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Best HTML 5 Development services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Providing the world’s best HTML5 development services on the market, Hello Pixels is your destination for quality HTML5 applications. With extensive knowledge in development and designing, we create high-performing and feature-packed apps based on your mobile and web experiences. Our HTML5 solutions are secure and sustainable; with leading expertise we extend our services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Web development using HTML5 supports cross-platform development allowing functioning smoothly on any device or software platform.

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We follow a quick and agile development methodology delivering the best web and mobile development. Our developers are capable enough to create applications that meet your specific business use, industry requirements or any vertical needs. Moreover, we offer a flexible engagement model that starts with comprehensive analysis of your business and other IT requirements. After the analysis, we ultimately propose the right HTML solutions that assure quick and cost-effective development satisfying your business goals and deadlines.

Being a leading HTML5 development company in Dubai, we understand the usage of mobile internet and continue to create mobile-friendly websites. Here, adopting HTML5 can improve your user experience creating more interactive solutions as well as increase the website speed. Now, if you’re looking to equip your website with interactive content, better compatibility and appealing user interface then switch on to HTML applications.

Sign up for our dedicated HTML5 development services and create an excellent first impression among your target audience.

What are the benefits of choosing HTML5 development in UAE?

  • CSS3 in HTML5 supports web and mobile solutions resulting in better user experience, time to market, and high-performance.
  • HTML5 allows extended multimedia capabilities like drawings, animations, video, music files, or anything without any plug-ins or add-ons.
  • HTML5 applications free the user from all the hassles by installing the same app across various platforms and app stores.
  • HTML5 supports offline database and offline cache for building browser based applications in case of any disconnected scenarios.
  • HTML5 enables Geo-location support

Hello Pixels HTML5 development services

  • HTML5 website development – We provide every single service from just customizing an HTML website design to developing a complete HTML5 website. With an expert team of web developers, we are capable of building cross-platform websites that ultimately work on any platform or device. Hello Pixels website development services deliver and deploy complete solutions optimized for scalability, high-performance, quick loading time and ability to handle visitors traffic.
  • HTML5 website design – We create unmatched HTML5 designs with professional, innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs based on your website solutions. We design across multiple industries creating highly customized HTML5 website design solutions. Our designs are secure, modular, scalable, and feature-packed for high-performance designs focused to attain your business goals.
  • HTML5 web app development – At Hello Pixels, we routinely develop innovative and professional web app solutions. We realize the importance of clients time and money, therefore we develop multi platform app with the help of advanced technologies. We also use the popular frameworks like Angular JS, Ember.JS, and more that allow you to deploy the major platforms.
  • HTML5 mobile app development – Our HTML5 based mobile solutions function seamlessly on any device or platform. We construct secure and sustainable mobile solutions with expert development technologies. With extensive knowledge, we create innovative mobile applications. Some of the popular frameworks are PhoneGap, Angular JS, node.js, sencha, backbone.js, and more.
  • HTML5 migration services – By leveraging our expertise in coding and adaptive rendering, we deliver highly-versatile and scalable solutions customized to fit your needs. We deploy the most-creative HTML5 apps suitable for any enterprise-class clients. Using this migration services, we configure and integrate third-party payment gateways with the help of APIs.
  • HTML5 gaming development – With the help of on-demand engineers, we integrate audio and video to create robust or responsive mobile games. Some of the popular games created are fantasy sports, lottery systems, poker, blackjack, and more. We can also modify the company’s existing software with engaging UI/UX.

Areas of expertise in HTML5 application programs and libraries

  • Apache NetBean – It’s an IDE or integrated development environment for Mac, Windows, solaris, and linux platforms.
  • Foundation – It’s a front-end HTML framework that supports responsive user interface while working on dynamic web applications.
  • Liveweave – This provides editing and testing in real-time for web developers and designers while working on HTML, CSS, and js.
  • Dreamweaver – Adobe Dreamweaver allows easy designing, coding, and publishing of the websites or HTML applications, CSS, JavaScript and more.
  • Montage – This creates an interactive experience for end-users while involving in gaming and other website visits.
  • Sprout Core – It’s a popular front-end development framework that allows you to create audio and visual.
  • Bootstrap – Bootstrap allows mobile app development with CSS and HTML framework.
  • CSS – Cascading style sheets or CSS3 and HTML5 supports in designing the dynamic web pages.

Why choose Hello Pixels HTML5 web development?

Being one of the early adopters of HTML5, we understand your requirements and cross-device support to reach target audience. HTML5 is best utilized when combined with other latest technologies like CSS, canvas, web stack, or webGL for delivering the best applications for our clients. Our development expertise allows these applications to run on low-powered devices like tablets or smart phones. HTML5 requires reduced implementation time because its functionalities support all the mobile platforms.

What makes us different as an HTML5development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

  • Expertise – We educate clients on the importance of HTML5 and how it creates strategic opportunities for your business. With years of expertise, we focus on customer experience and their success results.
  • Proven delivery methods – We use agile methodology and always keep you in loop to understand the project updates. With an expert and rapid community, we develop, integrate, design and maintain your application within your budget.
  • HTML developers – We use specific and result-oriented HTML5 tools like Angular.js, phonegap, ember.js, and more to speed up the development and reduce the project costs as well.
  • Transparent work – Get complete project visibility from the day we start working with you! We use effective communication methods like phone, email, chat, or any reachable means for quick communication.
  • Customer satisfaction – Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority; we always have happy clients, thanks to our dedicated workforce.

Need a partner to start with your HTML5 development, partner with us today! Hello Pixels offer reliable and fully-functional HTML5 applications according to your requirements!


We have a team to track your project; our project managers will report you at the end of the day with complete information on the project update. They monitor your project and work closely to enable superior results throughout the development process.

By hiring us, you get a dedicated team of HTML5 developers to work on your project. They are competent and well-trained to ensure productive hours of work without any hidden costs.

In order to get a better idea on the cost details, reach us through website, chat or give us a call. You can share the required features that you want in your project. Later on, our experts will share the actual development cost.

HTML5 is widely used because of its cross-platform feature. Websites utilizing HTML5 looks more interactive and appealing. Our developers are experts in providing the best websites with feature-packed solutions.

Just like the cost, time of development depends on various factors like complexity, team size, technology used and similar factors. While hiring us, we make sure to follow agile methodology and deliver quality web solutions.

Yes, we make sure our websites run flawlessly on all devices and browsers. We craft websites that enhance the brand visibility, ROI, market reach, and more. Reach us to know more!

No, we don’t charge any hidden cost for HTML5 development. Whatever may be the requirements; we analyze it and share the accurate cost estimation to proceed with the project.

We offer reliable and trusted HTML5 web and app development services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. We assure 100% quality in our development works. As a leading provider, we have catered clients across diverse industry verticals.