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Payment Gateway Integration Solutions, Abu Dhabi

E-commerce business in the making? Safe and secure monetary activities online? You need ardent payment gateway integration solutions to ensure a smooth flow of selling and shipping products and services. We at HelloPixels have developed bespoke payment gateway services for businesses across the UAE and the Middle East for over a decade and counting. Safe, secure,reliable, quick and user friendly payment interfaces! Our payment gateway integration services include processing credit or debit cards, merging businesses with procedures of prominent payment gateways in the UAE and up-to-date payment procedures with a robust refund system.

Our Research and study team on digital marketing services in the UAE have found, 20% of total online shoppers in the UAE, abandon cart their shopping spree owing to a lag in payment gateways or at times they just can’t trust the payment procedure offered owing to a delay in refunds and monetary fraud that gives out personal banking information leading to theft online. We have user experience analytics of shoppers leaving the website owing to a complex check out procedure or too much unnecessary information seeking. Is your business payment gateways experiencing delay, fraud and abandoning cart issues? We might have answers you would like to know. Don’t miss our webinars on payment gateway integration all throughout 2023. All exclusive for the UAE.

Our Payment Integration Company, SERVICES!

Did you know the payment gateways integration system holds data storage of online shoppers. This involves processing and regulatory procedures being merged with the payment gateway embedded on the website or merging the website with a payment service provider service solution. When dealing with financial services on a web space, the government of UAE has made it mandatory for all online business transactions in the Emirates to comply with PCI DSS(Payment card industry data security standard) as mandatory to avoid confusion and to maintain the safety and integrity of the monetary institution intact.

We at HelloPixels are equipped to apply and acquire the PCI DSS authorization process for our clients across the UAE as a part of our payment integration service in the Middle East. PCI DSS was created by world monetary giants VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover in 2004 for safeguarding the interests of money regulation and monetary goodwill in payment via card transactions across the world.

A) The transaction involved should be four major card payment gateways compliant.VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

B) The PCI agreement procedure – Our Payment gateway experts in payment gateway integration solutions can devise the right agreement for your PCI DSS as they understand the market and your business requirements. We at HelloPixels completely understand the 12 requirements set by the government on PCI DSS enrollment and our expertise in payment gateway integration makes the execution a smooth process. Our expertise around the SAQ(self assessment questionnaire) is a plus.

C) The AOC test – That’s right. It’s like a test, whether the AOC or attestation of compliance involved is adhering to the requirements. It’s different for different types of industries. Online retailers come under AOC SAQ D.

D) Our team of payment gateway experts handle the External Vulnerability Scan procedure by the ASV or Approved Scaning Vendo on behalf of our clients.

E) Finally, our payment gateway integration consultants approach the acquirer bank along with the card authorisation association.

Payment Gateway Integration Services
In a hosted payment gateway integration system, online customers complete the payment procedure outside the website. The customer is redirected to a whole new payment gateway page to enter their account details and induce the payment requirements to complete the transaction. When the transaction is instigated, the online user is redirected to the merchant web page and the check out approval is completed. We at HelloPixels integrate payment services with clients for storage and safety of their online customers’ transaction details and take up responsibility as the payment gateway service provider or as we call it, the third party service provider to secure and maintain all sensitive data.
In the Direct payment integration procedure, the online customer completes the whole shipping and Payment experience in the company website page without having to be redirected to a third party vendor page for payment completion. The direct Gateway integration method does not require a PCI DSS authorization to function. On the click of the purchase button, the payment procedure can be completed without having the consumers’ sensitive banking details stored on the company server
In the Non-Hosted Gateway Integration solution, online business merchants hire third party payment gateway service providers on their homepage without having the customer to maneuver to a third party webpage to complete the transaction rather stay on the business webpage and complete the transaction on an embedded pre built third party payment gateway.

Payment Integration Company, PRACTICES!

Our Payment Gateway Integration Services in the UAE involves best practices by prominent payment gateway service providers in the Middle East. When we undertake a client’s business payment gateway integration service, we study the type of business involved and the geography or location to be served. Our payment gateway integration norms and practices involve –

Payment gateway services are offered on fixed charges for using third-party enhancements to instigate and authorize a transaction. All monetary functions that involve payment, verification procedure, and authorization incur charges. Transaction charges are based on the amount being transacted, the geography in which the service was provided and the type of product or services purchased. Our payment gateway integration experts work around the business involved to rake in the best benefits by hiring the right payment gateway service by keeping the following factors as standard –

A) The Payment gateway integration
B) The periodical charges involved
C) The clients’ business account set-up
D) The total charges per transaction

Gateway providers have a set transaction limit in the monetary world of digital business.These charges are based on the size and scale of the business involved. If the business is into selling largely priced products like machinery that are way costlier when compared to other businesses that sell products that are a daily thing like groceries, the maximum limit in monetary charges is a good option when it comes to payment gateways.
The merchant account enables the banking system in agreement to go through and update on daily transactions involved online. The client account in the payment gateway integration system is set up by us by choosing the right banking partner for your business. We take up the agreement with the payment gateway service provider or the banker to settle a great online monetary system for your type of business.
With credit cards topping the list in payment services in the UAE in 2022, online shoppers have it grooving to the tunes of purchasing products and services like never before. A credit card transaction by the minute is what our digital research team reported about the curated payment gateway systems in the Emirates. When we select a payment gateway provider for our client, we make sure the payment gateway integration system involves the latest in online payment technology. Telr, Checkout, Cashu, 2checkout, CCavenue, PayTabs are some of the top payment gateway service providers in the UAE. We make sure the payment gateway integration system we set up for our clients accepts all credit card networks. This also involves other currency acceptance services. If your business serves many countries online, customers in other countries will pay in the currency of their place of origin. We provide multi-currency acceptance via our payment gateway integration system with prominent payment gateway service providers to enable inter currency marketing when purchasing and selling online.
Purchases via mobile optimized e-commerce apps have a separate payment procedure in a payment gateway integration system. Apple pay and Google pay are examples. Mobile wallets depend on the country or geography of incorporation. These mobile transactions have transaction data security charges and other chargeable encryption features.

Looking out for the right Payment Gateway Integration system for your business? Look no further! Contact us at [email protected]. We have just the right information and expertise to set up the apt payment gateway integration solutions for your business in the UAE.

Frequently asked questions

Payment card industry data security standard

A) Hosted Gateway Integration
B) Non-hosted Gateway Integration
C) Direct Gateway Integration

Attestation of Compliance or AOC is an attestation procedure involved when registering for PCI DSS certification.
SAQ is the self assessment questionnaire involved in the PCI DSS certification procedure.