation services. With these services, we create new business processes to meet changing requirements.
  • Data management – We work on effective data management, intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and more with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies.
  • Enterprise mobility services – Our business app solutions allow companies to manage the use of mobile devices that support a large group of users in their business.
  • Third-party integration & customization – We ensure skillful and tech-savvy integration of APIs and data connectors. Hello Pixels help you modernize integrations making them flexible and deployable business applications.
  • Legacy app migration – Avoid the risk and reduce development costs with our top-rated app developers. We work on in-depth technical analysis for the best legacy solutions.
  • Enterprise app integration – We ensure fast and effective app integration that adheres to the best practices. Our comprehensive API integration work on extended security, scalability, reliability, and management.
  • MVP development – Maximize your ROI with agile development methods. With a lot of effort, we ensure maximum business value and transform your idea into a great reality.

Emerging business app technologies

We have grown into an expert enterprise app development company in recent years. With growing expertise, we implement emerging solutions and ensure reliable business application development.

  • Cloud computing – We use AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions for a scalable and connected business environment. We take your mobile strategy into the cloud with amazing industrial expertise.
  • Artificial intelligence – We use AI-based algorithms for machine and deep learning; this automates any operation and ensures fail-safe decisions.
  • Internet of Things – We use IoT devices for secure operations and well-built infrastructure. Data from Big Data helps you streamline operations, gain insights, and improve decision-making.
  • Blockchain – We use a private blockchain to keep your business data more secure, create a blockchain-based marketplace, and automate key operations.
  • Augmented reality – Building 3D prototypes, implementing AR-based training, and more AR-based options will elevate the operation efficiency and reduce your overall cost.
  • Big data – Big data boosts your business intelligence, analyzes reliable data, visualizes customer preferences, and changing market trends.

Why us?

We have worked in different niches including travel, finance, manufacturing, education, and more. So, we understand your industry-based requirements and work according to them. Hello Pixels deliver customized business apps that drive success to your business.

What makes us different in developing business applications?

We have worked in different niches including travel, finance, manufacturing, education, and more. So, we understand your industry-based requirements and work according to them. Hello Pixels deliver customized business apps that drive success to your business.

  • Client-based approach – Your business goals keep us focused to achieve it on time. We simply convert your ideas into enriching results.
  • Complete delivery – We work on all phases of software development from analysis to testing. With unmatched technical expertise, we promise quality in our work.
  • Flexible engagement models – We offer different engagement models; you can choose the best based on your project needs.
  • Scalable business apps – Scalability is the current trend! Our expert architects develop scalable products that accelerate your business growth and scalability.
  • Industry standards – We develop unbeatable and impeccable solutions. Hello Pixels primarily focus on delivering robust solutions that perfectly align with international standards.

Being an enterprise app development company in UAE, we have expertise in delivering cost-effective and reliable business apps that provide better ROI.

Enhance your business with Hello Pixels innovation-led solutions!


Some of the business apps include,

  • Customer relationship management or CRM
  • HR management
  • ERP or enterprise resource planning
  • Enterprise messaging system or EMS
  • Enterprise content management

Enterprise mobile apps or business apps improves your productivity, reduce cost and internal processes to enhance user experience. Business apps allow users and employees to access data and process it through digital tools.

According to recent studies, business apps are fueling the business with the latest technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, and more.

Apart from the above technologies, developers use omnichannel strategies.

The cost of development depends on its complexity and preferences. Some other factors include graphics, sound effects, platform, etc.

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Mostly, it takes around three to four weeks to create a business app. Again, the duration of the project also depends on its complexity and features.

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